Monday, January 30, 2012

Ca$h & My Cutty| Stalley

They can smell you from a distance when your pockets loaded…

New Stalley track prod. By SkiBeatz. #RidinMusic

Motivation Mondays...

My nxgga just lost his son..
While I’m here hugging on my daughter..

I had another song in mind for today’s motivation Mondays… but I just heard some news that made me change all of that.  I just found out an old classmate of mine’s mom passed away.  Even if I’m not necessarily close with the person… it saddens my heart to hear anyone lose a parent or child.  If you’re upset about anything… and still have your loved ones breathing and kicking.. be Grateful.  Be thankful. 

Stay Blessed…

Video: Walk Away | Olivia

No matter how hard I try...
I cant' walk away...

Love and hip hop reality star/singer Olivia.. releases a new video/single called "Walk Away".  If you watch the show... you may have seen her perform this live on one of the episodes. 

s.o. to NecoleBitchie

Video: CockNSpit| Jim Jones

 LOL.  Jimmy has always cracked me up.  In this track.. he takes a stab at Rihanna's "Cockiness (I luv it)" {one of my guilty pleasures} with his own version.  I'm sure the guys will like this one lls.


Voodoo| Frank Ocean

Candles in the sun...

Lawd.. I wish Frank would drop an album soon.  His voice mesmerizes me. #Talent.  Here's a new one he dropped over the weekend:

Fyi... It's mad short.. so don't get too excited lls

Video: Nightmare on Figg Street| Schoolboy Q

You must be crayyyy

One of my fav. cuts off Habits and Contradictions. Q releases the official vid for Nightmare on Figg St. Too hard.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Rack City Remix| Tyga x Wale x Fabolous x Meek Mill x Jeezy x T.I.

I be countin money til' I pass out...

I love this beat.. so I don't mind the constant remixes. On this star-studded remix.. If you didn't like the song.. you should now . Werd. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Video: Oh Gee La| Wiz Khalifa x Juicy J x Lola Monroe

Married to the Money..

I’ll admit.  Monroe is growing on me.  I ji fux w/ her.  Here a new one from the Taylor Gang crew to the original “fu-gee-la” track. 

Pod Post Thursdays: Tomorrow | Sean Rose x AJA x Shawnna

Tonight you gotta live with regrets….


This one definitely caught my eye once I saw it was produced by the J.U.S.T.I.C.E league (Member Cam to be exact).  I’m a fan of their beats.  With that being said.. and the elements contained on the actual track… it was only right it made #PPT.

s.o. to AshleyO

No Church in the Wild freestyle| Joe Budden

Ppl worried about drake and common…
 I’m concerned w. nxggas having fake in common… 

Oh the excitement.. when I saw Joey tweet the other day that he laid a few bars over this track.  When I finally heard it today… I was far from disappointed.  He always pulls through.    

Video: LA Dreamen| Terrace Martin

We Boutique shoppin…

Terrace releases his newest video off Locke High 2... 
Man I can’t wait to go to LA…

Video: Wassup| A$ap Rocky

I be that pretty muthafxcka...

 {If you peep all the movie influences..} this video is too dope.  Rock' releases another visual from his Live.Love.A$ap Mixtape.  I've been bumpin this mixtape for almost three months now.. and I'm nowhere near tired of it

**Anyone in the DMV area... see A$ap LIVE at the Baltimore soundstage.. Tuesday, February 7th.  #YouKnow!

Sweet... Update.

I haven’t been able to post and it has been killing me! LOL.  It’s when the opportunity is taken “away” that you miss it the most.  Time to play catch up!  Muah :-*

Xoxo Dolcezza

Friday, January 20, 2012

Video: That Could be Us| Maino x Robbie Nova

No matter what others have said.. I've always liked this guy.  Maino shows his softer side in the visuals for his new single… That Could Be Us.

Video: Hands on the Wheel| Schoolboy Q x A$ap Rocky

Schoolboy Q is having thebest week ever” on my blog lol.  What a great delight to see the official visuals for Hands on the WheelThis is my shiiiiiiiat.

s.o. to AshleyO

Stay Schemin' Freestyle| Lola Monroe

I don’t wanna hear what you gon’ do
What you done currently?

First lady of Taylor Gang takes a stab at the Stay Schemin’ beat.  I must admit.. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first.. but I’m glad I pressed play.  Homegirl represented.  Dolcezza Approved. 

#DMV stand up.

President Obama sings "Let's Stay Together"

I Just absolutely my President. This is CLASSIC.
Peep President Obama below singing his rendition of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together"...

RIP Etta James

Blues/R&B singer Etta James loses her battle with leukemia at the age of 73.  She is survived by her son, Donto James.  With classic tunes such as, At Last, All I could is Cry, I'd Rather go Blind etc.. she will definitely be missed... but NEVER forgotten.  Her music has touched MANY across the world. 

Here's one of my ABSOLUTE favorite's...

RIP Etta

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The SOURCE presents...: UnCovered with Big Sean

What a delight to my day...

The SOURCE mag highlights the behind the scenes footage of Big Sean for their 250th Issue.

What a coincidence.  I just brought Sean's cover edition yesterday. :-)  Peep the video below:

Cop the magazine on a stand near you !

Pod Post Thursdays: There He Go | Schoolboy Q


Fxckin is my favorite word...
Reason why I'm fxckin her...


I was already in a trance with boy's lyrics when I heard him on A$ap Rocky song, Brand New Guy ( my fav. Verse). Q's new mixtape, Habits and Contradictions, released last weekend. That thang is RIDICULOUS! It's one of those.. I had to stop listening for a while after the second day so I wouldn't get tired of it. Otherwise... I'd be bumpin it straight all month.

This song came out a while ago last year.. but Q featured it on his new mixtape.. and it still cranks.. so I figured hey what the hell... why not give it a post.

A$AP Rocky covers Dazed and Confused Mag...

The boi A$ap Rocky covers the February '12 edition of Dazed and Confused magazine. Rocky's buzz is growing bigger and bigger by the day. Stay tuned for excerpts from this interview...

His Pain| BJ The Chicago Kid feat. Kendrick Lamar

I'on know why he keep blessin me...

This is definitely fit for Motivation Mondays... but hey it's my blog... so I'll suit this as a Motivation Thursdays…shxt let’s throw Womens’ Empowerment Wednesdays in for that matter.  Roll them all in one.  This applies to every one.  I’ve loved BJ’s voice from the first moment I heard it last year.  Him and Kendrick make beautiful music together.  This song is DEEP.  If you’re feeling down about ANY thing in your life… just think about all the good.  I guarantee this song will give you a great slice of humble pie. Look out for BJ’s new mixtape Pineapple Now-Laters.. set for release on Valentine’s day as well. 

Hearing this made my day.  Made me smile….

Video: Fly By| Ski Beatz feat. Curren$y

Neighborhood.. Beautification..

I love how Spitta can talk about ANYTHING on a track and it still sound dope. Feast your eyes on the visuals for Fly By. A track off Ski Beatz up coming album, 24 Hour Karate School Presents: Twilight. Set to drop, Valentine's day.

Video: Thank You| Estelle

The lovely Estelle drops the visuals for her newest single... Thank You
Do you recognize this sample? 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


In support of fighting against the SOPA & PIPA acts ... Addiction will be on a blackout hold today..

Care about your freedom on the internet too?  ... learn more here. 


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Theophilus London presents... Tour de Roses LVRS LIFE part 1

T. London kicks off his new vlog series in focus of his Tour de Roses.  This video captures Cleveland, OH.

Sn:  Just remembered I need to purchase my ticket for the DC show..

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hands on the Wheel| Schoolboy Q x A$ap Rocky

You heard me right...

I'm finally at the laptop where I can post this!  Schoolboy Q x A$ap Rocky do it again!  This song takes me to a whole new level...

Aaliyah... Happy 33rd Born Day

Today... we celebrate the life of the talented and beautiful Aaliyah. She would have been 33 today. Here's two of my favs...

Sigh…Another life taken too soon #RIP

Word on the street is... A$ap Rocky is taken??

There is buzz stirring around Australian rapper, Iggy Azalea and if there’s a “relationship” with her and rapper A$ap Rocky. 

 According to Complex Mag, she told VIBE,I love him and that’s all there is to it. We have our own thing going on and I’m not the only one that got the tattoos. I’ll tell you that {laughs}..I’m just the only one with it on my fingers!”.

She, also, said that if she was approached for a date… she’s answer …”I’d have to say that I’m taken”.


The tattoo, to me {above}, with his mixtape title was enough suspect for me.. but this def. confirms it. I fux wit Rocky.. and I like her tunes too.. They make a dope couple to me.. Cute.

If you don’t know who Iggy is… get hip. Here’s one of her songs below:

7 years later....RIP Tony

*Sigh. One of the roughest days of the year for me. I don’t speak too often to others about this… nor go into detail.. I don’t think anyone can fathom the magnitude of what this person meant to me. 7 years later… I still get that dent in my heart thinking about it. I chose this particular song because it shows growth, on my end. I have this album.. and I remember for the LONGEST… I could NOT listen to this song. Solely because they lyrics say his name. Now I am able to without shedding a tear. I have FULL understanding with the meaning of this song.. but it has a totally different underlying meaning to me.

I hope you’re looking down smiling. I miss you dearly. Love… T.I.

{Personal Post} Photos :: MLK...AKA...Brother B-Day...

A great day in history....

My brothers's birthday....
MLK birthday....
& Our Founders' Day....

A throwback.. but one of my favs...

The description of the feeling is beyond words...
Let the picture roll begin....

Just entered... waiting for the rest of the party before we head upstairs.. LOL @ the "block" lls

It's midnight... *Pinkies up for my Founders' Day... #SkeeWee

One more shot before heading back to the floor...

 Just like with my bday pics... ALL can't be posted LOL.  So until I figure out which ones... I'm fast forwarding to the end.. where the lights were on and we were heading out the door....

#Family... Where is the birthday boy?

They'd been telling us to get out for the past 10 minutes.. we was still snapping pics smh.. 

Here we go... The two birthday men of the day... My Brother and MLK..


#PhirstPham .. A pic with the bruh MLK on our Founders Day..


One more pinky pic #AKA... sn:  who is this chick jumpin in my picture smiling -__-

Everyone was mad irritated due to the surrounding ratchetness.  However...the food was on 1000.  


The MLK memorial always touches my soul... even when I'm walking toward it.  It was heart-warming to see so many ppl out there coming to pay their respects on his birthday.  My mom even teared up some.  To, also, have my brother there sharing that moment (along with them having the same birthday) was a indescribable feeling.  I am honored to be a "sister" of the bruh MLK (A Phi A) and more honored that this is a triple special day of things/ppl that mean the most to me.  Xoxo   

Friday, January 13, 2012

Weapon Lamps???

I would to have these in my abode!  Too dope.
But for $445... I'll just admire the picture lls

Peep these AK-47 lamps..

s.o. to theLIFEfiles

Video: Amber Rose gets emotional during interview

It's not fair to me...
I don't deserve that....

*Sigh.  When asked about her previous relationship with Kanye West, Amber Rose breaks into tears.  :-/  The producers gave her tissue while  Sway said Okay.. we’re gonna change the topic.  What a surprise that he then went RIGHT BACK to asking her about Kanye’ -___- smh.  What a douche.  She just can’t get a break… 

I really hate to see any genuinely cry.  Especially, under these circumstances.  I want to go more into detail.. but I’ll stop there.

Get More: Music News

s.o. to theJasmineBrand