Monday, September 15, 2014

[Watch] 'BANG BANG' Short Film Pt. 1 starring Jay-Z and Beyonce

”We’re not trying to do this literally, it’s not that we’re Bonnie and Clyde. We’re on the run from everything. On the run from becoming a cliché. On the run from doing the same thing again.” – Hov.

For those of us who attended a show during the 'On the Run' tour stretch, we saw a few of these clips throughout the show. Turns out, the footage is actually clips from a trilogy of short films directed by Dikayl Rimmasch called 'Bang Bang'. Nowness released the first clip of the series chronicling Hov and Bey's cinematic life 'On the Run'.
The On the Run Tour is set to air on HBO this Saturday, September 20th. Watch the trailer here.
Take a look at 'Bang Bang' PART 1 after the jump::

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