Monday, July 6, 2015

Ray Allen's Personal Sneaker Collection Give Away has one small catch...

via YouTube vid of Ray's Closet
Last week, Ray "Jesus Shuttlesworth" Allen announced on his instagram that he was doing a little cleaning and wanted to give some of his shoes away.  Instead of doing a typical raffle, Ray took the creative route and decided to give them away via Scavenger Hunt (in the Hartford Connecticut area). 

Since the announcement, he has posted photo clues of where you can locate the particular pair he is giving away at that moment (example seen below).  
Follow @Rayn34 on IG to keep up with the hunt.  
Even if you can't fit his size 14 shoe, it's a good collectors' item right?  Then again, if you're feeling just as generous as he is, you can always give them to "It's From the Sole" for the homeless... 

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