Monday, February 6, 2012

Photo- a -Day Challenge: Day (4,5) 6| Slander

I was away from the web (via non mobile) over the weekend.. so I'm  posting the two that I missed along with today's...

Day 4| Your Favorite Celebrity

Man oh man... this was a RIDICULOUSLY tough one.  I have NO idea who to put up.  The ones that I do's for all different types of reasons.  Maybe if this one was specified.. like Favorite Rapper or Favorite Actress.. I'd be able to think of one individual off the top of my head.  However with this one... I'm STUCK.  Like literally.. lls.

Day 5| Your best Feature

I am open minded 

Day 6| Slander

NEVER.. and I mean NEVER... purchase ANY pair of "Jordans"..where the Jumpman looks like this ...

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