Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Pharrell & Grutman's South Beach hotel, The Goodtime, now Open

via Ocean Drive Mag/March issue

Come get it babe...

Pharrell and David Grutman teamed up a while ago for the creation of this hotel.  Now it's finally open. Located on South Beach and Washington, 601 Washington Ave to be exact, you will find 'The Goodtime'; available for bookings of rooms starting at $260/night.  The hotel's 'Strawberry Moon' is a full service restaurant with a bar and indoor/outdoor pool, however still reflects coming soon status.  

The official website gives me Fyre Fest vibes.  Aesthetically that is.  It doesn't show much of what to expect.  I suppose you will just have to experience it in person OR more photos will be added as the year progresses.   View more photos from the site and Ocean Mag Drive below:

via Handout/Gabriel Saunders

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