Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Black | The Dream

I'm feeling real black right now...

When I heard this song last night after its release, I was a little ticked. The visual... extremely inspiring... and still I was ticked. Not at the Dream specifically, but at a combination of various songs and tweets I observed throughout the day. I went into this verbal stretch of 'Where was all this during black history month? where was the unity then?". Now I, for sure, am not one of those who feels black history or us as a people should be celebrated during one month and rather should be uplifted all year, however, I was ticked for many factors including it taking the NBA to ban an already known racist to have us 'raising fists' again. It's sad. Once my 'tickedness' simmered down, I was able to replay and enjoy this piece. No matter what month it is, I'm happy this was placed in The Dream's heart to write and create this. Regardless of what speared him to do so, I'm glad it happened. I'll probably be posting this song again later down the road. Everything about it is powerful. Watch below::
"Enough pain can make a whole race bitter..."

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