Wednesday, June 11, 2014

{Personal Post} : Photos/Videos - Governor's Ball Music Festival 2014 - June 6th . #GovBallNYC

This festival was special. Two of the main reasons were: 1. This was the first music festival out of a few that I didn't attend alone.. 2. This was her first time going to a music festival ever. These two worlds collided and had the best fxcking time EVER!! Someone finally got to experience what I was talking about... and appreciated it more than I ever imagined. We shared the exact same sentiments... We rock. I didn't include any photos of mischief prior to us arriving at the festival, but I have some during...along with some videos of Damion Marley, TV on the Radio, and OUTKASTTTT. Here are some of the moments we collectively captured. Take a glimpse into Day 1::

Biggest headphones ever in life
Silent Disco is one of the most creative and dopest things I've ever seen.  Ok so here's how it goes down.  They hand you headphones.  You put them on.  Now only the people with the headphones on can hear what the DJ is playing... meanwhile.. you're walking by and see people straight jammin.. I mean dancing all over the place but hear absolutely nothing (bc  you don't have on the headphones).  Even when the DJ says something on the mic it goes to the headphones so they'll all start putting their hands up at once or whatever etc.  It's the trippiest thing to see.  These photos do no justice for that one.

Honda Driver's only.... #yaBish.

There was a random hall of mirrors... we stopped...

I ordered watermelon slices

Everyone jumped on that Cuban corn. 
Called 'Mexican Lemonade' from the Taco spot.  This joint was aight.. I could definitely go for some right now.
Eating as usual.  'Medium Rare' burger -_- but I tore it up like I didn't just have a double cheeseburger a couple hours before smh.
Best of Both Worlds.
I took a picture of this because I had just beat my cousin 'Shard in this game the other weekend.  It's very competitive afterwhile, but fun nonetheless. 

He was from Australia and asked could he take a photo.  Sureeeeee

The object was to catch us jumping in the air.  You see that didn't work lol
While waiting to get in the photobooth, I met a guy with this DOPE ASS SHIRT on.  I knew who he was here for.  He was another one from Australia
Photo booth.  Album cover.  Concert Promo.  Whichever you prefer.
LMAO @ my face.  He was really cool though.

Her shirt was only $10!  I have to find it and wear it all my life lolol.  Jk. 

Points in my book if you know who every guy is in the background ;-).  Not many did
beauties x cotton candy x awesome sunset
ill photo bomb
3 stacks

Their orange backdrop did NOT work well with my camera at all :(

So there you have it. Day one at the festival in a nutshell. I had this other video from the bridge that I wanted to feature realllllly bad , but I opted for discretion and chose not to. #Bummer. I have more photos from this weekend but if you only knew how long it take me to upload these... just know those won't get posted lol. The Tyler the Creator post will soon though. On another note... you can see why I always mention in other previous posts that I have videos but won't upload them. They are always all over the place! And then I'm so busy having fun...I think I'm recording... and I'm not! smh. Each time I visit, I fall more and more in love with New York. I'll be back soon. We'll be back. Until then.... Au Revoir!

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