Sunday, December 31, 2023

Our Picks: Top Albums of 2023

img by Valeria K

This year for music was pretty good!  More quality singles than full projects, but overall good.  Continuing with tradition, we compiled our personal lists of the top albums of 2023.  
Check out our favorite projects after the jump!

{Personal Post} Photos: HoliDAZED.

It's that time of year.  Holiday lights and festivities!  Two separate days, nevertheless the same theme.  See the happs below!

In Memoriam... 2023

*cues up Missing You- Brandy x Tamia x Gladys Knight x Chaka Khan

Gone but not forgotten
In memoriam...

Gangsta Boo

Anita Pointer

Fred White

{Personal Post} PHOTOS: Toronto, ON (Part 3)

I was working on another Personal Post and remembered that this one was still in the drafts!  These two days were an interesting roller coaster.  All types of things seen (and mostly unseen) took place.  We looked good tho ;) 

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Make History: NASA is Allowing You to Send Your Name to Jupiter's Moon

Send for me.
What a random and cool way to close out 2023.  Be a part of history!  No pun intended, NASA has launched a "Message in a Bottle" campaign and is encouraging you to participate.  You are invited to submit your name to be engraved on a micropchip traveling to Jupiter's moon, Europa.  1.8. BILLION miles away.  In 2024, the Europa Clipper spacecraft is headed to this icy moon to explore further on whether environmental conditions there are suitable for life.  Whoa.

{Personal Post} PHOTOS: Harajuku Haze | Tokyo, Japan (Pt. 4)

The final installment of Tokyo... 2023 that is.  We ran the streets of Harajuku this day.  This part of the city was so vibrant and full of themed culture.  I was able to capture so many dope shots of the neighborhood.  When you have no itinerary and go where the wind takes you, you seize the day...

Dipset Showcases Their New Collaboration with Who Decides War

Welcome to New York Cityyy.  S.o. to Cam.  Dipset's Jim Jones and Juelz Santana resurfaced in the fashion world on a recent collab with Who Decides War.  The collection features streetwear attire that details statement designs from both parties.  

Monday, December 18, 2023

Nas is the Face (Literally) of the New Collaboration with Wind and Sea

My poetry's deep, I never fail.

 Japanese Creative Director, Takashi Kumagai, has launched a capsule collection with his fashion brand Wind and Sea and Iconic NY Rapper, Nas.  Releasing this past Saturday, each collection piece highlights Nas in a bold way, whether his face or typography.  From tees to hoodies to sweaters.  Check out a few:

Netflix Is a Joke Fest 2024 Lineup Features Kevin Hart, Jerry Seinfeld, Katt Williams, Jon Stewart & More

For 11 days, comedians from all over the world will gather in the city of Los Angeles, CA for the biggest comedy festival in North America.  Produced by Netflix in association with Live Nation, this celebration of comedy will feature over 300 live stand-up shows at over 35 venues, special events, sketches, table reads and so forth.

Kevin Hart, Jerry Seinfeld, Katt Williams, Jon Stewart, Trever Noah, Bill Burr, Mike Epps, Maya Rudolph, John Mulaney, Chris Rock, David Letterman, Wanda Sykes, Marlon Wayans, Sam Jay, Phil Rosenthal, Cedric the Entertainer, Jeff Ross and soooooo many more.  I mean truly, the list is extensive and impressive.  The event is even hosting the 'Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady', which will be recorded for Netflix.

Pharrell Is Searching For a Black Female Lead in Upcoming Film

Robyn Beck/AFP

Okay we wrote this for a purpose
to motivate you at this time...

Word to Hot n Fun.  Pharrell is advertising a role for what could be some lucky young lady's big break!  That young lady may be you.  As he prepares for the upcoming musical film developed by Universal Pictures, Pharrell put out the casting call In Search Of (see what I did there) a Black female lead between the ages of 19-25 years old that has talent with singing and dancing.  In addition to that specificity and being a U.S. Resident, here's how to apply:

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Time Warp... 1999: Neck Uv Da Woods | Mystikal x Outkast

Mary mary mary.
This song has been stuck in my head for like two days now.  Still one of the coldest eccentric productions I've ever heard.  Every one held their own with their verse.  A flawless record.
Btw... RIP Grandma.  Miss you.

Monday, December 11, 2023

McDonald's Shares the Menu for their New Restaurant, "CosMc's"

Interesting.  McDonald's has expanded their restaurant 'universe' with a new small format concept.  CosMc's is beverage led, however, does feature some food items.  The menu explores several beverage flavor combinations containing functional boosts and vibrant colors.  Consumers can further customize their drink with additional flavor syrups, vitamin c shots, boba, and more.  

The food bites, also, explore a different route from the typical McDonald's menu with new flavor mashups.

Alicia Keys "Hell's Kitchen" Musical Is Coming to Broadway

Alicia Keys Musical, "Hell's Kitchen", opened this October at The Public Theater and is now headed to Broadway in 2024.  Keys made the announcement during her one night only celebration of the 20th anniversary for her second album, Diary.  "Hell's Kitchen" is inspired by her life and experience growing up in Hell's Kitchen, NYC, but is not a biographical story.  The singer describes it as a story about family relationships and identity, "Who are we? Who do we want to be? Who are we becoming?"

The score will feature new songs from Alicia Keys, in addition to rearranged and reinterpreted versions of her older album cuts.

Sunday, December 10, 2023

{Watch} Tyler, the Creator Drops a Cinematic Commercial for le FLEUR* : season 2

For the Sun Seekers.

While a lookbook preview did hit the waves, Tyler released a cinematic approach for the visual.  The le FLEUR* : season 2 commercial begins with an accident happening, unseen, and proceeds to have various people give their version of what occurred to the officer.  Each person, including Lil Yachty, is wearing items from the upcoming release.  Hats, Jackets, Sunglasses, Totes, Scarves, Tops, Shoes etc.  A live game of iSpy.  And you know what?  This was pretty fxcking dope.  Catch the full commercial after the jump!

New Video: Can't Go Back | Sampha

I’ve wanted to work with Saad Moosajee for a minute and so grateful I got a chance 🙏🏾 I spent a lot of time predicting negativity would come my way based on previous life experiences. I would rush past everything thinking I had no time to do anything. I think writing this song was part of learning how to forgive myself in that state of being and to say it’s ok to start now. It’s not always too late. It’s just as important to slow down and recognise I have boundaries and a bandwidth.

It rained all day today.  Come to think of it, I haven't done a rainy day post in a minute.  *makes a note to revisit.  I stumbled across Sampha's new video for one of my faves on his latest album, Lahai.  Reading his personal note about the song/record give the lyrics a deeper meaning for me.  The video aligns as it should.  Check it out:

Grand Marnier & Teezo Touchdown Celebrate #HipHop50 with Holiday "(W)rapping Paper" Collab

As the year is coming to a close, Grand Marnier has joined in on the hip hop 50 celebration with a holiday (W)rapping program; right in time for Christmas.  Black owned luxury gifting company, UNWRP, added their creativity and quality to compose the limited edition hip hop inspired gift wrap that features music devices/players used over the years. 

 Just like the unexpected encounter of orange liqueur and cognac coming together to create something grand, this collaboration with UNWRP and Teezo Touchdown to create an item that blends hip hop, the holidays and cocktails demonstrates the fun you can have when you bring together the unexpected.
Andrea Sengara, Vice President of Marketing for Campari America

The wrapping paper is included in a Grand Marnier holiday cocktail kit with:

Monday, December 4, 2023

{Personal Post} PHOTOS: The Book of HOV Exhibit | Brooklyn, NY

don't talk to me 'bout MCs got skills
he's alright, but he's not real
Jay-Z's that deal.

The fam and I headed up to Brooklyn for this double joyous occasion.  I went into detail about my emotions towards the exhibit when announced in the July post.  Those feelings I expressed and shared intensified upon arrival.  Just incredible.  

I don't think you understand what type of event this is.

Like above, this post will be filled with Hov bars from several songs to convey.  I stand by the saying that it's one for everything.  
Let's get into it.
A celebration indeed.  The Book of HOV.  

But NONE of y'all muhfxckas could fool with me.

excluding NOBODY.