Friday, March 30, 2012

Video: Party Heart| Stalley x Rick Ross

Ketel One and Sprite…

This is my jaaaammmmm.

Stalley releases the visual for "Party Heart", a track first heard off Rozay's mixtape.. Rich Forever.


Download Stalley's new mixtape, Savage Journey to the American Dream HERE

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Staircases| Buddy x Kendrick Lamar (Prod. by Pharrell)

But I’m still tryna take it to another level…

Pharrell’s new artist, Buddy, debuted this track with Kendrick Lamar at this year’s SXSW festival.  They’ve just released the mastered version this week.  Oh Joy.  I likes this one…

Video: Kill the Lights | The Dream x Casha

After just releasing the single a few weeks ago, the Dream wasted no time to put out the visuals to accompany it. 
 Peep the new vid below:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Video: Tears on My Pillow| Goapele

Goapele releases her new joint.
Great music...

Take It Off (Dim the Lights)| Theophilus London cover...

How excited I was to hear that T.London covered {one of my favs} one of  Pharrell's classic tracks, off his In My Mind album.  I just knew it was going to be dope.

Women's Empowerment Wednesdays...

Life has a funny way..
Of sneaking up on you...
Life has a funny way...
Of helping you out...

Things may seem pure shit right now, but you never know what the major blessing is behind them all.  Stay strong.  It'll all make sense in the end.  In the meantime… listen to some Alanis to put it in perspective.
Have a great week loves.  Xoxo.

I Really Mean It/ Goblin Freestyle| A$ap Rocky

You can never go wrong with the Dips' "I Really Mean It" beat.  Never.  Rocky dropped some bars last week on DJ Mk and Shortee Blitz UK radio show, on KISS FM.  Take a listen.  It's worth it.   

s.o. to XclusiveZone

Video: Home Run| Chevy Woods x Wiz Khalifa.

It’s loyalty…
When will you nxggas learn..

New Video. Nice Job Chevy.

Video: The Band??..Kanye & The Voyr saga continues...WTT

*Diddy voice... I thought I told ya that we won't stop

Just when you thought it was over... MONTHS later... another Voyr episode surfaces for the Watch the Throne project.  This time around.. the band gets some personal shine. 

Video: Refill| Elle Varner

Can I get a refill...
Of your touch...

Newcomer, Elle Varner, gives us a new single/video for her track "Refill".  I LOVE this song!  The story line of the video is cool too {since most videos don't go with the song nowadays -_-}.  Her shorty in the video is some serious eye candy too.  Sheesh.  This is an all- around win. 

*Continues to repeat song.

Pharrell experiments with hair color...

It seems Mr. Skateboard P has pulled a "Willow Smith".  It wasn't too long ago,  that you saw Willow with Green hair as well as Pharrell 

 Fast forward to today.. the LIFEfiles has a picture around of Pharrell with new Blonde hair { Willow, also,  dyed her hair blonde last week).     I'm not sure how the blonde looks completely with that hat off... but from this picture alone..I'm kinda diggin it. 

Video: The Best Thing I Can Be| Terrace Martin

Another pleasant track by Terrace. 
This one is prod. by Hi-Tek. 

Dame Dash's lawyer responds to lawsuit allegations...

In the midst of the stirring Currensy lawsuit against Dame Dash...
Dash's camp releases a statement...

s.o. to theLIFEfiles 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'm Rollin| Meek Mill

According to my homie over at Ash O. , LA Leakers, Justin Credible, debuted Meek’s new track on Power 106 last night.  I got a feeling this mixtape is gonna be just as good as the first one.  Sheesh.
Dreamchasers 2 drops April 24th!

Video: She Did It| Fabolous

Better late than never...
Fab drops a visual for a track off his TINC3 mixtape that dropped last winter. Was it what you expected? 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Cassie's version of "Cribs".... Closet Edition.

As if my fascination with Cassie wasn't bad enough already...

VOGUE Italia decides to take a tour of her Closet.  I've seen her living room already from a twitpic a few years back which exudes fashion sense {I can imagine the rest of her pad}, but this closet has me in awe.  Only one can dream...

Murda Bizness | Iggy Azalea x T.I.

Hit the club..
Wit Bad Bxtches..
Stack of Hunnids..
Bunch of Fifties..

Now that her Iggy's buzz is getting stronger... If you haven't listened before, she's sure to catch your attention with this one. With a catchy ass hook and raw delivery... she definitely has a club banger with this one.  Listen here:

Every Time| Ameriie

One of my favorite artists.   This lady has had some  great albums, however...  she's highly slept on.  Amerie has stepped off the scene for a while.  Now she's  back with an extra "i" in her name AND a new single.  Check it out below:

s.o. to theJasmineBrand

Video: DayToday (SXSW Edition)| Wiz Khalifa x Taylor Gang

His footage is always entertaining.  
Peep the DayToday episode of the Taylor Gang crew during the SXSW festival..

Motivation Mondays...

{Unlike the norm... no track today}

Count your many blessings..
And you’ll soon lose count.


Video: Campfire of '68| Dave Raps

Shine for a real nxgga...

He promises {on twitter}... and delivers.  Not a bad track yet.  Here's a new one from Dave Raps.. 
AKA Dave Ruffin coming soon... 

Schoolboy Q presents... "The Groovy Tour"

What I've been waiting for!  Schoolboy Q announces his tour dates for "The Groovy Tour".  See if he's coming to a city near you!  To all my DMV folk, he'll be here on 4/29 @ the 9:30 club.  I'm IN there. 

Thanks AshO.

Curren$y suing Dame Dash? For 1.5 Mil??

This is so weird to hear this news this morning.. considering I had a dream last night that Hov was performing “A Billi” (directly in front of me) and Dame Dash (I know right) decides to throw money.  Well I caught the whole stack (approximately 5 stacks) and they made me give it back since I didn’t let it fall on the floor.  I was pissed like what kind of foolishness was that.  Then I woke up smh.  I gotta chill on the cupcakes late at night.  Anyway… back to the matter at hand

According to TMZ, Shante’ Franklin, better known as Currensy, filed a lawsuit against Damon “Dame” Dash. Currensy makes claims that Dash has used his albums without his permission: 

This COULD get messy.  Yikes.  Stay tuned...

Video: Loud| Mac Miller

She just need tuition...

I'm glad he dropped a video for this one {Another banger from Mac}.  
Download Macadelic  now...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Big Sean!!!

Today is my Future Husband... aka.. My Young Joint... aka Love of My Life..aka.. (you get my drift) Birthday!!


Not only did MTVJams show mad love playing his videos... Sean retweeted a special video made by his fans wishing him a Happy Gday...

As much as I wish I could have sent him some cupcakes or something for his bday.. I couldn't.  All I could do was make a simple post expressing my love with the millions of others.  Normally.. I just play their music all day to celebrate their birthday.. I intend to do that too!  Let's celebrate!  Happy 24th  Birthday to Sean Michael Anderson. 
Love You! :-*

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Video: ASAP Rocky/Mob x Nardwuar

This was such a entertaining interview.  Hilarious lol. 
Learn fun facts about Rocky and the Crew..

Side-Commentary:  It's very clear..Nardwuar took "doing your homework" to a WHOLE 'NOTHER LEVEL.  #Respect.

s.o. to HERfection

Video: Top Notch Material Girls| Tabi Bonney

Found on Bonney's The Summer Years album..

Another lovely Ski Beatz production.  I love Tabi's videos.  They're always outside of the "norm". #Dope.

Streetknock| Swizz Beatz x A$ap Rocky

Top row full of gold material...

I ain't gone front....I saw Rocky's name and that was the only reason I looked into this (No shade to Swizz).  Needless to say... He killed it.  Check out Streetknock below prod. by araabMUZIK, off of Swizz's upcoming mixtape...

Video: The City| The Game x Kendrick Lamar

Mothafxck yo' feelings..

The newest visual off the Game's R.E.D. album..
There's NO doubt Kendrick killed that shit. Acapella.

Cassie CLAM's it up...

The lovely Cassie covers the new edition of CLAM mag..

She looks gorg as usual.  Peep some behind the scene footage here:

s.o. to NecoleB.

Sunroof x Stainless x No Squares | Curren$y

New Currensy Shxt...and I must say...they are ALL absolute #crankage.  Listen to 3 new tracks below from the Stoned Immaculate... set to drop in June.

s.o. to Ash0.

Video: A$ap Rocky on his debut album, LongLiveA$ap

I fux w/ this dude.  SoulCulture TV gets an exclusive interview on details of Rocky's anticipated debut album, LongLiveA$ap, along with some other info.  

Side-Commentary:  He could've still denied that he wasn't producing on this album.  HE's actually the one who ruined the surprise lol. #IJS.

s.o. to SoulCulture TV

Video: Lean Wit It| Meek Mill

Off MMG's sophomore compilation album...Self Made Vol. II

I didn't like this when I first heard it, but nowadays it has some potential.  Regardless...Meek is a problem, man.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Video: Sabotage| Wale x Lloyd

I know Lloyd did it for a good cause.. but I REALLY miss his hair L
On a positive note…I think I’ll really like this song in time.  Wale took it to 106 and Park to debut the video for his new track, Sabotage, yesterday.  Peep the vid below:

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Video: I Swear to God| Rick Ross

I levitate on all these p***y nxggas…

Another cut from his RICH FOREVER mixtape.. Ross drops another visual.  I tried to tell ya’ll yesterday… them MMG boys WORK. 

Video: Odd Future shoots 'Oldie' during a Photo Shoot

Odd Future..being Odd Future.. decided to do an impromptu video for “Oldie”, a track off the OF Tape Vol. 2  that dropped today, during a photo shoot with Terry Richardson  I liked this song in particular so much because it reminded me of an old Wu track.  In NO WAY shape or form am I comparing the group’s musical talents or personalities to that of Wu-Tang… However.. the way that everyone jumps on the track, just like the Wu camp reminded me of it.  #Shrug.
And yes... That's EARL ;-)

Check the footage below:

S.o. to the LIFEfiles

SXSW 2012... feat Nas, Kendrick Lamar, ASAP Rocky, Currensy & more..

Oh how I wish I could have been there!
 I know it was SUPER dope.

Here are a few highlights of my favs that attenders of the SXSW Festival in Austin, TX {music segment: March 13- 18} captured.

The OF Tape ..Vol. 2.

(Double Cover)
It still boggles my mind to this day.. how I became a fan of the OF camp.  Initially… when I first heard their music.. I had the extreme side eye and hated it.  Who ever thought that I would have actually been excited to receive an official copy of the album days before today (the actual release date).  Again..Shout out to Jeff and Miguel at Soles Inc.

Any who… I was quite pleased with what I heard.  The beats are DEFINITELY there.. and I must say.. surprisingly.. the lyrics seem a bit more “polished” (for lack of a better word).  If you have listened to their music prior to this… then you will have full understanding of what I mean.  In other words... it’s like they are not just saying things for attention or shock value.. but they are actually going in.  Now don’t get me wrong… there are PLENTY of WTF moments… but this is one of those.. that I have popped the cd in the whip and haven’t removed it.  The tape goes.  If you dare… the OF Tape Vol. 2 is available on iTunes and Amazon.

Btw….I haven’t determined my fav. Tracks yet… but I’ll get back with you ;-).  Stay tuned.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Tats on My Arm| Gunplay


Ok so with my last post...I'm looking for my other post I made in February with this video.  I couldn't locate it...then I realized why .. I was still saved as a DRAFT and never posted -___________-.  Originally set for 2.29.12 .... I published it today.
Here's a new one from Gunplay. 
This is one of those videos that the concept throws you off guard.  It’s not expected.  And you’re on edge waiting to see how it all plays out…

B*tches Aint Shxt| Gunplay

Them MMG boys WORK!  They drop videos like flies...consistently.  I respect the hustle.  However...Here's a new one from Gunplay off Bogota Rich: The Prequel.  #Crankage.

Faded| Tyga x Lil Wayne

Tyga releases another visual for a track off his, Careless World, album.  Potentially another club banger if I must say so myself...

Side-commentary:  Yea...the MTVJams emblem caught me off guard too lls

Warning Shot| MGK x Cassie

Solely bc of my love for Cass'...I decided to give this track a shot #NoPunIntended. 
Here's a new track off Machine Gun Kelly's Upcoming Mixtape "Half Naked & Almost Famous",which releases tomorrow.  Take a listen below...

Video: Brainstorm| Wiz Khalifa

Mr. Khalifa releases a visual for a track from his new mixtape, Taylor Allderice.  If you haven't downloaded it're missing out!  It definitely is Dope.

{Personal Post} Photos :: Vacation...

Hey loves!  I was away on a wonderful ..and RELAXING... vacation.  I'm back expect more posts.  Pics coming soon! ;-)


*UPDATE... (as specific order tho)