Monday, July 27, 2015

Video :: Them Changes | Thundercat

***UPDATE from 6/22/15 post- Video added.

Nobody move.  There's blood on the floor.
And I. Can't. Find. My. Heart...

The beauty of finding a song that conveys to a tee something inner that you don't express publicly.  'Them Changes' is a literal soulful groove.  The lyrics can touch your soul all while vibing out to the groove at the same time.  Did I mention the fantastic harmony?  Co-produced by Flying Lotus and Kamasi Washington, here's the first single from cat's incredible 'The Beyond/Where the Giants Roam' album  that released today. 

somebody tell me how I'm supposed to feel
sitting here knowing this ain't real...
why in the world would I give my heart to you
just to watch you, throw it in the trash...

 Side-Commentary::  You peep those 'Footsteps in the Dark' drums?? NICE.  

  Thundercat brings forth the video- Samurai style.  While 'Samurai' most likely isn't the first thing that pops into your mind when hearing the song, the usage of it in the visual doesn't change the essence.  As a matter of fact, it adds more intensity with a unique way of conveying a different aspect of the central emotion at hand. 


  1. This is perfect... and I love the drums now all i need is a black and a drink.

    1. I will not disagree with anything you just said ! Thanks for commenting !