Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Dapper Dan Is Back With a New GAP Campaign

A breakthrough is when people finally find their space in areas they have never been before, but a breakout is when you take the culture and the people who created it and bring it around the world. 
-Dapper Dan

Dapper Dan's collaboration with GAP has proved to be a fruitful one.  He odes this latest campaign as a love letter to Harlem, NY and his way of continuing to propel our culture and community forward.  Shot and directed by photographer Joshua Kissi, the campaign features creatives and entrepreneurs within the Harlem community.  From logo hoodies to tote bags, here's a preview.

Monday, November 27, 2023

Quavo Released a "Huncho Farms Cookbook" During Thanksgiving

img via FYI Brand Group

*ad lib, Grandma!

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Quavo released a "Huncho Farms Cookbook" featuring some of his family recipes and nutritious cooking tips.  Baja Beans Dip, Brined & Roasted Turkey, and Individual Baked Apple Crisps to name a few.  Presented by his Quavo Cares initiative, Urban Recipe, and Atlanta Community Food Bank, the cookbook was inspired by The Migos member sentiments that connecting with loved ones over a home-cooked meal can bring community together in joy and peace.   

In addition to the release, Quavo held his annual turkey drive in Atlanta, GA last Monday and expanded it to a Thanksgiving themed farmers market. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Rapper Future Unveils His First Lanvin Collection, "Lanvin Lab"

I created a vibe with this collection, something you can feel when you wear it. ​Jeanne Lanvin drew inspiration from her life and lifestyle. We are the same in that ​way, we create from experience.

Bridging the gap between music and fashion.  Grammy Award winning rapper, Future, was highlighted in June as the first guest collaboration on Lanvin's 'Lanvin Lab' capsule.  The collection, designed by Future, includes unisex ready-to-wear pieces and accessories.  With photography by Dwight Elder "Shootr", we get our first look at the anticipated collab.

{Personal Post} PHOTOS: Umbrella Art Fair 2023

"Where the heartbeat of Washington, DC's art scene converges with the avant-garde talents of global artists and makers."

The annual Umbrella art fair returned this month featuring over 100 artists from DC and beyond.  Umbrella declares artistic independence, a rebellion against the mundane, and a celebration of the daring.  Umbrella is, also, a space.  One that provides artists and creatives a platform to showcase/sell their work.  I attended the opening ceremony.  I must note that along with the artwork, the fashions were just as dominant.  So much to take in.  Here's the essence of it through my lens.  
The weather was nice, drinks were flowing, music bumpin, and people everywhere.  A typical Friday night in DC, right?

11.01.04  RIP Mac Dre

Monday, November 20, 2023

Home Court: The LeBron James Museum is Opening Very Soon

Iconic.  A LeBron James Museum is opening this week in his hometown of Akron, OH.  "LeBron James' Home Court' will showcase a closer look at LeBron's life and journey to becoming the mega star that he is today.  The multimedia storytelling experience will include never before seen items from Akron, the NBA, Olympics, Businesses, Philanthropy and more from the Hall of Famer's road of success.  More information about the museum and preview photos after the jump!

My dream was always to put Akron on the map, so to have a place in my hometown that allows me to share my journey with my fans from all over the world means a lot to me. I've been known to hang on to a lot of things over the years, and I always knew there would be a time and place to bring them out. I’m so proud that place is House Three Thirty, a space my Foundation created to serve my I Promise families and the entire community.

Rihanna's FENTY x PUMA Creeper Shoe Has Returned With a "Phat" Update

Welcome to the madhouse.

Fenty x Puma have returned with the revive of a fan favorite from their first collaboration in 2015.  The OG Creeper featured a platform sole that gave the suede shoe a distinct look.  The upcoming release features a "bigger, bolder, and phatter than ever" update, hence its name... 
the Fenty x Puma Creeper Phatty.  

When designing the Creeper Phatty, we wanted to reinvent the OG Creeper that was loved by so many. It’s a classic silhouette that has been missed, so its return had to be bigger.

{Personal Post} PHOTOS: Dreams of Triumph 'Dreamsgiving' Pop-Up Shop x The Cosmic Slop Experience

Two events, one evening.  I started at the Dreams of Triumph Pop-Up shop event to support my homie Val and his fashion brand.  90s Karaoke and Denim were the theme this time.  After, I headed to The Cosmic Slop Experience.  This year marks the 50th anniversary of that Funkadelic album.  I had a pleasant surprise there, but we'll get to that.  Let's start with "Dreamsgiving"...

Heat: Mitchell & Ness Commemorate #HipHop50 With Record Label Jerseys

all images via Mitchell & Ness

As we are in the 11th month of the year, #HipHop50 commemorations continue to honor the incomparable culture.  Mitchell & Ness have now entered the chat.
Their brand has always been prevalent and popular in the Hip Hop culture, especially during the throwback jersey era.  Now, they plan to roll out a new line of jersey's highlighting some of Hip Hop's biggest record labels.    

These jerseys represent an era that revolutionized music, fashion, and popular culture, and we’re proud to honor that legacy.
- Eli Kumekpor/Mitchell & Ness CEO 

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Try Baskin Robbins "Turkey Day Fixin's" Ice Cream Flavor

If you ever wondered what Thanksgiving fixin's would taste like compiled into something else, think the everlasting gobstopper, this is for you.  Baskin Robbins is serving a flavor blend of sides in one ice cream scoop.  A new interesting addition to a tradition.

{Personal Post} PHOTOS: The Girls Take Shibuya | Tokyo, Japan (Pt. 3)

Continuing from part 2.  My birthday was fun! but it didn't stop there.  The next day... back at it.  From Go-Karting on the streets (and literal expressway) to wandering aimlessly.  They were NOT regular go karts.  My most exciting moment was when the leader took off in a tunnel... and you better believe I was right behind him.  Reeeeenn.  I want to say confidently, I hit at least 65mph.  In a Go-Kart aside to regular cars and trucks, the rush was CRAZY.
There are photo booths everywhere in Tokyo.  You'll see that in part 4 too.  Anywho, let's get to the day...
Disclaimer: there is one part that's NSFW and no it's not us, it's something in a store.  Caution  

Giving Back: Rapper T.I. Opens An Affordable Housing Development in Atlanta

...we have to make sure that the people who made this city and the culture of this city what it is, still have a place in this city and can afford to stay there. Somebody has to be a part of that charge.
- T.I. to Bilal and Troy Milling/'Earn Your Leisure Podcast

Clifford "T.I" Harris Jr. is dedicated to his city of Atlanta, GA.  Aside from reppin' in countless verses and highlighting the city in the self named movie, ATL, T.I. had his eyes set on a project for his own community.  In 2022, he spoke of a new mission to create a real estate development of affordable housing in his home area of Bankhead.  Fast forward to present day.  He made it happen.

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Helping Out: TARGET Is Offering a Full Thanksgiving Meal for $25

With food prices being ridiculously high, this deal is right on time.  Target is helping family and friends celebrate Thanksgiving, financially a little easier, by offering a full Thanksgiving meal for $25.  Target Exec VP and Chief Food & Beverage Officer assures that "guests can trust Target to find joy without compromise.” 

Here's what the dinner for 4 includes:

Time Warp... 2008: Coupes and Leers | Curren$y x Fiend

Circa 2008.
15 years later and this song gives me the same feeling I had when I first heard it... every time I hear it.  Coolie High is already supa dupa smooth and player, s.o. to Camp Lo.  Add Spitta and Fiend on it?  Chefs kiss.  They absolutely did it justice.  It just feels good.
pass my mimosa, we call it a fly sosa...

{Personal Post} PHOTOS/VIDEO: RZA Presents "The 36 Chambers" 30th Celebration w/ Live Orchestra | New York, NY

Back in September, I blogged about this event and stated I was not missing this show.  I actually bought my ticket before I published the post lol.  It was imperative.  So here we are, 11.09.2023, exactly 30 years from the Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) album release on 11.09.1993.

This show was beautifully crafted and curated so perfectly.  A brilliant mind is all I can say.  What a night!  The excitement returned making this post.  Sharing photos and videos through my lens.  
Let's get to it!

Monday, November 13, 2023

Snoop Dogg and Son Launch Gaming Company in Support of Minority Creators

Snoop Dogg and his son, Cordell Broadus, plan to pave an accessible lane for minorities in the gaming industry.  "Death Row Games" is now a studio for minority creators to design, develop, and publish content within the mega game Fortnite by way of its Unreal Editor.  

...And I keep saying 'show representation of the culture in these sectors,' versus us just being the talent. We wanted to make sure that we're part of the decision that's being made and more importantly tell these stories from diverse creators and focus on creatives in underserved communities. 

For the past 6 years, Snoop and Cordell have been quietly creating games, but have not published anything on a large scale.

{Trailer} PARAMOUNT+ presents... "The Choice is Yours" Documentary- The Story of Dres from Hip Hop Duo, Black Sheep

If you're a chef for 25 years, you're a master chef.   but if you rhyme for 25 years, you're just old.
- Dres/ Black Sheep

Who's the Black Sheep?
In 1991, the Hip Hop duo rose to fame with their smash hit "The Choice is Yours".  Unfortunately, it was short lived and they disbanded in 1995.  Member Andres "Dres" Vargas Titus is on a mission to change the trajectory.  The documentary hones in on Dres as he uncovers the back story and his current journey in releasing a J Dilla produced album.  

even if we fall flat on our face... at least we was trying to be ourselves.

Watch the trailer after the jump:

{Personal Post} PHOTOS- Spike Lee: Creative Sources Exhibit

First and foremost, let me say... can you believe I ran into thee Spike Lee there!?!?  I'll get to that.  
The "Spike Lee: Creative Sources" exhibit would be appreciated by any fan.  Almost every single solitary piece was sure to provoke thought or conversation.  You, also, realize from the range of autographed memorabilia here, just how much Spike is loved and important to our culture.  I am so glad he got to receive his flowers on this level while he can still smell them.  
Cause I know you got soul... Brothas and Sistaaas!
This is an extensive ride.  Buckle up.