Monday, February 13, 2012

My 2012 Grammy Highlights| Wiz Khalifa BING commercial + Nicki Minaj performance

Last night’s grammy award show… yawn.  It was sad because of the circumstances, but I think it would have been the same even without, unfortunately.  I didn’t plan on watching the grammy’s this year, but I wanted to see Jennifer Hudson’s tribute to Whitney Houston (RIP).  With that.. there were two highlights I found to be the most entertaining. 

One was actually during the commercial break … where they aired Wiz Khalifa’s BING commercial.  Crazy dope and inspiring.  Humbleness always gets a plus in my book.  Check it out:

Two.. was Nicki Minaj’s “Roman Holiday” performance

.  I saw A LOT of ignorant comments on twitter about it being the “illuminati” and “ demonic” and all types of other foolishness.  I figured because ppl didn’t understand what was going on.  Nicki’s alter ego is Roman Zolanski.  She describes this person as being completely outspoken and saying everything that nice Nicki doesn’t.  Basically… not taking ANY shxt.  After Roman’s Revenge was released on her last CD (where roman was actually introduced)… Nick’ said several times that she didn’t want to have to result to that.  In other words.. not biting her tongue and just saying whatever the hell to ANY one who attacks her.  She tried.  BUT ppl kept throwing shade her way and more… so….. she decides her new cd will be designed around “Roman”. 
Now.. with that being said.. the performance basically went from NICKI trying to confess to the Pope that “Roman” was set to come out and that she needed help.  The “exorcism” scene shows it was too late and that Roman had already taken over.  No more nice Nick.  I could go more in detail but you get the point. 
I thought it was terrifically CREATIVE and didn’t take offense to it.  She went ALL out for this one.  I mean let’s be real… If Lady Gaga can walk the red carpet with a raw MEAT dress on and have a performance where blood is dripping from her ribs and everything else… why can’t anyone else?  She went all out for this and I thought this was the best performance of the night (although SEVERAL may disagree). 
I, also, heard ppl say it was inappropriate to do that considering Whitney had passed the night before.  I’m sure Nick and her crew had practiced and practiced as well as PLANNED this performance for weeks.  Would you have had time to change a COMPLETE set up in less than 24 hours?  Yea.. I thought so.

I haven’t been feeling Nick lately (I miss the 2008 nick)… buttttt…. I applaud her on this one.  I thought she SLAYED.  Check the footage below:

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