Monday, July 6, 2015

You Decide :: Watch Bilal's new conscious video "Money Over Love" featuring Kendrick Lamar

..If money is evil, why would God be on it?

 "...brings meaning to the song.  Where some may listen to it and think I'm saying money is more important than love, the video depicts a love story that is tainted by greed.  Whether its justified or not, is for the people to decide..."- Bilal to the FADER.

On Bilal's Another Life album.  Directed by Hans Elder, this visual illustrates a tainted love story to the forefront of the already intense lyrics.  Side bar- I hate this ending :(  .  
What's more important?  Money or Love?  You decide.  Watch below::
"...rather be alone?  chasing the life of a rich man..."

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