Wednesday, June 25, 2014

5 Years Later.... Rest in Peace Michael Jackson.

5 years later…."Who's Bad!?"

There was a question posed by several avenues this morning… Where were you/what were you doing when Michael Jackson died? Here’s my story :

As a fresh post graduate with a bachelors degree, I was at a training for my summer job… (see how that worked then -_- lol). This lady comes out of nowhere hollering and screaming .. crying. We all tried to figure out what was going on.. she says Michael Jackson died. Meanwhile, while everyone looking at her crazy.. my heart dropped and eyes got watery immediately, but played it off. I texted my brother and he’s like ‘It’s not confirmed pal’. I felt a little better. We went down to the lobby and saw everyone staring at the TV with CNN playing. They kept showing his house… 5 minutes later.. it flashed across the screen.. Michael Jackson dead. While so many seemed unaffected my damn heart was on the floor. I tried my hardest to hold back tears because I REFUSED to cry in front of anyone. I texted all the people I know who truly loved MJ just as I did : Chris, My Dad, My Brother, and homie Brandon. Brandon was shedding tears and Chris was on the same page as me… ‘Son….’. ‘Son….’. Translating to… ‘crazy hurt let’s meet’.
It was a pretty day out weather wise. I got in the car and every single station was playing MJ. I couldn’t bear to listen to any of them and rode in silence. I mean, this man did and still does hold such a dear place in my heart. I was heartbroken and crying (not the ugly cry.. the super sad cry). I met Chris at one of our favorite water spots for a few drinks. We both had the same expression… looking pitiful with watery eyes smh.. and decided to hit the bar (I’m the most NON emotional person when a drink is present so that was the only thing to do). While walking to the bar… every single hotel we passed with a TV was showing CNN.. Michael Jackson dead . Fuck. We just walked with our heads down. Got our drinks. I think that’s when I was on Stoli hard. Ironically… As we decided to take a walk to water… we heard this band straight jamming on the front. They were playing ALL MJ songs. At first we’re like noooooo :-( we couldn’t take it but our asses can’t stray from a good boogie. Lol. The musicians were great… it was mad crowded for a week day.. everyone was celebrating the life having a good time. Dancing away. It wasn’t until the sun fully set… the band packed up… and the quiet breeze set in that.. he was gone. And there we were again on a week night.. sitting looking at the water.. pitiful. I couldn’t have spent that moment with anyone better … although I wish Brandon was there too and not alone. True MJ fans who understood.. uniting and mourning.

5 years later it’s still rough to digest. A pure heart and soul… the greatest and the best that EVER did it is gone… leaving behind an incomparable legacy that will live on forever.

Although it’s a little short of a half an hour… this mix CRANKS. Turning sadness into smiles. Enjoy!

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  1. The one thing that hit me hard today was the memory of Stevies tribute at the funeral... "I never thought you'd leave in summer" :-( .... But he's the reason I chose this life and for that I will always be deeply and profoundly in debt to his memory.