Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Naomi Campbell loves her Boobies...

...You have to, to have the confidence to do a COVER like this.  At 42 years young.. she still looks flawless and clearly takes away the attention from Kate Moss slaying behind her.  But you won't find this on news stands in America of course... this is the Russia Edition.  

To see the rest of the spread... click here

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Video: Black Acura| Pac Div x Mac Miller x Raven Sorvino

I hit schoolboy Q to borrow bucket hats…

The joy.  Div’s new album, GMB has arrived!  The Black Acuravideo was released this morning in lieu of that.  Div is so slept on.  Get a whiff of another BANGER..

Word of the Week..... Zedonk.

Nothing wrong with expanding your vocabulary and knowledge of words.  Who knows when you may encounter or need to use them.  Here’s the word of this week:

Zedonk: Noun.
1.  the offspring of a zebra and a donkey.   

Now.. the odds that you may actually use it in a sentence I suppose is very rare.  However, I thought it was interesting pretty interesting and a random cool thing to know.  Ever seen a Zedonk before?  Click HERE:

Lay Up (remix)| Meek Mill x Jay-Z x Trey Songz x Rick Ross

Dope Man..
I need a dope bxtch…

The homie Jerm sent this to me last night knowing it was going to syce me.  He was right.  The “Lay Up” track appeared on Meek’s debut album, Dreams & Nightmares, but featured Wale on the track.. not Hov.  I haven’t heard that one.. but I sure know I love this one. 

Video: The Bluff| Wiz Khalifa x Cam'ron

I got so muchhh…

I’ll admit, when I heard Khalifa had a track with Killa Cam not too long ago.. I was ecstatic.  Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed when I heard it (which explains it never getting a post).  They always say visuals can make or break a song.  And now that it’s here, I LIKE the visual.. it’s a lot different than what I expected.  Plusssss, I like that Killa is back on the scene.  Needless to say.. it’s growing on me.  Khalifa’s album , O.N.I.F.C. in stores December 4th.  Check it out:

Sorry| T.I. x Andre 3000

Sorry I’m awkward
My fault for fxckin up the tunes…

Ppl were not receiving this song well as I saw several negative statements about the track across my twitter TL.  I decided to give it a listen and I feel the complete opposite.  If you really listen to the lyrics… it’s real shit.  What do you think?

Video: Ocho Cinco| French Montana x Diddy x MGK x Red Cafe x Los

Told that bish gimme head…
Ocho Cinco…

...Probably the most talked about song from French’s Mac and Cheese 3, due to the controversial lyrics referring to Reality Star Evelyn Lozada domestic dispute of a head butt from Football player Ocho Cinco.  I wonder how they feel about this. 

Anyway, Looks like this was just some impromptu shit since all of them were in the same room.  Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop Mac and Cheese 3 from crankin.  Download the entire mixtape at

Monday, November 26, 2012

Marble Floors| French Montana x Rick Ross x Lil Wayne x 2 Chainz

 Got yo bxtch tip toeing on Italian marble..

With the release of his mixtape Mac and Cheese 3 just the other week, French shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.  Today, he releases his new single from upcoming album, Excuse My French.  This beat is bananas.  Hannnnnn!

Motivation Mondays : Victory | N.E.R.D.

..I’m not even gonna lie
It’s an every day dream every sigh..

Go for it.
Go forth and try.
The limit is the sky..
Good luck.

Do good.. Work Diligently.. and Achieve your goal.  Victory is only a step away.  Stay encouraged.  Have a great week loves.  Xoxo

Stripper| The Game x Wale (Prod. by. Cool and Dre)

Dragon over that left cheek…
She know Drake.. She know Meek...

A smooth production by Cool and Dre.  I can see this blaring through Stadium already.  Hot song. 

Cyber Monday Sales...

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Just Like You| Jerreau

My favorite number is 11..
I’m 1 of 1...

My fav member of Fly Union doesn’t disappoint as he released this new track, Just Like You, in celebration of his birthday yesterday. 

A Closer Look at Trinidad James..... Video: "Road to Athens"

My life is perfectly terrible...

It seems rapper Trinidad James burst on the scene outta nowhere with the banger “All Gold Everything”.  Although, many ppl uttered “Who is that o_o?” .. the song grew on them like hair and next thing you know.. it was flooding the airwaves.. and twitter timelines of lyrics from the song.  But still the question remains… Who is this guy?  Let’s take a closer look at Trinidad James as he shows us his sneaker game, his thoughts on his music, a few of his tracks playing in the background, and his show in Athens, GA. 

Just for the hell of it.  Play the track..

Video: Celebration (Remix)| The Game x Bone Thugs N Harmony

Luh to stay high..

This was definitely a celebration as all FIVE members of Bone Thugs- N-Harmony reunited in this visual, where the game samples one of their biggest hits First of the Month”.  Very simplistic, but cypher like.  It all works out.  You’re focused on the fact that Bone is back together the entire time anyway.  Ahh..I miss the 90s.  Check it out:

If you missed the original version of “Celebration:”… click HERE.

Video: Get Right| Young Jeezy

Like I was ever fxckin wit you?  Get forreal.

Jeezy drops a street visual for one of his latest crankers… Get Right  This song right here...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Frank Ocean represents 'Men of the Year'.. opens up about "Coming Out" letter..

The night I posted it.. I cried like a fxckin baby. 

Frank is having a great year.  Not only did he drop a STELLAR album and receive cosigns from some of hip-hop hottest artists, he gets picked up as one of GQ’s Men of the Year.  A part from all of that, there was the controversial “coming out” letter posted on his tumblr where Frank revealed he fell in love with a man.  Find out what Frank has to say about it now:


To read more.. visit THELIFEFILES.  In the meantime, check out some more photos from Frank’s GQ Spread…

Word of the Week..... PLEBEIAN.

Nothing wrong with expanding your vocabulary and knowledge of words.  Who knows when you may encounter or need to use them.  Here’s the word of this week:

Plebeian: Adjective.
1.  Belonging or Pertaining to the common people (lower or middle class); common place
2.   vulgar.

Tisha always thought she came from a wealthy background until attending prep school with others and realizing she is a part of the plebeian population.

Jack didn’t realize how inappropriate a plebeian joke was at work  until he received a written reprimand. 

Try using it in a sentence this week.  

Video: Rihanna performs "Where Have You Been" in London..Cusses out Band members..

Alright, What the fxck!..
What the fxck is that!?

It's hard to tell if this was a part of the act or if they actually did screw up.  Either way.. I'm sure the fans were highly entertained.  Rihanna is coming to a city near you.  See the city line- up after the vid. : 

Video: Freedom| Nicki Minaj

I feel free...

After just debuting the song to the public on the American Music Awards this past Sunday, Nicki drops the vid for her new single "Freedom".  I like the direction she took for this visual.  Sometimes it's refreshing to get a break from the "usual".  Check it out:

Monday, November 19, 2012

Can Black Men handle Independent Black Women??

What turned into research for someone else, turned into a post for me of something that always boggled my mind.  Why are black men so intimidated by successful black women?  In most cases, black women that are more successful than they are.  What’s up with that?  Half the time, these men makes things more complicated than things need to be from their own insecurities.  Let’s take a glimpse into our brothers’ mind with the readings of W. Eric Croomes articleFor Brothas Only: Can We Really Handle Independent Black Women?”  
In this article, Author W. Eric Croomes takes a deeper look onto the scope of the Black relationships… specifically focusing on Independent Women and The Black Male’s view of them.  He points out that the attitudes of black men regarding strong, successful black women can range from “a grudging acceptance to applause to outright rejection”.  Statistics were presented, although no source was given, that more black women than men hold degrees and the unemployment rate of black men are twice that of white men.  Croomes does, however, list the source of a recent poll conducted by “Millennium Men of Color” reporting that only 18% of black male respondents described relationships between the black sexes as “good”. 
A key factor of black men and women tending to measure each other by economic means, as opposed to values, ethics, religion etc., is stated to play a major role between both black sexes.  Although, a black male may be at the top professionally, financially, and spiritually, there are several of those males who struggle with the reality of the black woman being of the same stature.  Part of that, Croomes mentions, is because black males have been socialized to see themselves as providers.  As a result, the black relationships are negatively affected with the role reversal of success, thus causing the black male in some cases to either suffer in silence or display hostility towards their more successful counterpart.  Unfortunately, that then leads to the black male missing out on what he really desires: a loving relationship. 
Author Croomes advises that the Black male needs a new way of thinking.  He insists that black males should attempt to understand that the black women, successful or not, are included in the “system” as well; the system that has yet to afford them full acceptance in the marketplace. 
He concludes that black males need to realize that women need them just like they need women and elaborates that beneath the success (financially and professionally) and spirituality lays the insatiable need to be loved.  He uses our current President (Obama) and First lady for an example as encouragement: “For every Michelle, There is a Barack!” inspiring those to become models for a new generation of Men.
I like Author Croomes approach.  Although, I am a little concerned at only 18% of black males saying the relationships are “good”, I know there is hope.  Instead of pointing the finger solely at either sex, Croomes simply states what the issue is and what potentially can resolve it.  This shows that we don’t have to bash each other to get a point across (as I’ve seen in several articles referencing black relationships) and that we do have a common ground regardless of success.  As Aunt Thelma said in “Good Hair” (Benilde Little)…You come from two different kinds of families, one had a pot and the other one didn’t, but both of ‘em is Black, and as long as you live and breathe you gonna be treated that way, so you two need to stop whatever foolishness is going on”….
Let's embrace each other.

Heaven 4 a Gangsta| The Game x Master P

Coulda been Michael Jordan
But I took the Master P route…
Ya’ll know I LOVE samples.  DJ Premiere presents perfection with this production as the Game and, 90s Legend, Master P spit some real shxt over the sounds.  Place this one on repeat.

Motivation Mondays..

Love you for that….
No matter what…

With Thanksgiving coming up in a few days, keep in mind that there a lot of ppl who have it worse than you do and would do anything to trade.  Praise the Lord for your blessings and let ppl know that they are appreciated while you are still able to tell them.  Give Thanks.  Xoxo.

I'm Legit| Nicki Minaj x Ciara

I like independent bxtches like July 4th

As Nicki gears up for the release of her new album “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded…. The Re-Up”, a new track featuring Ciara hits the net waves.  I can def. see this one being a hit in the clubs.  Check it out:

Diamonds Remix| Rihanna x Kanye West

We the cause of all the commotion…

“On the Diamonds remix.. I swore I spazzed”.  Yeezy takes Rih’s new single up a notch with a few cunning bars in true Yeezy form.  Check it out:

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pod Post Thursdays: Dear God | OverDoz

Call me Mister I can steal yo bitch

If this isn’t on your pod… you’re losing.  Dope shit at its finest.

Video: Remember You| Wiz Khalifa + A few words from the Taylor Gang...

Make me remember you
Like you remember me

Wiz releases a visual to his acclaimed “Remember You” featuring the Weeknd.  Far from what you expected (if anything).  I guess this can be interpreted in many ways.  Either way… it’s still a dope track.   

The DayToday’s are always entertaining.  Catch a glimpse of the Taylors on tour doing what they do best.. lol.  Sn:  Dope shit how they had spitta rotating in the background.  #ArtistsSupportingOtherArtists.

Bands a Make Her Dance (Remix)| Juicy J x French Montana x Lola Monroe x Wiz Khalifa x B.O.B


Juicy taylors the remix out of his popular song “Bands a Make Her Dance”.. with a few guest appearances. Who had the best verse? 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Video: Nardwuar x Waka Flocka & Whoo da Kid

What can you tell me about SWV? 
“They Sexy”.  (lol).  

Gotta love Nardwuar.  That guy can find out ANY thing ...about ANY body.  This may have been the best Waka interview I’ve ever seen (s/o to Whoo da kid) for more reasons than one...  
Sn:  You can definitely see that he is Deb’s child here..

Video: M.I.A.| Omarion x Wale

Ah.. Fxck her
I’ont care

MMG finally releases a video for Omarion’s hot single (and one of my shower songs), M.I.A. feat Wale.  This track deserves a lot more radio play than it’s given.  Hopefully, the visual will help boost that.  Check it out:

Photos: Rihanna takes Nude to a different level in GQ Mag's December Issue

If you sexy and you know it…
And ain’t afraid to show it…

Muy Muy caliente.  I just love this cover… and the spread is even better.  As Ms. Fenty gears up for the release of her 7th studio album, UnApologetic (Nov. 19), you can find her all over the place.  Preferably, partaking in hot shoots for Mags.  As if the GQ spread last year (of her bod) wasn’t hot enough, they turned it up another level.  She is certainly slaying in this one.    

Word of the Week... MOROSOPH.

Lately, I’ve been coming across several words in my readings that seem “unusual” .  By that I mean I have never seen them prior to the reading or heard anyone use them.  That lead to this post.  Nothing wrong with expanding your vocabulary and knowledge of words.  Who knows when you may encounter or need to use them.  Here’s the word of this week:

Morosoph: Noun.  A Learned Fool.

Although, the Morosoph speaks foolishness eloquently at staff meetings better than the uneducated, at the end of the day, it is still foolishness.

Try using it in a sentence this week.  

Monday, November 12, 2012

Lines| Big Boi x ASAP Rocky x Phantogram

Trippin while I'm sippin..
Busy fightin' off these demons...

Big Boi releases his fresh new single "Lines" feat. Asap Rocky and Phantogram from his upcoming album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors.  How much doper would this have been if Andre 3k was on it?  I need some new Outkast soon.