Friday, April 9, 2021

For you, Earl...

Even with the overdose news and low brain activity circulating, I had HIGH hopes that he would indeed become conscious and tell us he's good in typical X spirit.  I didn't imagine I would be making this post.  Mentally and emotionally over the's SO much weight I'm carrying in my life where I have absolutely no desire to write.  Sure there are mental drafts, but they were never published.  Ironically, creating this post was the first thing that came time to mind moments after hearing the news.  A way for me to simultaneously grieve and celebrate his life.  I am overjoyed that Earl was once again given that love and spotlight when appearing in the BET Ruff Ryders Documentary and Versuz with Snoop last year.  It reminded people that though he's been through unfathomable instances in his life, he still brought an aura of light and encouragement wherever he went.  He was scrutinized by many, but understood and FELT by countless.  Always spoke his mind.  Always kept it real.  Most importantly... ALWAYS took a moment to publicly thank and acknowledge GOD.  

"know that my savior lives and at the end he will stand on this earth.  My flesh may be destroyed but from this body i will see.  Yes, I will see him for myself...and I long for that moment"- DMX/I Miss You

In your words on 'Grand Finale'... this is it baby... the end of the road.

You finally have peace.  Rest well.

Long live Earl Simmons.  Forever known as.... D. M. X.