Wednesday, April 30, 2014

You Can't Touch This | Maino

Please tell me, Allah
Why you make me different??

From that cover, I know exactly what you're expecting. I was expecting it too. It goes a totally different direction though. Listen to Main rock over his latest offering 'You Can't Touch This'.

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Black | The Dream

I'm feeling real black right now...

When I heard this song last night after its release, I was a little ticked. The visual... extremely inspiring... and still I was ticked. Not at the Dream specifically, but at a combination of various songs and tweets I observed throughout the day. I went into this verbal stretch of 'Where was all this during black history month? where was the unity then?". Now I, for sure, am not one of those who feels black history or us as a people should be celebrated during one month and rather should be uplifted all year, however, I was ticked for many factors including it taking the NBA to ban an already known racist to have us 'raising fists' again. It's sad. Once my 'tickedness' simmered down, I was able to replay and enjoy this piece. No matter what month it is, I'm happy this was placed in The Dream's heart to write and create this. Regardless of what speared him to do so, I'm glad it happened. I'll probably be posting this song again later down the road. Everything about it is powerful. Watch below::
"Enough pain can make a whole race bitter..."

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Video : Party Girls | Ludacris x Wiz Khalifa x Jeremih x Cashmere Cat

My bxtch be getting down
Nxgga how bout urs??

After releasing the track back in January, the visual has now made it to the net waves.
Watch below::

Mt. Olympus | Big K.R.I.T.

Now I’m lyrical all of a sudden
But last year they claim they ain’t understand me...

First single from upcoming sophomore release, Cadillactica.
Tell these nighas how you feel Krit. Zamn.
"Do whatever for some dap ass nighas..."

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Monday, April 28, 2014

They Don't Love You No More | DJ Khaled x Jay-Z x Meek Mill x Rick Ross x French Montana

New single.  Listen below::

Motivation Mondays : Greater than the Sun | Zo! x Phonte' (of Foreign Exchange)

Golden days and paradise
Place where dreams can take to flight...

So we have no time to waste
Crush of life we must embrace...

The sun is always shining in his unchained glory...

There’s nothing greater than the sun….

Dates/Locations : 'On the Run' Tour ... starring Jay-Z and Beyonce .

The rumors are now confirmed. Power couple Jay-Z and Beyonce WILL be going on a stadium tour this summer (similar to he and JT's last year). They released the promo photo this morning via Jay's site along with the link to Ticketmaster. This is going to be bananas. The pre-sale starts tomorrow; some locations 8AM , some 10AM. Check for the dates and locations after the jump! ::

Video: Cuffin Season | Fabolous

These heauxs keep callin
I ain’t pickin up…

Fab premiered the fourth visual from his current mixtape, The Soul Tape 3, on REVOLT this past Friday. Right on time for the weather change. The 'Cheaters' scene is funny. “*Pause...... Sir it’s fabulous.” LOL.
Sidenote:: I’ve seen him in person a few times and this video reminded me of that. Fab is quite a looker. Swagged.
Watch below::

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{Personal Post} Photos/Videos :: August Alsina Album Listening Session @ Park 14th , DC.

I smile every time I see this pic.  On 4/17, DTLR hosted a private event at The Park @ Fourteenth for August Alsina.  The event included a Question & Answers segment along with a performance for a few songs in celebration/promotion of his album, Testimony, which released 4/15. The bartender hooked me up with an ENTIRE glass of Dusse when I arrived. Super clutch. The event was from 6-9 and very intimate; about 100 people or so. Alsina showed up around 8. While we were waiting his arrival, folks were chatting or eating/drinking... on their phones etc. I, myself, was snapping pics in between sips. I happen to run into an old classmate and we started catching up. She has her own magazine : XI Fashion Mag in which you'll see pictures of below. It's pretty dope.
When Alsina arrived, a girl fell on the floor and started crying -_-. Initially.. that was the face I made when I saw her do that, BUT Alsina ended up giving her the mic later on (since she said she had something to say) and she went on to say how long she has been a fan of his, she lost her brother too, how August is an inspiration etc. I kinda understood then (the tears, not the falling on the floor part). Then, she went to buy him a plate of chicken. lol.  

Aside from the obnoxious talkers, in which Alsina checked (I have it on video) in a way similar to his 106 and park incident, the Q+A session went pretty well. I heard him sing live back in October when he was there with Chris Brown; the same night Chris got arrested :-/. However, he sounded extremely well this time around. After singing, some folks on stage with him started pouring glasses of Ciroc and passing them out to us. I got a chance to meet Alsina and sure as I was a little tipsy at this point, I didn't say what I planned lol smh. I won't share that part which resulted in both of us laughing because I'm a little embarrassed about it, but I did manage to spill to him after the photo what I thought about his album and that I fxcks with him cause he's a real nxgga...I've peeped it from this and that etc. Told him how it's rare (in the celeb AND regular world) etc. etc. I didn't wrap him up, but I needed to get that out. He replied humbly with gratitude and is really a pretty nice guy. Cool, most definitely.

I left right after. My night was complete. Below, are all the photos I captured and some quick footage from the event. You'll, also, find the random photos of me sobering (smh) at my Moms before heading home for Scandal. Take a glimpse into it all...

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Photos : Nas' Sneaker Store '12AM Run' opens in Las Vegas

"It just shows how much hip hop guys love they shoes..."- Nasir Jones

Last June, I created a post announcing Nas' plans to open a sneaker store in Vegas along with a few photos of him on the construction site.  That post reported the store would be called 'Sneaker Fiends'.  Since then, that name has changed.
"To me, 12 a.m. sounds like go time in Las Vegas. Run, that's athletics, feet, sneakers, movement. You hit the ground running here in Vegas."
12AM Run opened its doors this weekend to the public in Las Vegas, Nevada.

photo via Bradley Martin

Alongside his business partner, Nick Sakai, Nas attended the grand opening that featured a live DJ, restocks on Kobe's x LeBrons x KD's and the Yeezy Foams, exclusive clothing, and more.  Floyd Mayweather, also, came out to show his support.  Check out a few photos of the production and store opening:: 

Hard to Face Reality | Justin Bieber x Poo Bear

Don't be afraid to stand alone...

We all need to vent about life sometimes right?  
Listen to Justin and Poo Bear's release of 'Hard to Face Reality' below:: 

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Ask Rick Ross : New Advice Column in Rolling Stone Magazine

"...Boss!  and I put that on my Maybach..."
Rolling Stone mag selects an intriguing choice for their new advice columnist.  You can now email Rolling Stone your queries on life, love, etc. and the bawse Ricky Ross will give you his advice on it.  Take a look at the debut column from their latest issue::

Loyal (Remix) | Keyshia Cole x K. Michelle x Da Brat x Mila J x Lil Mo

These female artists got together to remix Chris Brown's 'Loyal' speaking on all personal experiences.  No cut cards here.
"Ya'll nxggas ain't shit." 
Listen below::

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{Personal Post} Photos/Videos :: 'Yeezus' Movie Trailer + 'Yeezus' Tour ...Baltimore show.

I saw this vid circulate in the beginning of March and thought it would be a great idea to do a combined post with the 'Yeezus' show in Baltimore.  As you can see, it's the end of April and it's just going up :-/ . Time slips away so quickly *sigh.
The incomparable concert is being turned into a film directed by. Hype Williams.  I can't wait to see the outcome (as if I haven't been to the show twice).  For those who haven't seen the trailer, check it out below::
Once more details come out, I'll update the post. 

On Valentine's Day this year, I ventured to Baltimore for my second go round of the Yeezus tour.  I went into major detail about the concert and what I thought of it in the DC show post, so I won't include them on this one.  However, I was able to take some awesome photos this time around to share with you all.  All the things I made attempts to describe (including the theme, the monster etc.), you can now see visually.  There were a few other folks who I came across or knew who, also, went to the DC show and we all agreed.. DC was wayyyy more live.  The Baltimore crowd was meh.  Prob cause folks was too busy being in love n shit for the holiday. Shit beats me.  I was hype any way and surprised at how much I remembered the entire show.  The adlibs.. song set etc.  Baltimore received a special treat because 'College Dropout' hit its 10th anniversary that week. Therefore, Ye' surprised us all and performed some cuts from that album like 'Get Em High' etc.  Seeing the show the second time around, regardless of the crowd, made everything about it more awesome.  Just breathtaking.  Enough of the chatter.. take a glimpse into the concert::

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Time Warp... 2007 : You Ain't Know (Back to the Money) | Birdman x Lil' Wayne

Circa 2007.
“Rest in Peace to Ms. Gladys like ery’day”
You passed away in 06… and then later this dropped. That part meant the world to me. I look at it as… Everyone knew and respected the OG, my Grandmother. Lol. However, sometimes it’s bittersweet to hear it because of the reminder. I hope God is throwing you a party up there for your 90th in a bad canary yellow suit and a fresh hat two steppin to Marvin (or with him ;-) ). This time warp is dedicated to you. You are terribly terribly missed. Moms ain’t been the same since you left. She comes around every now and again though. You know me.. Ms. Tough guy (lol), I hurt but don’t show it. I wasn’t doing too bad today until I started typing this :-/. I normally don’t write you too much up here and rather keep it to myself, but this song was stuck in mind all day… and I couldn’t create this time warp post without acknowledging you. Anywho.. I’ll let you get back to your festivities up there. Just wanted to tell you Happy Birthday Grandma! We all love you and miss you. Xoxo.

Sidenote: Oh and in your spare time, tell Tony and Grandma Jackie I said hey.

Gladys M.C. Kornegay : April 24, 1924 – December 13, 2006.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Video : Marilyn Monroe | Pharrell

Dear diary, it's happenin' again
This energy, like I'm 'bout to win...

Pharrell unleashes the visual for the groovy opening track to his G I R L album, Marilyn Monroe. This video matches the energy of the song, if not heightens it, with its' burst of color ensembles, hot dance moves, and eccentric scenes altogether. Check it out after the jump::

Video : Is It Me | CyHi the Prynce x Tate DuMonde x Crystal Renee

How can you rap about it on a song
but get 25 years for wrappin bout it on the phone??

A new visual from CyHi's classic, Black Hystori Project.
Pure Dopeness. Watch below::

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Dreams | Boots x Beyonce

Maybe we can put the whole world
on stand by...
...All my life I've been dreaming of you...

Who is boots?
The mystery producer and co-writer of Bey's latest album, Beyonce, including 'Haunted' x 'Drunk in Love' x 'Blue' x 'Partition' etc. has now released a song of his own. Boots sent this track to Bey for feedback and in return, she sent it back completed with her vocals added. That's cool of Bey to co-sign her "innovator" by adding her feature to help get the music out without question. True friendships stick together. All proceeds for the purchase of 'Dreams' will go to Day One- a non profit org dedicated to teen dating violence. Find out more about Boots here.
Listen to the track after the jump::

Lupita Nyong'o named People Magazine's 2014 Most Beautiful person

A woman of color as this year's most beautiful person :-). This makes her the third one to do so, as only Halle Berry and Beyonce landed this spot previously. I love this cover for quite a few reasons.
Keep changing Hollywood. Go Lupita!

While the Gettin Good | Young Roddy x Currensy

And them cowards doubted us nxgga...

Jet Lifer Young Roddy released the first single to his current mixtape, 'Young Roddy - Route the Ruler'. This joint ridesss. Listen to the track and the full mixtape after the jump::
"If I said it, I meant it..."
Sidenote: Am I the only one who saw the title and thought of that episode of Martin with Hustleman off gate? lls

Video : No Problem | Scarface

I want this to be as offensive
as I can fxckin make it...

'No Problem' will appear on his upcoming project, Deeply Rooted. Face has a blunt message to certain folk (listen to find out who) and the word will be spread. Check it out::
"No way that you can't tell me it's not a conspiracy against blacks in hip hop"

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Word of the Week... MASLIN.

Nothing wrong with expanding your vocabulary and knowledge of words.  Who knows when you may encounter or need to use them..    Here’s the word of this week:

Noun- a mixture; medley.

Try using it in a sentence.  

Video : Studio | Schoolboy Q x BJ the Chicago Kid

Put my tongue in different places
play a game of Operation...

Q releases his 4th visual from current album, Oxymoron. The video flows perfect with this song... sexy and on topic. Even with its' simplicity, sometimes that's all you need.
Watch below::

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Xscape | ASAP Mob x ASAP Twelvyy

Man they killed that boy Trayvon
I got the right to carry firearms...

Produced by Tay Soprano, here's another cut from ASAP Mob's upcoming, L.O.R.D. project. Nice follow up to 'Trillmatic'. Listen below::
"Niggas slept on us, now it's time for that payback"

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Video {REVOLT Doc} :: Coachella 2014 through Diddy's Eyes

”You cannot explain this into words.
...words would be a disservice to the vibe in this place..."

As the two weekend festival wrapped up on 4/20, the Good folks over at REVOLT were able to document Coachella through 'Diddy's eyes' in an interesting 8 minute film. Check what Coachella goers had to say about the vibe of the festival, Diddy's emergency 'leak', his confront to a random purchaser of Belvedere in the liquor store, Random turn ups, Peformance clips with Busta, Pharrell, Nas, and much more.

Sidenote: I, too, have reacted in a way like Tyler did when hearing 'Prototype'. smh. Man...Watch the documentary
"Coachella Through My Eyes" (Directed by Sean Puff Daddy Combs) after the jump::

Video : Chase the Paper | 50 Cent x Kidd Kidd x Prodigy x Styles P

You chase the hoes
I chase the paper.

The latest visual from 50's upcoming, Animal Ambition. Check it out::
"You a sucka for love, nxgga, I'm money makin..."

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Video : Love Myself | JMSN

Nothing left for you baby
Not a yes or a maybe...

 A new visual from the incomparable EP, †Pllaj√ę† .  While the track is only a minute and some change long, the depth of the words can last a lifetime.  Take a glimpse into the brief visionary of a 'solo world' below::

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Tree of Life | Ab-Soul (Prod. by. Curtiss King)

I'm irritated
but they the reason
that I'm gettin rich...

Soulo-Ho's butter flow over this new Eric B. and Rakim infused produced track goes hella hard.  Run this one back one time or five.   
"Breath Easy!" 

Video: Senile | Lil Wayne x Nicki Minaj x Tyga

Money talk
Guess I got the gift of gab...

This tripped out visual dropped a few days ago, but the HD version is just hitting the waves (hence the posting today).  Wayne's verse is still my favorite. Watch below::

Video : When the People Cheer | The Roots

***Updated 5/19. Video added.

Lookin for a shorty comin from work
that I can pervert...

New Roots has hit the waves. & Then You Shoot Your Cousin LP coming soon...

Friday, April 18, 2014

Benz Friendz (Whatchutola) | Future x Andre 3000

Affection is so convenient when balling...

Ain't that the truth -_-. Future and three stacks collab on 'Benz Friends' to call out the materialistic folks out there in a less generous way than most. Tough love. I like this one.
"Tolda bitch i'ont give a fxck about a lambo..."

Sorry | Teyana Taylor

I'm sorry you didn't just understand
just how to be my man...

New music has surfaced!
This piano assisted ballad behind her lovely voice expresses pure emotion that one can only truly feel if they went through it. Teyana hit a few nerves with this one.. mine included. Listen below::
"I'm sorry you didn't know how to love me..."

Video : I Won | Future x Kanye West

I just wanna take you out
and show you off...

Directed by Hype Williams, this simplistic gray visual takes place on an isolated beach with reflection and serenity in mind it seems. Check out the visual to the Future's latest single featuring Kanye West::

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Time Warp...1965 : Naima | John Coltrane

Circa 1965.
The sample to one of my feel good tracks..'Wendy-N-Becky'. The horn. The melody. Coltrane, the Great. This sends me to a place unknown.
Special s/o to Shari for knowing what this is ;-) Happy early birthday chica. See you soon, Xoxo.

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Eat (Remix) | Mally Mall x YG x Tyga x Lloyd

You gon' love it when I eat...
you out...

Ooh boy you nasty.
Check out this tune about ... know

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Pod Post Thursdays :: Too Real for This | Dizzy Wright x Rockie Fresh

It's one God
one devil
and I live wit em both...

I can't count how many times I ran this back yesterday. Talk about zoned. Straight trill shit.
Dizzy's 'State of Mind' EP is out now. Check this out:
"And the game so hype, but I feel I'm too chill for this..."

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Coast to Coast:: Jay-Z announces 2014 'Made In America' Festival held in Philly AND Los Angeles

Who saw this coming?
This morning, Jay headed to City Hall with Mayor Eric Garcetti in Downtown LA to announce the Made in America festival will be held there Labor Day weekend (annual weekend) at Grand Park. Oddly.. the festival will ALSO be held still in the routine location of Philadelphia.... The SAME weekend -_-. With that being said, the lineups will be different on each coast. LA councilman, Jose Huizar, is not excited as he expresses that he will not issue any permits for the event until more of the community inputs their opinion. Huizar has concerns about street closures for 10 days that would impact Downtown LA residents and workers directly. In brighter news, rumors have circulated that Jay and his wife Beyonce are set to tour together this summer. No deets or confirmations on that, but if I receive any updates on both of these...I'll make sure to spread the word to you all.

Sn: I've gone every year it has been held and am quite annoyed that it's in two different places and the same weekend. It's kind of like inadvertently creating a contest against the line-ups and sales. I'm, also, annoyed that TicketMaster sent an email out Monday (to us folk who've attended the festival previously) indicating the presale for Made In America began that day (ending yesterday)...with the previous address listed in Philly. I tried at least 10 times to purchase mine and kept receiving an error message. And then I get word of this this morning. I'm not understand WHY would You, ticketmaster, send out the email period if you knew there was going to be two locations and/or that it was going to change very soon? Just like last September when your customer service was still telling people the Rock the Bells Festival (in DC) was still happening, but it was already announced that it was cancelled… THEN told all the ticket buyers (myself) included at the last minute as if we didn’t already know. Speaking of the crazy customer service, I JUST received a response from customer service earlier this week regarding my error message asking was I trying to buy tickets for the Philly or LA fest? As if the LA location wasn't just announced and was posted Monday. -_-. Planned out eh? Janet Jackson face at these careless and unnecessary slip ups. I ‘m an avid customer, buttttt… get it together man.

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" 'Happy' Makes Pharrell Cry "

“…to feel that…”

Ahh...My fifth post about 'Happy'. I dont' think I've posted about anything more.
It's sort of uncanny and unreal (for lack of a more intense word) for me to see Pharrell describe my sentiments that I've expressed on ADDICTION posts regarding this song from it receiving no airplay for months to out of nowhere blowing up ... to the song being such a BEAUTIFUL...BEAUTIFUL thing. I'll admit, before they hype came with this song, I too have shed tears at just the thought of all my blessings and mercy I've received while listening to it. Tears of joy of course. It's much deeper, but nevertheless.. after seeing a 'Happy' video compiled of homemade ones from countries all over the world, Pharrell is overwhelmed with joy himself and breaks down into tears. The movement. The meaning. Just... AMAZING.

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Video : Make Her Say (Beat it Up) | Estelle

I see that you want it
I already know...

I really love this. Not for the opening scene of the various couples explaining how they met and what profound interests they take into each other, but the showcase that passion and love has no color, shape, or size. It's refreshing to see realness when in today's media world,there is an opinion on what any and everything 'should look like'. Director Chris Robinson did a great job. Not only does the visual exude sexiness over the sensual funky track, but all it's contents are genuine... something extremely rare nowadays. Check out the vid below::

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