Sunday, October 1, 2023

Time Warp... 2003: Fallen | Mya

Circa 2003.
Kicking off the month with a time warp from my fellow Libra sister.  Fallen was a single off her third album Moodring.  Arguably, it could be my favorite Mya song.  Such a great record.  During press for the Moodring release, she had an album signing at a record store in Hyattsville, MD.  As an avid Mya fan who had and knew both previous albums front to back, I was there waiting in line to meet her.  She had a Moodring calendar, also.  When I met her, I told her that my birthday was the day after hers and asked could she sign there.  She smiled and was cool about it.  She signed Happy Bday and her name in between the 10th and 11th on the October calendar.  Moodring hit its 20th anniversary this year.  I wish that second bridge breakdown was featured on the album (water scene).  It still goes crazy.
My head's up in the clouds...

{Trailer} Mass Appeal x BET Original Documentary... "Welcome to Rap City"

I've been excited about this for months.  We finally have a date (and a trailer).  For those of us who grew up watching Rap City after school in the late afternoon/evenings, we personally appreciate what this show did for the culture.  It was a thing to have the hottest rapper and/or your favorite visit 'The Basement' and talk with Big Tigger, who I met in 4th grade btw at one of our elementary school events.  Back then, he was just an upcoming intern at our local radio station. It wasn't the watered down stuff we get today.  Rap City had real authentic conversations about whatever, beef included, and the latest rap videos shown in between.  The best part?  The booth.  Some of the most memorable and legendary freestyles took place there.  Hov, Beans, Wayne, Cam.  The list goes on.

Mass Appeal partnered with BET to produce a 3-part documentary series about the birth, evolution, and revolution of Rap City.  
Watch the trailer below!

{Personal Post} PHOTOS: Millennial Nail Bar Launch Event

Ever grow weary with just the mere thought of sitting in a nail salon?  Millennial Nail Bar (MNB) is a mobile service that caters to you and your needs.  You select a nail service, your location, and they will send a nail technician over to you.  That's right.  The service comes to you.  7am-9pm.  7 days a week.  The D.C. Launch Event was filled with such empowerment, style, and love.  It featured a fireside chat (moderated by Kim Roxie, Founder of Lamik Beauty) where attendees could meet the founder of MNB, Kadeadra McNealy and learn more about MNB, its origin, and what it stands for.  
Before the chat, there were giveaways, food, drinks, networking, and free nail and eyebrow services offered.

Rihanna's Fenty Beauty is Now At a Target Store Near You

The goal has always been to bring Fenty Beauty to as many people as possible.  I’m excited to introduce the Fenty Snackz and give Ulta Beauty at Target guests a new way to experience our brand.

Access granted.  Fenty Beauty officially launched their new collection exclusively with Ulta Beauty at Target today.  "Fenty Snackz" was curated as a set mix of top selling and new mini size products.  In addition to this collection, full-size fan favorites will also be featured in store.  

{Personal Post} PHOTOS: "A Night Circus" #ArtAllNight

Kid in a candy store.  Carnivals/Arcades/Theme Parks all that good stuff are totally my jazz.  For sure, one of my happy places.  Washington D.C. started holding an annual event called Art All Night.  It's where there are countless of Art installations, exhibits, festivities and so forth in the entire city; at one time for one night.  I went to "A Night Circus".  This event featured carnival games, flame performers, face paint, airbrush tattoos, jugglers, aerialists, magicians, and interactive art activities etc.  DJ Divine had the place bumpin.  Join in on the fun and walk with me through the circus...

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Time Warp... 2000: Get Up | Amel Larrieux

Circa 2000.
I was in North Carolina at my cousin' house for summer break.  This was one of Unc's many CDs.  I played it on my own when he and my aunt went to work one day and my cousin was like 'Why you listenin to this?'. LOL.  Me and Unc always connected on the music tip, among so many other things now as an adult.  He knew the vibes.  A bond unbreakable. 
You transitioned exactly two weeks ago.  The pain felt in my heart is hard to convey with words.  "Niece" will forever keep your name alive.  Here we were on the beach this year, sippin and relaxin to the tunes from your speaker.  I'll always hear this song and think of you; and the lyrics were a message of something you always pushed.  
Happy Birthday Uncccc.  Take a break from settin ppl straight up there. lol.  
This is for you.

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{Personal Post} PHOTOS: Graffiti Alley | Toronto, ON

My personal post drafts are backlogged, but we're making progress.  Circling back to Toronto, we stopped by Graffiti Alley.  The weather was beautiful and the artwork ... ahh the artwork... exceeded my expectations.  I had imagined it would be a small alley, but it was actually about 4 blocks long.  Maybe 5?  Phone was fully charged and I was ready to capture it all.  Such a great time.
Take a look through my lens...

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

{Trailer} Apple TV+ Explores 90s Fashion Runway Legends with Docuseries, "The Super Models"

It wasn't about the fashion. 
It was about the women. 

Naomi Campbell.  Cindy Crawford.  Linda Evangelista.  Christy Turlington.  
These supermodel legends reunite to share their personal experiences with dominating the world of modeling in this one of a kind docuseries.  The four-part event showcases their extraordinary careers, behind the camera and beyond the runway, that helped influence and impact the shape the evolving industry forever.  

Ups. Downs. Smiles. and Frowns.  Raw and uncut.  
Watch the trailer after the jump!

Time Warp... 1998: Money | Charli Baltimore

Circa 1998.
Charli was my girl.  This record was featured on the Woo soundtrack.  Woo is still jokes, but when I tell you everybody was in that movie... everybody was in that movie!  A time when we all still supported each other just because.
The soundtrack as a whole was solid.  'Money' is a jam.  
Even with my nails done
I take guns apart, son...

Monday, September 11, 2023

Yasiin Bey and Talib Kweli Get Dapper for New AMIRI A/W 2023 Icon Campaign

Reflecting AMIRI’s long-standing relationship with music as an expression of cultural messaging and ideas, the campaign speaks to Black Star’s craft: the duo’s capacity to revolutionize old-school techniques through progressive flow and rhyme mirrors the collection’s artistry and silhouette.
-AMIRI brand statement

The popular AMIRI fashion brand has snagged the luminary rap duo comprised of Yasiin Bey and Talib Kweli for their Autumn/Winter 2023 Icon campaign.  And they are looking extremely dapper may I add.  The creative direction is said to be inspired by the 90s Hip Hop layers that helped define founder Mike Amiri's L.A. upbringing.  Photographer Karim Sadli captures both Bey and Kweli in a terrific distinguished light.  Watch the official campaign ad after the jump!

RZA Announces Upcoming "The 36 Chambers" w/ Live Orchestra Show

The Abbot is at it again.  In celebration of the 30th anniversary for the legendary archived in 'Library of Congress album, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), RZA announced a special 3-day event for the milestone.  On November 7th, 8th, and 9th, fans will be able to experience the 36 Chambers through a live orchestra experience in NYC.

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Today Only: National Cinema Day is Back with $4 Movie Tickets

It's that time again for National Cinema Day!  In 2022, Regal and AMC were the focal points in advertising this celebration.  It was such a massive success that more theater chain(s) have joined in on fun this year!  Here's what you can expect:

$4 Movie tickets, last year it was $3, but you know... inflation, with expected taxes and/or online convenience fees.  The actual ticket, however, is $4.  ALL DAY; in any format (IMAX, Dolby Cinema, ScreenX, 4DX, RBX, etc).  

I participated last year and saw the movie 'Beast' with Idris Elba.  I plan to participate again this year.  My last visit to the movies was in July to see Travis Scott's film 'Circus Maximus'.

{Personal Post} PHOTOS: Pepsi Dig In Day Block Party x CityFest DC

There were so many things happening this day!  We made our way to two of them.  Pepsi's Dig In Day Block Party - A celebration of Black Owned restaurants.  It featured musical performances by Amira, Alex Vaughn, Pusha T, and Black Alley.  Pepsi's Dig In movement aims to provide Black Owned restaurants with resources needed to help build their business and thrive, alongside raising visibility.

CityFest DC - A celebration of the Washington D.C community.  This festival featured all local vendors to spotlight the one of a kind culture in our city!  A day filled with fun and laughs.  Here's how they both went...  

Thursday, August 10, 2023

Time Warp...1999: No Sex (In The Champagne Room) | Chris Rock x Gerald Levert

Circa 1999.
This video used to come on all the time and I would be so tickled.  No explanation for why I still know this from front to back.  RIP to Gerald Levert.  He did his thang even though it was a parody track.  
 Don't go to parties with metal detectors...

Marvin Gaye's 'Let’s Get It On' Album 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Will Feature Unreleased Songs

You should think about me...

This week, Motown/UME announced another reissue of Marvin's 'Let's Get it On' album in celebration of its 50th Anniversary.  This deluxe edition will additionally feature unreleased demos, alternate mixes, and instrumentals.  Over six months of recordings from the 1973 album sessions.  
See the full 41 tracklisting below:

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

NIKE Foamposites' 'Dream A World' are Releasing Exclusively in the DMV Area

Just a few weeks ago, I published a blogpost briefly delving into how Washington D.C was and is the mecca of the New Balance shoe. On a broader spectrum of D.C and Baltimore/MD, the Nike Foamposite was yet the land where another shoe trend began.  And for those in that area, it’s a special gift for you.

 A Ma Maniére (D.C) and Social Status (Baltimore) are dropping the third colorway of the ‘Dream A World’ Foamposite one series exclusively to the DMV area. In lieu of the series name, these limited edition shoes are sepia stone/metallic silver, feature ‘luck/success happens when preparation meets opportunity’ on the insoles, and come in special packaging.

Monday, August 7, 2023

Brandon Blackwood Releases the "Zodiac" Collection

Fashionable handbag designer, Brandon Blackwood, launched his buzzworthy "Zodiac" collection live on August 4th.  

Sold exclusively on the Brandon Blackwood app/site, the black Nylon and/or Oil Leather Daphne handbags will individually feature the designated astrology sign in gold plate with crystal rhinestones.  Blackwood ode's this collection to his home of New York, where 'the nameplate necklace' is highly favored. 

{Trailer} Megan thee Stallion Shines in A24's New Film, "D**ks : The Musical"

Viewers can always expect A24 to push boundaries and create films that are out of the ordinary.  I mean, that's why we (I) love them, right?  Directed by "Borat" Larry Charles, D**ks: The Musical is a musical/comedy based on the 2014 stage show 'F**king Identical Twins' that starred, the also writers of this film, Aaron Jackson and John Sharp.  Megan Thee Stallion debuts her acting skills on the big screen alongside Jackson and Sharp with Nathan Lane, Megan Mullally, and Bowen Yang.  

Is this madness or genius?  You be the judge.  
Watch the trailer below:

{Personal Post} PHOTOS: A Day at the Rubell Museum

Dionne Davenport mall scene and Joi from Friday vibes.  I had a little free time on my hands so why not do one of the things I enjoy?  The museum!  I've had the Rubell Museum on my list for a few months now and finally got the pleasure of experiencing.  Fun fact: this site was formally the location of the segregated middle school Marvin Gaye attended- Randall Junior High.  The current exhibits explore legacy, impact, future, identity, and empowerment.  
Disclaimer... some artworks express sexuality that are NSFW.  Proceed with caution.  Off we go...