Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Open Mind's "25 Signs You're Succeeding at Life ..(Even if it doesn't feel Like it)

This came across my twitter timeline yesterday. The part that caught me was (even if it doesn't feel like it). There are times when most of us, myself included, are insecure and discouraged about where we are in life and/or are going. To the outside world, we're doing pretty awesome for ourselves, but inside we feel the opposite. This article, by Shannon Kaiser, seems to be an attempt at uplifting. As I read through the 25 signs she listed, it turned into a little checklist in my mind to what was applicable. Check here, check there. I, then, thought maybe it would be a great idea for folks to create a checklist period. Something to offer some encouragement of how far you've come and how far you're going in those 'down' days. Nevertheless, I was inspired to share. Check out the 25 signs of succeding at life below:

1. Your relationships are less dramatic than they use to be.

2. You may not have as much money as you want but you live a rich life.

3. You’re not afraid to ask for help and support.

4. Where you live feels like home.

5. You’ve raised your standards.
To see the rest of the list and full article, click HERE

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