Friday, February 24, 2012

Black History Month: Day 23, 24| Lomax, Lee

Louis Lomax
August 16, 1922- July 30, 1970
Born in Valdosta, Georgia in 1922, Louis Lomax was very educated.  He graduated from Pain College in Augusta, GA in 1942.  From there he received his Master’s at American University (1944) and Ph.D at Yale in 1947.  He was a philosophy professor briefly at Georgia State College in Savannah.  Later he worked as a newspaper reporter for Baltimore Afro-American and Chicago American until 1958. 
 In 1959, along with Mike Wallace, Louis Lomax interviews Malcolm X for a documentary on the Nation of Islam.. The Hate That Hate Produced.  Lomax continued with his writing skills as a freelance magazine journalist and author of books such as The Reluctant African (1960), The Negro Revolt (1962) etc.  From1964- 1968, Lomax hosted a Los Angeles TV show twice a week.  He worked closely on reporting the Civil Right Movement, which resulted in the FBI keeping a close eye on him.

Rebecca Davis Lee Crumpler
1831- 1895
Born free around 1831 in Delaware, Crumpler was raised in Pennsylvania.  In 1852, she lived in Charlestown, Mass. where she worked as a nurse for eight years.  In 1860, she enrolled in the New England Female Medical College, which seemed unusual at the time because many medical schools did not admit African Americans.  Even with that, Crumpler received her medical doctorate.
Crumpler continued to practice medicine in Boston.  In 1865, she moved to Richmond, Virginia to minister to freed people through the Freedmen’s Bureau.  She. Then, returned to Boston in 1869 and practiced medicine from her home on Beacon Hill.  In 1883, she published a medical guide book, Book of Medical Disclosures, which primarily gave advice for women on health care for their families.  Dr. Rebecca Davis Lee Crumpler passed away in 1895.  Her story continues to live on for Dr. Saundra Maass- Robinson & Dr. Patricia Whitley founded the Rebecca Lee Society in 1989, an organization supporting and promoting black women physicians.

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