Thursday, November 3, 2011

Love Birds?? Maino & Olivia ..Spotted.


Pictures have circulated this week of singer Olivia and Rapper Maino canoodling and kissing on a random NY night.  Most are calling this a publicity stunt since the new season of reality show Love & HipHop premieres this month, in which Olivia is a cast member, and that Maino is supposedly dropping a new album soon.  Shxt.. idk.  But I will say this... I'm not sure if it's fraud or fake.. but the pictures seem to portray that they adore each other and doesn't care who knows.  I think that's pretty cool.  So if they indeed ARE dating... Congrats to them both :)

Funny when I saw the pictures, the first thing I thought of was this song.  I played it RIDICULOUSLY my freshman year of college in my own little world.  It's only right I added it to the post ;-)


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