Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Video : Hold On, We're Going Home | Drake

Cause you’re a good girl and you know it…

It’s ironic that my brother brought to my attention the similarity in production with this song and his ‘Find Your Love” track especially now that the visual has dropped and oddly the direction of the vid is that, also, vaguely similar to the FYL video. Nevertheless, Check out Drake's latest featuring a cool cameo from ASAP Rocky…..

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Word of the Week... SALACIOUS.

Nothing wrong with expanding your vocabulary and knowledge of words.  Who knows when you may encounter or need to use them..    Here’s the word of this week:

Salacious .
Adjective- Lustful or lecherous; (of writings, pictures etc.) obscene; grossly indecent.


Try using it in a sentence.  

(AUDIO) : Kanye West delivers an EPIC interview with BBC Radio 1 ...

“...I AM a God. They like who do he think he is? I just told you who I thought I was! A God!
.... Would it have been better if I said a gangster!? ”

Pauses… *gathers thoughts.
…I listened to this interview in full prior to posting it to ensure it was worth spreading to the masses in a good light and indeed it was. There weren’t ANY dull moments and not in a bad way. The knowledge that Mr. West Mr. Fresh by hisself spit throughout the interview was abysmal. It’s far from what anyone could expect based on or considering his past few “speak outs” this year.. rant after rant. In this hour long convo yesterday evening with Zane Lowe of BBC Radio 1, Kanye’s first radio interview since the release of ‘Yeezus’, ‘Ye delivers the most intense.. comical.. and realest shit ever {that I’ve heard him say to the media in a long time}. I mean this was all over the place to topic after topic but you’re able to stay with every moment. He seemed so genuine and focused. Not to say that he isn’t always himself, but in the aspect of there were no distractions.. there was no let me cut this short bc I need to perform this song etc, Kanye could just let it all out. No holds bars…Boundless.. and not in an angry or frantic way. I compiled quite a few quotables from the interview just to give you a taste of what’s entailed…

On Racism Today…
“.. Classism. Racism cousin. This is what we do to hold people back..” “… You don’t have to be racist anymore.. it’s called Self- Hate. …..the real estate of racism…”

On 'them' giving 'us' what we need though it may not be what we want…
“..'We' don’t have the education to know what to want…”

His gratitude for Jay-Z…
”… I would not be here if it was not for a ROC-A-FELLA chain. If it was not for Jay-Z.. and his blessing!.. and his co sign!.. and his protection! when I was in NYC .. dolo. I would not be here in the way that I am...”

Monday, September 23, 2013

Dates/Locations: The Social Experiment Tour.. starring Chance the Rapper

With his buzz growing by the minute, Chance takes full advantage of the moment and announces his 29-city US Tour for his latest supply.. 'Acid Rap'.
As I mentioned before, I was able to see him live during 'The Space Migration Tour' w/ Mac Miller and was stunned by his stage presence (in a good way). His energy is off THEE chain. Definitely, something worth checking out. Even better if you're already a fan. See all dates on the flyer below for a town near you...

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Video- HHRFD Interviews August Alsina ; talks 'I Luv this Shxt' remix , Social media + more...

I AM the product.
I have to show you my shxt is more potent than the other nxggas...

Eye candy R & B crooner August Alsina, who may I add is not only easy on the eyes… but easy on the ears both talking and singing, sat down with HHRFD before his show at SOB’s in NYC speaking his thoughts on social media, what he “loves”, whether he feels he is a role model, and more. Alsina, also, confirms the “I Luv This Shxt” remix collab with Trey Songz and Chris Brown will be hitting the waves soon. That is going to be crazyyy
While the audio isn't the best on this video, you may need headphones to hear clearly. Nevertheless, it’s a good interview. I'm really digging this kid. Check it out below:

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Love & Happiness Vol. 2 - Waiting to Exhale | Estelle

Call these boys...
I'mma turn em into men...

Oddly, I was on my R & B flow earlier this morning and came across the final product of Estelle's Vol. 2 EP. Since hearing the jammer 'Be In Love' last month, I decided to give this a spin. I hope her music continues to shoot off. This one (amongst others she's released) deserves the attention. With features from the likes of Jim Jones, Jeremih, and Roses Gabor, Estelle makes sure to remain a 'stand out'.
Listen below:

Love & Happiness Vol 1. - Love Jones | Estelle

Motivation Mondays...

Action is required if you want results. Less talk about how you want to do 'this and that' replaced with more action of you moving forth to do 'this and that'. You can't drive a car without putting it in gear...
Have a great week loves. Xoxo.

Been Given a Morning | Kelis

As for me
I decided...

For her latest offering, Kelis steps away from the normal upbeat melody and brings forth a more ballad driven track. This will land on her upcoming album, F.O.O.D. Check it out:

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Numbers on the Board (freestyle) | Slaughterhouse

Riding topless...
Decapitated the 'ghost...

Joe Budden, Royce da 5'9", Joell Ortiz, and Crooked I stopped by the Radio One bulding to deliver Charlie Sloth the first US 'Fire in the Booth'. The Slaughterhouse gang spits a real freestyle, none of that written prior to ish, over one of my favorite songs of 2013... Numbers on the Board.
Watch below:  

Friday, September 20, 2013

Album Stream: Feel Good | The Internet

Syd and Matt decided to not keep fans waiting any longer and released the album stream earlier than 6PM PST today as they announced previously this week. Saying I am overjoyed by this is an understatement. Perfect way to bring in a Friday evening after a long work week.Feel Good hits the masses for purchase on September 24th.

TKO | Justin Timberlake (Prod. by. Timbaland)

It just ain't fair...
Over here thinking bout the shit you do...

Justin serves up his latest single for upcoming sequel album, 20/20 Experience: 2 of 2
, which hits stores in ten days. 2 for 2 on the single release. This is a banger.
Listen below:

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Time Warp... 1991 : I Love Your Smile | Shanice

Circa 1991.
I swear I knew every Shanice song growing up. I had the tapes and everything. This was my girl.
Music like this will always jam...Do do do do do dooo

Although this one isn't '91 but rather 1993, I HAD to add my favorite. Two treats today while I'm at it..

Pod Post Thursdays: Everyday | Kidd Kidd


This ain't even written...
I'm just gifted...

Ever since the first day I saw this on MTV Jams a few weeks ago, I was hooked.
Raw hip hop over an amaze production.
Vibe wit it…..

Iggy Azalea talks issues of being a White rapper, Relationship w/ ASAP Rocky + More w/ Complex Mag

"Come here, you little sluts! "

In the most recent issue of COMPLEX Mag, Interviewer Justin Monroe sat down with the Beautiful, Curvy, Witty, Talented, and (insert any other descriptors of her you can think of) Blonde Bombshell Iggy Azalea for a feature entitled “The Low End Theory”. Say what you want, but the Australian beauty has no intent on stopping and is out to prove she’s here to stay. In this definite attention grabbing interview, she talks childhood, issues of being a white rapper, her relationship/break-up with ASAP Rocky and more.
Here are a few excerpts...  

"Work” gave listeners a little taste of the red dirt and back lanes of Mullumbimby. What else can you tell us about your hometown ?

There’s one of everything: one hairdresser, one supermarket, one florist, one bakery. You know everybody that’s owned the stores and they’ve owned them for generations. The population’s 3,000 but it seems smaller because most people live in the hills. They’ll come down to the supermarket to get food and that’s the only time you’re hanging around or seeing people. My dad’s a surfer. My mother had me when she and my dad were 19. They were hippies and built their own house. They wanted to do self-sustained living. My parents split up when I was 8 or 9 and my mom got a teaching degree and would clean houses and substitute teach. That made her a bit more straight up and down.

Race has been an issue since you first got noticed as the tall blonde who rapped. Did you understand that some people in the U.S. would think you were fake?

Yeah, but it’s retarded. The Rolling Stones go to America, play “black” blues music, and nobody has a fucking issue with it or thinks it’s weird. But here we are, 50 years later, in the 21st century, and people are like, “This is so weird that you’re white, from another country, and you like black music.” Why is it not weird for Keith Richards or Mick Jagger, but it’s so weird and taboo for me? Do you think a kid liking my music is gonna make rap music some other thing, or that all of a sudden nobody’s gonna like Scarface?

Having been in a public relationship with Rocky, would you ever date someone publicly again?

No. I’d date somebody in the industry again, but the number one thing I regret saying publicly is that I fucking loved Rakim [A$AP Rocky]. These are the things that happen when you say you love somebody in the media: Every person that person’s ever had sex with, who would still like to have sex with them, will say what a lame bitch you are. Every person who’s ever had sex with me, who wants to have sex with me still, will say how wack the guy is. Then, everybody who has an ulterior motive business-wise is gonna come at us and tell us every reason why we shouldn’t fuck with each other. Little seeds get planted. “Does she really love you? Did she say that because she’s using you for attention? You should be dating a black girl.” Blogs do voting polls: “Do you think they’re a good couple or not?” I fucking hated that. It’s not a song. It’s a relationship, and you’re not in it, by the way. It’s so sick to me. Also, you can never go out because people will take pictures of you or talk about what you’re doing, or if you’re having a fight. You’ll never be able to enjoy yourself in the capacity of a normal fucking human being ever again.

How badly did things end with you and Rocky?

Photos/Video: ROCawear Fall/Holiday Lookbook 2013.. starring Draya Michele

In hopes of reinventing their brand, ROCawear
partnered with model/entrepreneur Draya Michele (from reality show 'Basketball Wives LA') as the new face for this season’s 2013 Fall/Holiday lookbook. During the shoot, by Sarah McColgan, Draya is donned in key pieces from the Women’s and Men’s collection to allow the product to be seen from different perspectives.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Video- Budweiser presents... Rihanna 's 'Half of Me' Documentary

My fans.. they mean everything to me...

This particular brief documentary is told from two different perspectives: Rihanna's perspective and the perspective of her fans. I always say it has to be an amazingly overwhelming feeling to hear tons of people talk about you in such a positive light and how much you've affected their lives. Watch below as fans share their personal empowering experiences via Rihanna and vice versa.

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Video: Lovers In the Parking Lot | Solange

Left your heart behind
When I laid eyes and said I’m up and done...

New video from the awesome Solange Knowles. I had the pleasure of seeing her perform this track live, which lands on her True EP, at the Made in America festival this year. Shot in her hometown of Houston, TX... Ms. Knowles delivers a video nothing short than supa dope. Free spirit and creativity is always welcomed here :-). Check it out:

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Video: Crooked Smile | J. Cole x TLC

Oh you a woman? I don't know how you deal...
With all the pressure to look impressive...

As promised by Jermaine himself, today he debuts the official visual for his latest single "Crooked Smile". The video was re-shot a few weeks ago as Cole World had a change of heart about the outcome of the first one. This visual brings rememberance to a previous situation in America that 'they' swept under the rug (as usual). I won't give any spoilers.
Watch below:

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More on Aiyana...

Walk Away | JMSN

No one can save me from myself...

As we wait for Unit 6.. JMSN drops another incredible track. This one will land on his upcoming, Pllaje EP hitting the waves November 5th. Blast this at ignorant levels in your headphones.
The effect...perfection.

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Bed Peace | Jhene Aiko x Childish Gambino

We'll make love
And then we fxck
And then you give me my space...

After debuting the free flowing track back in July with her performance on the Rap-Up Sessions, Ms. Aiko delivers the full studio version. This time, featuring Childish Gambino. Take a listen below:

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Word of the Week... CHAGRINED.

Nothing wrong with expanding your vocabulary and knowledge of words.  Who knows when you may encounter or need to use them..    Here’s the word of this week:

1. Noun- a feeling of vexation, marked by disappointment or humiliation.
2. Verb- to vex by disappointment or humiliation.


Try using it in a sentence.  

Time Warp... 2002 : Ya'll Must Have Forgot | Roy Jones Jr.

Circa 2002.

While watching the Mayweather x Canelo fight this past Saturday, this track randomly came into discussion as we were comparing their boxing styles. While the still alone is comedy lol, I do remember BET showing this vid mad love when it came out. Ya'll mustve forgot!!! *giggles…

Monday, September 16, 2013

Nosetalgia | Pusha T x Kendrick Lamar

I was born in 87'....

I keep tryna tell ya'll.  Press Play.
 “My Name Is My Name” in stores October 8th.  

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Video: Cup Inside a Cup | Stalley

Staying sucka free my only occupation...

I saw this yesterday on MTV Jams and said I was going to post it the following morning.  Of course when this morning came, I couldn't remember what I was supposed to post -_-.  
Any who.. Stalley releases a tripped out visual for one of my fav cuts off, Honest Cowboy.
Watch below: 

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Video: Know You Better | Omarion x Pusha T x Fabolous

You take the best pictures...
You should win an 'instagrammy'...

After just releasing the track nearly a month ago, the visual has now hit the waves. MMG's ‘Self Made Vol. 3’ compilation album in stores tomorrow.      

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Rick James | Nelly x T.I.

Standing on the couchessssssss...

This song JAMS and is hilar at the same time. I think this is the one Nel.
M.O. is in stores September 30th.

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Video: Hell On Earth | August Alsina

God put a nxgga in a position for a reason...

With all the chaos going on earlier, who knew there was still space for sunshine? This was mine. Alsina drops a new visual for a track off his "Downtown: Life Under the Gun" EP, which might I add gets constant rotation on my end. Check out the new vid below:

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{Personal Post} Photos :: DC Bright-N-Pint Bar Crawl ...

I guess you can say I'm back in the swing of posting events :-)...
Over the weekend, I attended this year's bar crawl in Dupont circle with the theme this time around as "Neon" colors. For those who have never attended, it's an organized themed event where you visit all the participating bars to get specials, meet people, and just basically have a rad time. Myself and a few of the homies all gathered downtown and when I tell you we got it poppin... we got it POPPIN. Fun fun times. Here are just a few snaps I happened to capture between my journey of Southern Comfort and seizing the moment.

Black Money World | SpaceGhostPurrp

...They nxggas be salty...
Cause them nxggas be losin...

For trillsters only.
New purrp...

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Video: Here I Go | Hustle Gang ( T.I. x Spodee x Shad da God x Young Dro x Mystikal)

...I handle my muhfxckn business
Need I say more?...

I'm not sure why they dropped this vid so late being the song released in May. Nevertheless, it's here and Mystikal's "rar rar rar rar" line is still hilar. Watch below:

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Time Warp.... 2006 : Beautiful | Damian Marley x Bobby Brown

Circa 2006.

This song just always puts me in a good place while it's playing. Always.
*continues to jam and daydream

Video: Where U Been? | 2 Chainz x Cap. 1

I been gettin money…
Where the fxck you been??.…

The flow on this one…..

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fire | Bun B x Rick Ross x 2 Chainz x Serani

100 nxggas on the team...
20% friends...

The Trill OG + this collab= Fire.
No pun intended...  

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Video: When I Feel Like It | Fabolous x 2 Chainz

I do the shxt when I feel like it...

Fab drops an eye candy parade of women visual for his latest single, When I Feel Like It. I'm sure the fellas will enjoy this one.. the vid that is. The song goes regardless. Check it out:      

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Video: Dontcha | The Internet

Cause I just gotta know if you want me too...
Don't you want me??...

This is the sole reason I stayed up past 10 tonight (especially with having a bad evening)... awaiting the release of their new visual/track for the official first single from their upcoming album, Feel Good, that drops September 24th.  Thankfully, they kept their word and delivered right on time..LITERALLY.  :-).  My night is complete.
Rock out... 


Word of the Week... CHARLATAN.

Nothing wrong with expanding your vocabulary and knowledge of words.  Who knows when you may encounter or need to use them..    Here’s the word of this week:

A person who pretends or claims to have more knowledge or skill than he or she actually possesses; a fraud.


Try using it in a sentence.  

Movie Trailer: WOLF by. Wolf Haley (Tyler, the Creator)

Last week, Tyler tweeted to the masses that he would be releasing something this Monday. He quickly after made sure everyone knew it was not a new song. He kept his promise and delivered something we didn't expect: a movie trailer to his current album, also titled, WOLF. The story telling on the album, as well as the piece of work itself, was amazing. I can only imagine how Mr. 'Kill Them All will create the audio into an actual visual. One thing's for sure, it will definitely be interesting. I can't wait.
Watch the trailer below:    

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Time Warp... 1977 : Cloudy | Average White Band

Circa 1977.
This specific version right here... my dad (as an AWB fan) played on every single road trip when I was a child. We traveled down south A LOT so i heard this song (and that album) over and over; him beating all over the dashboard as if he was playing the drums and hitting the high notes like he was on stage lol. However, the song rocked then even when I was too young to understand the feeling of the lyrics. As an adult, I am able to appreciate it more. It's incredible. This specific version def. falls in my "brown liquor music" hall of fame. What's even better about the one below is it is the FULL version... Not just the 3:27 of live greatness they put on that album.