Thursday, July 9, 2015

Nardwuar vs. Tyler, the Creator x Taco x Jasper

”I am Morgan Freeman's son.”

Ahh Tyler and his randomness in all its glorious splendor. As Nardwuar faces Tyler the Creator again (along with a quick feature from Taco and Jasper), they'll discuss MF Doom's ashy hands + what he smells like, Ja Rule's Thug Lovin condom, Bacon lube, Tyler being the winner of his 8th grade talent show dancing, amongst several other things like rare musical gems (including Bobbi Humphrey who I did a post on last year). Get some knowledge and a few laughs below::
"I still can dance... I am black."

Sidebar:: Who knew that Casey Veggies Dad was a bodyguard for Jay-Z?!

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