Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Video: Beautiful Lie| Ryan Leslie

Round 3 man..I’m over-acheivin…

Speaking of Nxggas In Paris #LastPost …
Ryan Leslie releases the visuals for his track “Beautiful Lie”.  The filming of this intrigues me.  Hauteness

Side-Commentary:  You peep his mannerisms in rapping?  VERY similar to Hov.. and even the sound to ‘Ye.  Nevertheless… R. Les has always been talented so no shade here.  He’s always dope. 

Hov & Yeezy Perform at Victoria Secrets 2011 Fashion Show

Ball So Hard...

I want that jacket Yeezy! 
I woke up to a tweet this morning from my old co-worker saying "Ok Hov I know @lustforlife87 is orgasming right now lol" . I'm like Oh man what did I miss!?
Of course, to my surprise.. he performed on the Victoria Secret Fashion Show last night. I had no idea! I had to see if I can find the footage.

Nxggas In Paris
Now as much as I hate this song now.... strictly because they performed it ENTIRELY THREE times in a row when they came here { to DC}... I still watched the vid. I know it's their new single and all... but I wish they could have did Otis.. lls.

Always will be one of my fav. 'Ye songs. I'm proud how Yeezy has the strength to talk about his mom now and not break down. Peep the footage:

I Got a Big "Ego" ... Big Sean Edition

“I always knew at the end of the day if anything else failed.. I got this…” – Big Sean

Yow! O_O

What more can I say.. the love of my life Big Sean is a trip lls.
 I will admit.. this kinda threw me off guard.  My first thought was that it was going to be an interview where he was just talking about how "well endowed" he is etc.. {Which is a turn off to me when it's not said in songs lls..}. but  once I watched it..I saw that was far from the case.  She asked him a question.  He answered it.   Lls.
What do you think??

s.o. to NecoleBitchie

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jet World Order drops Today!!

Jet Life...Jet Life...

The Official Album from Jet Life drops today. 
 I'm so proud of Spitta & his crew.  Make sure you go support.

Here's a track off the album... 

Video: Work| Meek Mill ft. Rick Ross

I'm gon' to work! 

Meek' provides the visuals for one of my favorite cuts off his mixtape, Dreamchasers.  I think signing with MMG was a good look for him.  *Continues singing & doing Rozay bounce...

I'm gon' to work! work!

s.o. to WSHH

Monday, November 28, 2011

Stoners' Night (Part 2) | Juicy J feat. Wiz Khalifa

She roll the weed and she 'on't even smoke...

Juicy and Wiz link up again for another hot one. 
What can I say...I'm a sucker for samples.  Play the track.

S.o. to the homie Jerm (NQM)

Samsung throws shade at Apple.... :-)

I'll be completely honest...
this commercial made me smile lol and most importantly was post worthy because one... I thought it was pretty creative...
and two I HAVE a galaxy :-) . 
Check it out.

Side-Commentary:  I hope Apple doesn't respond... in all actuality.. I think it'll be a low blow lls

s.o. to theLIFEfiles

Video: Bang Bang| Cam'ron

Skydivers...Nose divers..
We don't know none of 'dos

Mr. Giles hasn't disappointed me yet with the tracks off this mixtape.  True fans been waitin for this.

Motivation Mondays...

What kinda life is this??

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving.  This weekend was just over the top (negatively) in so many aspects than one… it really overwhelmed me.  It’s been crazy lately for me to the point where keeping sanity is frustrating..  as I’m pretty sure it has been for most. 
Don’t lose sight.  Enjoy life as much as you can.  Tomorrow isn’t promised.  Keep the faith loves.  Xoxo.

Ride to it, Ride to it
Cause you never know
When a bullet might hit
And you die to it, die to it
Die to it, Die to it
Live your life
Live it Right
Be different
Do different things
Don’t do it like
He did
Cause he ain’t what you is
But we can win….

Yea life can please ya…
But death can tease ya…
Mama I just wanna sing…

Friday, November 25, 2011

Footage: Wale & Big Sean perform "Slight Work"

Footage of Wale & Big Sean in San Francisco performing the "Slight Work" track off Wale's sophomore album, Ambition.


s.o. to AshleyO

Video: The Knowing| The Weeknd

I know....
what you did..

Intrigued after the "press play". Not bad at all for a first official video. Creativity was working hard I see... Dope.

s.o. to AshleyO

Girlfriend's Best Friend| Frank Ocean

It's 2am..
I got a call...

What a pleasant surprise this Black Friday… Apparently, Frank Ocean releases a new one.  Me gusta.

s.o. to theJasmineBrand

A Quick Look into Rihanna's Family Life....Narrated by. Jay-Z

Family is everything...

Jay-Z narrates this sweet vid into Rihanna's personal life... with Family.  I think people fail to realize at the end of the day.. these celebrities are STILL human... and it's little moments like these that mean the most to them...

Rihanna on WhoSay

Round 4: Drake responds.. Ludacris Drops 'BadaBoom' video...

Last week, Drake decided to speak his peace.  Although, it might not have been an interview or long broadcast, he decided to send a simple tweet to Big Sean on his thoughts, in which Big Sean retweeted and responded

Despite what it seems to be Big Sean's effort to can the whole "beef"... Luda still decided to drop the visuals for 'BadaBoom', the track where he subliminally throws shots @ ‘Sean, Drake, Shawn Jay etc.


Previous posts:

Side-Commentary:  I hope this is the end of all this. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Motivation| Cam'ron

What a feelin' ya'll...

New Music from Cam prod. by araabMUZIK

This took me back to purple haze.  I need to Cam to come back and drop an album soon...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Video: Scared Money| NORE ft. Pusha T & Meek Mill

Scared money dont' make none
You ain't really got to ask where it came from... 

I get all the goodies around lunch time :-) 
 Here's NORE's latest vid...

Brake| WZRD {Kid Cudi x Dot da Genius}

No light to guide my way...

What a delight that I was JUST saying yesterday {see previous post} that I wondered how the album would sound, due to no profanity, and a track is released today!  I've played it three times already.  Definitely "skyscraper" worthy...

S.o. to AshleyO

Monday, November 21, 2011

Kid Cudi talks WZRD album featuring.... NO Profanity..

I'm on the pursuit of happiness...

The Cudster took it to his twitter to share with fans the release date of new album with Ddot Genius and plans to not have profanity included. 
Hmm… interesting.  my anticipation is, actually, higher now to hear the album…


s.o. to HipHopWired

Motivation Mondays...

Just focus on your team..

All that other frivolous stuff is irrelevant. …  stay focused.   The winner’s circle doesn’t allow any squares.  Keep pressing  ppl and have a good week J !! 

Xoxo Dolcezza

Friday, November 18, 2011

Video: Dessert| Wiz Khalifa

Purp Purp Purp Purp...
Yea you know I got that Purp...

Wiz finally releases the visuals for "Dessert" (BAIT freestyle). 

s.o. to ComplexMag

Round 3: Ludacris VS "Everybody"... Big Sean Responds..

I respect the OG's in general...
I think Luda is a Legend...

I love how the interview comes on with Sean saying "Boi..Boi.." lls. 
{Per the previous posts...

Sean, also, took it to the radio waves to speak his peace.  I'm glad he at least made an attempt to clear up what he said.

s.o. to theJasmineBrand

I Do| Young Jeezy ft. Jay-Z & Andre 3000

Honor the code..
not bring drama .. to mama's peephole...

i NEEDED this today.  I'ont even need commentary.  Just press PLAY.

{Personal Post} Photos :: from AKAland - Big Sis gets married..

In lieu of my line FA/07's AKAversary...I decided to go ahead and post these pics from last weekend (late as hell) lls.  Enjoy. SKEE-WEE

Bachelorette Party: "Pink- Stilletos"

Tammy came down to get me J

It was beautiful in there..

Uh oh...I found the bride to be.. she wasn't ready yet lls

So I took more photos of the decorations

She STILL wasn't ready yet LOL

More pics of the decorations now.. lls

Yay.. she's ready :-)

Quick Photoshoot :-)

Fast forward past the censored stuff CTFU.  Time to continue the festivities and go paint the city Pink

Bar 7.  Bottles and More Bottles...
BEST cake ever... HANDS DOWN.

Ahh the wedding day... The next few photos represent that "awkward moment" when you're trying to send someone a picture of your outfit.. but none of them come out right -_- ... yea that..

Waiting for the wedding to start

Awww the bruhs look so nervous..

Welcoming Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Williams!! :-)

Time to eat!!

Wan' and I waiting on the food.  #Starving

First dance :-)

The bruhs got the party started..

Ready for the bouquet... Although..I didn't catch it lol


That was my first bachelorette party EVER... And I must say...I can't WAIT to get married!!!CTFU!!!
 I had such a good time there! I hadn't been to a wedding either in 10 years! It was an experience. I was so happy for them and to see my line sister and sorors. was a great day :-)
 Congrats again to my Big Sis!