Friday, December 30, 2011

The Votes are In: Top 5 Albums of 2011?

The year's almost over!  I took the liberty of asking my fellow counterparts a survey of what they thought were the Top 5 albums of the 2011 year.  It was interesting to see everyone’s view!  Here's a few of the responses....



3.  Un-Dun- The Roots
4.  Ambition- Wale ..."To me the production was way better than J Cole"
5.  Cole World: Sideline Stories- J. Cole




3.Finally Famous- Big Sean
4. Ambition- Wale
5.  Take Care- Drake



3.  Finally Famous- Big Sean
4.  Cole World: Sideline Stories- J.Cole
5.  Carter 4- Lil Wayne


His list faced alterations immediately after Jeezy album dropped lol


3. Take Care- Drake
4.  Cole World: Sideline Stories- J Cole
5.  Finally Famous- Big Sean



2. .
3.  Ambition- Wale
4.  Maybach Music Group Presents: Self Made, Vol.1
5. No number five for him.  What he listed was disqualified by lack of information ctfuu


Fife, like myself, was the only one who thought a mixtape should get some shine as if it were an album.  A rule breaker.. which is why he's my pal.


3. Watch the Throne- Jay-Z|Kanye West 
  4. N/A
5. N/A


And last, but not least,... MY LIST.  Now, I did not have a specific order.  This was solely because ALL put me in a different zone and give me a different feel.  I like them all for different reasons.  As I mentioned above... I, also, chose to give a few mixtapes some shine.  I felt they had potential to be classic albums, in my book... just like Kush x OJ.  So with that being said... here are MY top 5 albums of 2011....


A great year for music this was.  Until next year...
xoxo!  I'll leave you all with this!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Video: YMCMB MMG| Cory Gunz feat Meek Mill

I'll make it 2012 with a number dial...

About effin time!  I played this ridiculously over the summer and drove erratic to it each time.  What a surprise to see the visuals being dropped JUST now -_-.  Well.. I guess better late than never.  It's still my shxt tho.

s.o. to theNQM

Happy Birthday Pimp C...

Smoke Sumn' Bxtch...

The late Pimp C, Chad Lamont Butler, would have been 38 today. Time to pull out the classics one time.  Here's a few of my  fav's.. 


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lob City (Rack City Remix) | Tyga

LA.. you ‘ont know who you playin wit!?

Obviously… I was under a rock recently because I JUST heard Rack City for the first time like a week and a half ago.  Smh.  It’s been my shiiiit ever since.  Apparently, Tyga is puttin’ on for the Clippers this season.  #LobCityBxtch

s/o to the homies at theNQM

Keep It Gee| Big Sean feat. 2 Chainz

My life is nothin’ but a G thang…

Last week… I saw link posts to Sean’s new song, Keep It Gee.  Shortly after, I saw tweets from him saying that it was NOT the official version and the song was NOT finished yet.   Out of respect for my bew, I decided not to post.  Until now… He tweeted the link yesterday announcing the “official” version.  I love this one.  Can’t wait for the new album.  #IDoIt….#Boi

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kanye West presents.... Giveaway

The boi Yeezy continues his VOYR saga with his latest ..GIVEAWAY 

There Is No Competition: Death Comes In 3's| Fabolous

Fab drops a new mixtape just in time for the new year..

BARS for days...

Slaughterhouse Freestyle on HOT 97

Slaughterhouse on Hot 97.... pun intended
Sheesh!  They never disappoint.  What a treat to come in this morning and hear this...

Btw... Royce kills it. 

Part Un

Part Deux

Big Sean/Rick Ross 'The SOURCE' cover... plus No Church in the Wild freestyle

The SOURCE mag decides to wrap up 2011 with a double cover of this year's hottest...

Rick Ross

And.. The Love of my Life... Big Sean. 

I'll def be copping an issue for me (specifically the one directly above)

In more Rick Ross news... Ricky & Meek decide to take their stab at Hov & Yeezy's, No Church in the Wild. 

I can rock wit' it...

Listen Below:

Just in case you have been hiding under a rock this year.... he's the original:


Video: Martians vs Goblins| The Game x Lil' Wayne x Tyler the Creater

I’m surprisingly a fan of most of Tyler’s music.  His feature on here was only right…#Butchery.  This would’ve been great to drop around Halloween, but I guess The Game had other things in mind.

Although, he only pens the hook, I wonder why Lil’ Wayne wasn’t in the video o_O He normally appears in the vids of all his features. 

 Hmm… nevertheless.. here’s another single/visual from the R.E.D album. 

Kelis Embodies.. 'HUNGER'

She's Baaacckk! 

Recently, a wild and eccentric photo op Kelis, goes back to displaying her high fashion & classic side in the current issue of HUNGER magazine.  She looks amazing!  Expect to hear new music from K.. VERY... soon. 

Video: Say It To My Face| Ludacris feat. Meek Mill

Told another nxgga...
So he told another nxgga...
and it got around…

In continuance of promoting his mixtape: 1.21 Gigawatts… back to the first time.. and probably the “beef” publicity.. Luda drops the visuals for “Say It To My Face”… … a diss track to member of Field Mob, Shawn Jay, as well as a few subliminals. 

I think this vid is WAY better than the one he dropped for the first diss track, Badaboom Simplistic… but Dope.  I like the tone it sets.  Fits perfect with the song.  Take a looksee…

4 Tears| Frank Ocean.... Play the Guitar| B.O.B. ft. Andre 3000

New treats dropped for the holidays :-)

I don't cry cause them days are gone...
4 Tears| Frank Ocean

Why the world sleepin' on black girls??  Hey I don't know man.
Play the Guitar| B.O.B feat. Andre 3000

My Christmas was....

Christmas 2011

First off... I hope everyone who celebrates had a great Christmas!  Those who don't... I hope you had a great day!

Normally... The holidays (thanksgiving and especially christmas) bring my mood down.  I'm more of a grinch, although I find joy in buying my family tons of presents, and scrooge etc.  But surprisingly.. this year.. It was completely different.  I had been like that the entire month...however... when the 23rd came and I made my FIRST trip to the store for presents (lol)... the joy of buying the gifts got me in the spirit some.

My family isn't normally around each other, contrary to belief, the entire day of Christmas.  It's a little different from most traditional families.  To my surprise... this year was completely different.  After church service... I went back to my parent's to give the gifts etc.  Nothing made me happier than to see the look on my brother's face when he opened the bag and saw his pair of Concords.  He felt they were impossible to get with the foolishness this year surrounding them.. but I surprised him greatly.  That made me happy.  My mom and dad were both happy with their presents.  It went totally well.

Family I hadn't seen in years came over to my house for christmas breakfast, after I left my parents'.  We actually ended up having a family christmas dinner later.  I received my best surprise soon after that was over and I returned home, that I would have never expected.  I was completely overwhelmed with the day.  It was absolutely wonderful.  I am overly greatful that.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Women's Empowerment Wednesdays...

And you'd like to find a way...
to show the things that words can't say...

In lieu of all holidays this time of year...
Give back.  Make someone smile.  Give Love. 
I don't think we, as women, sometimes realize how important we are and how much we affect other's lives.  Make a difference this week.  Stay beautiful Ladies :-)  Happy Holidays!

N***as in Paris.... Subway style

Morning laugh..

Monday, December 19, 2011

Breathe Again| Cassie

It's like the..
Sky was...
A brand new blue...

My babe Cassie drops another a new one over the weekend... Breath Again

s.o. to theJasmineBrand

CHURCH .....presented by Kanye West

My man rockin them kilts..

Two Words: Humble Pie

sn:  Special treat for me around the 1:08 mark :)

Chanel Iman covers Wall Street Journal Mag

I had to post this. She looks FLAWLESS.
See more shots here..

Machine Gun| Charlie Baltimore ft. Sally Anthony

Remember 90s rapper... Charli Baltimore???

Well... it seems in 2011, she hasn't lost her passion for the studio.  Charli returns RANDOMLY with a new track {and look}.. entitled.."Machine Gun".  Thoughts?? 


s.o. to AllHipHop

Video: California| Wiz Khalifa

The boi young Khalifa drops a new one.
...from the Taylor Allderdice mixtape
 coming soon....

Chris Brown directs Wale x Big Sean "Slight Work" video...

I kept seeing shots from the set on my TL all weekend. I can't wait to see the outcome of this.

Peep the footage below:

Get More: Music News

All work.... Some Play :-)

After the work week I had... I DEF. needed to unwine.  So glad these events helped me do that over the weekend.  They were right on time!

Georgetown Cupcakes


Free promo lol

Wale performs again in closing

Autograph Line