Friday, September 23, 2011

Favors| Solange Knowles

It's not new in any extent, as you can see below, but it was my first time hearing it and I've bumped it several times today.  Sol' is madly underrated.

No one wants to be with someone who doesn’t care…

Cam'ron DOESN'T Snitch: 60 Minutes Edition

The people that say {snitching} is a bad thing.. I don’t think those are the people buying my albums.
- Cam'ron Giles

Cam' is hilarious
 Oh how I miss him and Jimmy together... they use to crack me up. 
 "Yea there are times when you should talk to the police.  ....... Hey.. How you doin"
 LMAO.  smh. 

s.o. to the LIFEfiles for this archive video.  My laugh of the day lls 

Style and Beauty...

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian are spotted out with their Baby boy, Mason. He is TOO cute.  Looks like a little man.   Stylin on em

Kerry Washington alluded pure elegance at the Emmy Awards this year

I absolutely LOVE this hairstyle.  Get it Solange!  Gorg!

Rimmel London Event

Kate Moss Lipstick Event

Video: Wine & Chocolates| Theophilus London

The "Wine & Chocolates" video from T.London's album, Timez are Weird These Days, dropped yesterday.  He didn't seem too happy about it AT ALL.  London tweeted how upset he was that management put out that "trash" video without his consent etc.  I favorited the tweet and figured Hey I'll post it tomorrow.  Of course... he deleted the tweet -_-.  I guess his publicist told him that wasn't a good look..

It's ok T.  I don't think it's that bad.  I mean..Dope music... dope fashion... and wine. 
 I rock w/ it.

Video: Where You Been?| OJ Da Juiceman

My closest and a few others know that I rock with OJ' HARD.  Obviously NOT for lyrical content lol.... BUT... his music just gives me a general mood.  Like I don't think about ANYthing when I'm listening to him...puts me at peace.  Just rockin to the music.

OJ dropped a new video the other day.  I HATE that you can spot a Lex Luger beat 15-20 secs into a song.  Nevertheless, it still rocks.  The Black and White picture was a good look too.

RIP Vesta Williams...

Singer, Vesta Williams, was found dead in her hotel room in California.  Causes of the death have not been reported yet.  My aunt use to listen to her all the time when I was younger :-/  Just when things started to look up again for Vesta... sigh.....  She was 53 years old..{ check around the 2:15 mark.  Although reports have stated 48}

To read more.. click HERE

My condolences/prayers go out to her family and friends..

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Summer....Au Revoir

Today is the last day of summer.  In lieu of that... It's only right I chose two of the dopest to pay tribute to summer and to say farewell ... I the FALL.  #AutumnBaby

I'm gonna miss sun bathing by the water... and "frolicking"..


I be over shxt {summer}... bring on the fall..

Afros get searched too... TSA edition

I heard about this on the radio this morning during the commute to the Plantation and wondered "Damn.. I wonder what her hair looks like".

Fortunately, a video surfaced on the net.  If you haven't heard already.... Isis Brantley, a 53-year-old hairstylist from Dallas, was stopped in the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport by TSA.  They claimed they needed to check her hair for explosives.

Now i will admit... she can hide a whole bunch of shxt in there.. and with today's day and age.. I kinda understand where they are coming from about stopping her (although they went about it the wrong way)... but my question is..
 Do they stop EVERYone with Big hair??  For instance... if Dolly Parton... Teyana Taylor.. or even Nicki Minaj with some of her crazy big wigs walked through there.. would they stop them?? 

Frank Ocean interview with Angie Martinez...

Throughout my childhood… success was a pre conceived notion..- Frank Ocean

I was able to catch the clip of the Frank Ocean Interview on Hot 97.  It was pretty interesting...his reserve attitude adds great mystery.  I'm super excited about the album. 
LOL @ Him showing Angie his "medical card."

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Video: Yes| Musiq Soulchild

Not too long ago, Musiq Souldchild announced his new role as an ambassador for Susan G. Komen for the Cure’s circle of Promise, a movement designed to further engage black women around the globe in the fight against breast cancer. 

In lieu of that, the video for “Yes” focuses on Breast Cancer and even includes women from the Atlanta Metro area who are breast cancer survivors.

This video is BEAUTIFUL....I love Musiq Soulchild.

I’m dedicated to what we have…

s.o. to ConcreteLoop

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Capital Custom

I was at my co-workers fight party (Mayweather vs Ortiz) last weekend.  Once the fight began… a few of us were up close by the tv politicking.. talkin shxt… and offering our own personal commentary.  I didn’t hear the song Mayweather came out to, so I asked the guy laying on the floor lls.  He says he didn’t hear it either, so  I told him I’d ask someone.  He immediately said “what you on twitter?” Lol.  He was already hip.  Needless to say… after the follow/follow back protocol… I received a tweet in reference to my blogspot.  Who knew he was involved with Capital Custom. 
sn:  I never did find out what song mayweather came out to.  TL loafed. 

 Homeboy does his thing.  Peep the fashions below. 

Rich Boy

Lil Wayne

I have to get that last shirt. lls

To check out more.. Click HERE

DayToday Episode: Wiz Khalifa Birthday

Normally I am GOOD with remembering birthdays... I forgot to make a direct post for his though.  We're the same age... so I know I won't forget next year.

In the previous post addressing wedding rumors, it was said that Wiz and Amber were married on his birthday.  In the episode below, you see the tux's laid out ready to wear.  Now... a later source DID say that they were dressed up for Wiz's birthday party... solely.  There was no wedding involved.  However.. neither Wiz or Amber confirmed that either.  It's still up in the air to me.  With the "evidence" lls being shown in the video... either or could be true.  Shxt.  It really doesn't matter.  Wiz was acting silly as usual and everyone seemed to be having a ball.  #GoodTimes were at hand

Sn:  Watch how everyone towards the end of the video tries to give a warm thank you to Wiz... but you can't get pass how zooted they are lls.  Peep.

Stay tuned for part 2 and 3 of this {Birthday} segment.

s.o to AshleyO.

Final Round: Ray J vs Fabolous

Does this mean Ray is throwing in the towel?  By the way things were going... I think that may have been best before it got too serious.  Let's hope this is my last post about this and the "beef" is squashed. 

They should just be friends again #shrug

@RayJ Wasnt Lying About Letting Fabolous Borrow His Lambo. Fabs Admits It In This Footage.

Kid Cudi really is a COMPLEX dude...

This shit has never been about the money for me- Cudi

Kid Cudi graces the COMPLEX mag cover, yet again, for the new October/November issue.  Peep an excerpt from the interview below.

At the top of the year you seemed to be spending a lot of time in New York with Kanye

I was at another place, another dark place.  me and my girl had broken up.  I wasn't fully healed yet and being around Kanye' and music was my escape.  He's a sober guy.  He has a drink every once in a while, but seeing how he throws himself into the studio when he's stressing about someting... I totally admire that.  Being around that was therapy for me

Say what you want about Cudi... but this dude is Real.  There's no way to deny that.

To read more of this interview... click HERE

*depending on your computer.. there may be a delay before the video plays.

Round Two: Fab vs Ray J

That whole Tupac rant...

After yesterday's rant.. many didn't think Fab would respond.  Au contrar.  He decided to call into the same radio station, Power 105, that night during DJ Clue's segment and tell his side of the story:

"That wasn't Willie Norwood Jr. who called in"- Fab

Monday, September 19, 2011

Shoegasm: Jordan 4 "Doernbecher"

The images of the Jordan 4 Doernbecher's are released!  Designed by a child in the Doernbecher Children's Hospital, these kicks will hit stores this December of this year.  Proceeds will go to charity.
I'll post the exact date as the info. comes in. 

I'm feelin these.  Fresh.

Happy Birthday Jay Electronica!

Timothy "Jay Electronica" Thedford turns 34 today. 
 Happy Birthday to you !
-xoxo Dolcezza

My homeboy use to bump this song constantly when it first dropped. I know one part specifically lol

Recap: NY Fashion Week 2011 Highlights

One year... I am going to GO.  We had a "Fashion Night Out" here in Georgetown that I would have loved to attend.  Unfortunately, I was under the weather terribly at the time AND it was raining that day #Bummer

Here are the highlights {My personal picks} of the "Fashion Week" in NY this year. 
sn: My girl Angela Simmons shows out!

Angela Simmons


Chanel Iman

Solange Knowles

Theophilus London

Shay Mitchell

'Ye... Cudi...

Selita Ebanks, the hubby Big Sean, Estelle, Corinne Bailey Rae

Designer: Alexander Wang

Angela Simmons

Designer: Betsey Johnson


Aubrey O'Day, Rachel Roy

Designer: L.A.M.B.


Designer: Herve Leger

Angela Simmons

Designer: Karen Walker


Designer: Betsey Johnson

Designer: Sherry Hill

Designer: Richard Chai

Angela Simmons

Designer: J.Crew

Angela Simmons, Kelly Osbourne