Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Womens' Empowerment Wednesdays :: Meet Faatimah Knight- Student who raised $30,000 to help repair burned Black churches

With an effort to reach out to friends and acquaintances in attempts to raise money for recently burned Black churches (due to hate crimes), the response was more than expected. A little under $30,000 was raised. This money will be used to help restore the seven churches destroyed by fire after the Charleston, SC Church shooting and campaign of removing the Confederate flag.
Faatimah Knight’s operation initially was set days after the Fatal shooting of 9 people at the Charleston Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church (June 17th). She and a few friends wanted to raise $500 to send flowers of condolences. Instead, they ended up raising $900.

“ALL houses of worship are sanctuaries, a place where all should feel safe, a place we can seek refuge when the world is too much to bear.”

While Ramadan is occurring with the Muslim faith at this moment, several Muslim organizations have responded to her campaign with donations as well as folks of other faiths. She expressed that Islam taught the need to protect the weak and vulnerable.. and mentioned while the black Christian communities of the South may not be weak, they were certainly vulnerable.
Faatimah Knight is currently a masters student at the Chicago Theological Seminary. While furthering her education, she managed to still take on the heavy task at this time of doing what is right for the Black community. The support from others was needed. The act of taking a stand was necessary. Faatimah… #ThankYou.

To read more, visit Independent UK.

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