Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Just Blaze set to open ‘Ani Ramen’ eatery house in Jersey City, NJ

via the NY Times

The popular Japanese ramen noodle spot, located in Montclair NJ, is now opening its second location in Jersey City via legendary producer Just Blaze. After the opening, look forward to a said ‘Just Blaze Fridays’ to be in effect. Ani Ramen House formatted in a modern Izakaya style features BYOB. Yes, a restaurant house where you can bring your own booze! Although, boxing leftovers is not permitted, the restaurant has some pretty good reviews on the food.

A couple years ago, I visited a ‘fancy’ spot and that’s where I first saw Ramen on the menu…and for $10+. The first thing I uttered was… wait.. they have oodles and noodles on the menu? O_o they charging $10 for a $.20 pack of oodles and noodles just because they threw actual shrimp in it? I was mind boggled. Fast forward to present day. There are spots solely centered around Ramen all over. It’s become not only a popular eat, but a lucrative one. My curiosity got the best of me one day. I decided to go to a local spot and see what the hype was about. I ordered the ramen with shrimp, which came up close to 10 bucks. Survey says. It’s NOT oodles and noodles lol. (I believe that’s just a DC term so in other words.. the ramen noodle packs in the stores.) it’s actual hand crafted noodles.. ramen noodles. They gave me a huge portion which I appreciated for the price. However, even while eating it all… I'd rather stick with my $.20 pack.  I may try it again or plan to try and make my own at home and see if it'll  become more appealing to me that way  For more info on Ani Ramen, click here.

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