Thursday, January 29, 2015

Video :: No Way | OnCue

Now we on to something or we just on something
Honestly I don't know
I really can't tell...

Being that I can recite the entire Willy Wonka script without the movie even playing, it's no question that when I saw the video still... I was intrigued immediately.  I'm glad I clicked into it.  The creative juices were flowing rapidly for this visual.

Under the direction of Hunter Lyon, 'No Way' begins with an Apple comp booting and the mouse opening the web browser to watch OnCue's 'No Way' video.  From there, it takes you into live reenactment of some recognizable memes that have been floating in today's world of social media.  Wonka, the 'fxck her right in the pxssy' dude, Justin Bieb, and more .. all in one.   The Connecticut rappers lyrics add a nice spice to all.  Cleverrrr.  

Check it out::

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