Monday, July 13, 2015

Kids have Feelings too :: (Video) See what 12-year-olds of different ethnicities have to say about Racism

Oftentimes as adults, we look at kids and think 'innocence'- remembering how we were in our youth removed from 'the real world'... the good old times.  I've learned from personal experience, when I worked with them for a few years, that kids are exposed firsthand to soooooo much more.  That has resulted in a good and bad thing.

This particular case is a prime example of the bittersweet results.  While I am amazed at how aware they are, I am heartbroken at how the actions world have shaped their truths as children.  

In WYNC's latest 'Being 12' series, a group of middle schoolers in Manhattan discuss their feelings on race, privilege, discrimination etc.  

 Majority of the video comments for this on YouTube are literally disgusting- adults trading racial slurs amongst each other AND regarding the 12 year old kids.  SMH.  I quickly had to stop reading.  It's sickening how much hate is prevalent in today's world... 

To read more up on the series, visit WNYC Being 12.  

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