Friday, February 27, 2015

{Watch} :: 10 Decades of Black Women's Hairstyles in 60 Seconds ...#BlackHistoryMonth

When I initially drafted this post in January, I had my hair in the displayed ‘90s style’.    
It reaches light today as I specifically saved it for Black History Month- showcasing our incomparable beauty.

100 years of beauty (and counting).  10 decades of black women's hairstyles in 60 seconds. One of the grandest things I’ve seen so far this year. This  vid is a time lapse of model, Marshay Mitchell, getting her hair and makeup done to match every decade from 1910 to 2010.   Produced, Directed, and Edited by ‘’, watch the amazingness after the jump::

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Womens Empowerment Wednesdays :: 10 Year Old Math Prodigy, enrolls into College … #BlackHistoryMonth

Esther Okade is one of the United Kingdom's youngest University students.  The 10-year-old enrolled in Open University 3 weeks ago to study for a math degree.  She is already at the top of her class, scoring 100 percent on a recent test.  

Her mother, Efe, is on her toes as Esther's 6-year-old brother, Isaiah, is following in her footsteps completing calculus and advanced algebra himself.  Amazing.  Shine on little sister ! [and brother :)]

Read more about the Walsall-West Midlands of England family at the Telegraph .

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Puddles | Pretty Ricky

YES.  Baby Blue, Spectacular, SlickEm, and Pleasure P have reunited!  
I immediately reverted back to my college days in 2005 (and 2007) when I couldn't get enough of them.  10 years later from their debut Bluestars album, 'Puddles' offers that same distinct PR feel like they never left; over a simple but sweet knocker production of Skyy's 'Real Love' 
Bluestars 2 is coming soon.  Listen below::

Beast Mode | Jaden Smith x Ta-Ku

"Jaden, you are sick!" 
screw ya medicine...

YO.  Who told lil Jaden to rip this track like that!?  Elite example of 'going in'.  Here's a three record collab with Ta-Ku, all soul, delivered in one as 'Beast Mode'.  Too many quotables for me to even try and note them all. 
"...beat you... and I already did it."  
Just press play:: 

Motivation Mondays :: Changes | 2Pac .... #BlackHistoryMonth

I got love for my brother
but we could never go nowhere unless we share with each other...

We gotta start making changes
Learn to see me as your brother instead  of two distant strangers...

  And that's how it's 'posed to be
How can the Devil take a brother if he's close to me...

..time to heal each other...

...We gotta make a change.  It's time for us as a people to start making some changes.

Brother Pac always spoke that real when he had the chance.  He has a guarded special place in my heart that I normally don't share openly.  If only he was here today.  Gone much too soon.  RIP.

Blood Brothers :: The Game and Jim Jones to release a joint album??

Finally some positive tea on social media after a few days a nonstop fxckery.  Jim Jones posted the above photo with the Game on Instagram, captioned::

2 of America's most wanted at th same time in th same place #CertifiedGansters #TheAlbum comin soon #eastVsWest connect again wait for it

Could this be?  I hope so.  #CertifiedGangsters remade over 10 years later would be tiiight.  If only Jones still had his hair; the Shirley Temples were SICK.  Whether the caption was alluding to something actually in the works or just frivolous wrappage to ruffle our feathers, we still have this classic jammer below to bang...

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Monday, February 16, 2015

{Personal Post} PHOTOS :: The Black Love Experience (Part Deux) 2015 | Washington D.C.

The other weekend, I had the pleasure of attending The Black Love Experience (Part Deux) at the Anacostia Arts Center.  Nubian Hueman Boutique held this stellar event which celebrated black commerce, art, and love.  The weather was beautiful that day.  The event that evening... even more.  There were special treats floated throughout (strawberry shortcake, meatballs, etc.) pop-up shops, live music, a Polaroid booth, relationship workshops, massages, barbers, etc.  Basically, in a nut shell... EVERYTHING ;-).  The turn out was great!  Here's a glimpse into the experience::


I NEED this in my living room like yesterday; the quest to replace the SHHH portrait

Motivation Mondays :: Murder to Excellence | Jay- Z x Kanye West ... #BlackHistoryMonth

The paper read murder....

...Strays from the same shade, nxgha we on the same team...

 ...domino... domino... only spot a few blacks, the higher I go...

...what's the life expectancy for black guys?
the system's working effectively, that's why...

It's time for us to stop and redefine Black Power. 

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Quest/Power | Earl Sweatshirt

My heart cold like the fxckin carrots
in the grocery store...

Only Earl would think of randomly using a scene from the Toxic Avenger film for the artwork.  I'm so here for it.  Here's his latest loosie- a subtle groove produced by Budgie and Samiyam.  Listen below:: 
'I know my Grandma watchin over my soul..."

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Countdown to Pilot Talk 3 :: Watch Currensy's "Cargo Planes" Video

Using this art
as a talk forum...

Another release from Currensy's highly anticipated Pilot Talk 3 album, which he announced will be dropping April 4th ..his Birthday.  Produced by Joey Fatts.  Visual directed by Understream Films.  Check it out:: 
"But she love it.. that's why she does it..."

Sidebar.. same sample used in the cranka 'Centurion' by Earl Sweatshirt.. just a different flip.  They're both nice...

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Women's Empowerment Wednesdays :: Step by Step | Whitney Houston ... #BlackHistoryMonth

...This old road… is rough and ruined
So many dangers.. along the way
So many burdens.. might fall upon me
So many troubles… that I have to face

Oh, but I won’t let… my spirit fail me
Oh, I won’t let… my spirit go
Until I get to… my destination
I’m gonna take it slowly… cause I’m making it mine.

Step by Step
Day by Day
Mile by Mile
Go your own way…

Oftentimes, we lose patience when hardships come our way and want to throw in the towel. Focus your sight on the goal no matter how far away it seems. Humble yourself from the journey and be patient. Keep hope alive. Claim the prize!

Hope your beautiful soul is resting easy. You're missed.
Whitney Houston.
August 9, 1963 - February 11, 2012.

1st Annual Roc City Classic starring Kanye West x Kevin Durant

Just a few days away, this coming NBA All-Star weekend has added new featured events. Not only will the first NBA fashion show be held Saturday courtesy of LeBron James, but RocNation is presenting its first Annual Roc City Classic this Thursday. The classic is set to feature a 45 minute set from Kanye West along with a noted appearance from Kevin Durant. Hosting maybe? The icing on this cake is.... the concert is FREE. However, there IS a catch (mostly always). The tickets have to be WON. See the details for that here. If you aren't one of the chosen few to receive a ticket, you can stream the show live on at 8PM EST Thursday. Watch the promo below::

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Video :: Score | JMSN

Should've loved you more
Should've loved you better
but who's keeping score???...

Reminiscent of a home recorded VHS tape, JMSN and co- director Sebastian Maldonado present the visual for 'Score'- a soulful tune with relatable thoughts of a broken heart. The video brings the already felt lyrics to life- especially with the lo-fi. The JMSN (Blue album) is out now. Let the sax roll...
Watch below::
"I damn near lost my mind, tryna cover up the pain..."

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To Be Real | CyHi the Prynce

And if your so called friends was your fingers
you still couldn't count on em...

Another day another sample. G.O.O.D Music's best kept 'secret' sets free 'To Be Real'; saturated in a faster paced sample of Cheryl Lynn's original track. Just like he did days ago with 'Forever', CyHi sticks with basing his rhymes around the theme of the title alongside telling a story.
Listen below::

CoCo (Remix) | O.T. Genasis x Meek Mill x Young Jeezy

As 'Coco' continues to rotate heavily in clubs across the states, Busta Rhymes' new artist O.T. Genasis extends the track's shine and drops an official remix featuring hitters Meek Mill and Young Jeezy. Genasis even adds a new verse himself. Turn up after the jump::
sn: Pusha T would've KILLED this.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Blacker the Berry | Kendrick Lamar ... #BlackHistoryMonth

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Heart Attack | Gucci Mane x Young Thug

Without knowing the title, it's so easy to mistake him for saying 'hard timmee' on the chorus. lls.  Thugga and Gucci Mane link up again for this mellow slapper produced by. Zaytoven.   
This made its way to my repeat section quickly.  Brick Factory 3 coming soon.  
Listen below:: 
"Make ya shake ya lil bitt' tailfeather..."

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Countdown to Pilot Talk 3 :: Watch Currensy's "Briefcase" Video

Baby text me
let me know you made it in safe...

Spitta gives us a preview of the long awaited 'Pilot Talk 3 ' album with a new music video for the Ski Beatz produced 'Briefcase'.  This one here is literal Audio Dope.  Lol @ the brief compliment intermission. Check it out:: 
"Make sure everybody ate, the whole family straight..."

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Forever | CyHi the Prynce

...When I was one
I knew I was the one
I'm 11...

New loosie from the Prynce.  Over a sample loop of Jodeci's 'Forever' and a surprise sample break mid song ;-), CyHi sticks with the title theme while storytelling street 'chapters'.  
Listen below:: 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Women's Empowerment Wednesdays :: Race Jones | V.Bozeman ...#BlackHistoryMonth

I'm black in your face
and I'm black when you turn your back...

...a work in progress
a work of art...

...I often imagine
My skin being lighter
And the sun shining brighter
My hair being longer
And somewhere I belong to
A house being bigger
And not being a NIGGER

...then it gets in my eyes and I can’t see
And my friends love me so much
That they afraid to say that it ain’t me
But they let me fake it
Because they still need me to make it
Give them a piece of your mind
And not your heart
Because they’ll break it...


The empowerment behind this song AND visual.
Bold. Powerful.
Embrace your heritage. Embrace your BLACKness. Be PROUD.

Side Commentary : Just thought I'd add a few fun facts. For those who watch the new show 'Empire', you may have noticed this is the same singer from the opening episode that chillingly belted out a heart felt tune. She is, also, one of Timbaland's (the music producer) artist. Cee-Lo Green wrote this track. He nailed it.. She EXECUTED it.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Mood :: Deep Fried Frenz | MF DOOM

Video :: Cross the Country | Migos

You a bish
we ain't got nothin to talk about...

While FADER and Migos ' weed shopped in Amsterdam and did a little sightseeing in Paris, a 'musical documentary' was made.  Video/Film directors Shomi Patwary and Scott Perry editing skills with this 6 minute plus vid is sweet.  From the Eiffel Tower to club gigs, take a glimpse into a summary of their trip perfectly fitting Migos' snapper "Cross the Country".
"I want M & Ms... fug the fame..."  

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Wow Factor :: Portraits of Celebrities using ONLY Emoji's by. Yung Jake

 26 years young.  Literally, hours before they announced his death, I was having a conversation with someone about him while we were watching ASAP Rocky's 'Peso' video.  When I heard the news, it hit me in another way ...especially since it was close to Tony's 10th anniversary.  This is a great image.  
R.I.P. ASAP Yams. 

Rae Sremmurd
 ILL.  Artist Yung Jake takes the uber popular keyboard cons that millions use everyday and switches them into a developed form of art.   By using only emoji's, Yung Jake creates celebrity portraits.  Complexitieeees.... these are amaze.  I meant to post this when I first discovered.  
Follow him on instagram and twitter @YungJake.  
Peep his work below:: 


Stream Kali Uchis new 'Por Vida' EP , prod. by. Tyler, the Creator x Alex Epton + more...

Fxck me over
I'll fxck you worse
then take off to Japan...

The only highlight of my day.  Kali Uchis has decided to be oh so generous and release a stream of 'Por Vida' a day earlier.  Why wait? :-)  The project will be officially released for download tomorrow.  9 songs of  soul, reggae, electro pop, and vintage all rolled up in one. 
"That's why I'd rather be a loner..."
 Major rotation already.  Stream after the jump!

01:   Sycamore Tree (Intro)
02:   Call Me | Prod. Tyler, the Creator
03:   Melting | Prod. Alex Epton
04:   Lottery | Prod. Alex Epton
05:   Know What I Want | Prod. Alex Epton
06:   Rush | Prod. Kaytranada & BADBADNOTGOOD
07:   Ridin Round | Prod. Bunx
08:   Speed |  Prod. Tyler, the Creator
09:   Loner | Prod. Caleb Stone 

Video:: FourFiveSeconds | Rihanna x Kanye West x Paul McCartney

*** UPDATE from 1/25 post- Video Added.

All of my kindness
is taken for weakness...

I have been patiently waiting for new music from #R8.  FourFive Seconds appears to be the first official offering (there was a track floating around weeks ago 'said' to be on the album).  
On this, Ye opts for vocals instead of his expected rap persona.  Purchase on iTunes now.  In the meantime, listen to them croon over this folk under toned track about ...well...'spazzing'. 
Sn:  The added braille to the artwork is a nice touch. 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Video :: Givenchy | Rich Gang x Young Thug

Pull up on ya girl
I'm lurkin like a cop...

"...Rest in peace Tamara and Ms. Gladys."  R.I.P. Gma.
My favorite and most played song on the Rich Gang, The Tour: Part 1 mixtape now has a visual :).  Dimly lit, Rich Gang subtly flosses chandeliers, fine dining, bottles galore, and of course.... Givenchy.  Watch below:: 
You can never diss me baby, you know better....

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February 1 :: Shine Your Light on the World ! .. #BlackHistoryMonth

"don't be afraid to let it shine..."
Kicking off Black History Month with a little encouragement.  Umi Says always resonate with my soul. 
 "I want black people to be free..."

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