Thursday, March 31, 2016

Rap Radar Podcast Episode : Roc-a-Fella Records co-founder Kareem 'Biggs' Burke

"Mix drugs and show money/ Biggs Burke on tour..."- Pusha T.
Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Kareem "Biggs" Burke has remained low since his release from incarceration all the while making major moves.  His silence is now broken as he sits down with Rap Radar for an epic and rare podcast interview.  He discusses his return to fashion with his new clothing line, Fourth of November, what he's currently listening to, coming home from prison (how long, what he did etc.), "Can I Live", what happened with their vodka Armadale, fondest moments of Roc-A-Fella and more.  Listen below::

Side Commentary :: How INCREDIBLE would that have been if he got Hov to rap over 'The Bridge Is Over' in time before he dropped 'Superugly' during the beef with Nas.  

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{Personal Post} :: So... I answered 30 Random Questions.

Here and there, I participate in a random questionnaire.  They are pretty fun to me... for myself and to read others answers.  For this particular post, it began with reading the Q+A session for BGC's Diamond Jimenez... which rolled over into me asking others to input.  I wanted to do my own.  I asked 2 males and 2 females just to even the gender.  What I found interesting was, they all inadvertently sent questions that relate/describe their personality :: Dev @ Cold Knowledge- his was more emotional driven; Stix @ Revolutionary Suicide- his were more political, music, and black culture driven.  Meke- sent me thought provoking ones and/or pure randomness that you could tell she put thought into.  No surprise there as we were always lowkey two of the sharpest and wittiest in our classes at the Aug *smirk #Underdogs.  LaShari @ inspirethetribe - immediately sent something driven by her excitement and happiness for life.  That was revisited #insider LOL.  I didn't use all of the questions, but I picked out a few from each and compiled them into one list.  Here we go...

1. Katt Williams or Kevin Hart? 
 Dave Chappelle.

Nas' 'HSTRY' Clothing x Ghostbusters franchise

Once I saw this photo last night, my curiosity was sparked.  I wasn't sure where this (the picture) was going, but now I've found out.  Nas' HSTRY clothing has collaborated with the Ghostbusters franchise with a special twist.  Watch the visual below, per Hypebeast, to find what the film means to Nas and how it inspired this project.  Keep a close eye for the signature pieces of his line displayed too. 
 Who you gonna call??

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How Are You So Calm | Sir Michael Rocks

I look like Paul George on Indiana pacers
The second and final installment for Populair is coming soon.  April 8th to be exact.  Mikey's first offering 'How are You So Calm?' is one that'll catch you off guard once you press play.  Even with an unexpected production (via Big Los), Mikey's crafty and unapologetic lyrics deliver per usual.  
Populair 2 energy.  

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{Watch} :: Beyonce's "Where is Your Park?" Athletic Line IVY PARK Promo

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At It Again! :: {Watch} Sesame Street Characters perform Warren G and Nate Dogg's "Regulate"

Mylo the Cat/Adam Schleichkorn is at it again.  This time, Bert and Ernie are on the forefront performing Warren G and Nate Dogg's (RIP) 'classic 'Regulate'.  GREAT job on this one.  Watch below::

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Full 1994 OJ Simpson Trial is set to Re-Air on TV for an All Day Marathon

For the past several weeks on Tuesday night(s), millions of viewers and myself are tuned into FX's 'American Crime Story : The People v. O.J. Simpson' completely engrossed.  The series revisits the extremely publicized O.J. Simpson 1994/95 murder trial in the perspective of the legal teams, jury, media, public, and those associated with the trial or people involved.  It's too good.

I was 7/8 years old when this occurred in real life.  I didn't quite know the severity of it all.  I was too focused on playing outside and walking to Shipley for ice cream.  Being a kid as I should've.  However, I remember how much it was discussed via television and within adults I knew... including my mother who was talking about how most reacted in her office once the verdict was read.  Now that I'm older and have been watching this.. my outlook on it all has changed entirely.  I now have a personal opinion and understanding of what was going on exactly.  

If the show isn't enough, according to Yahoo, the actual trial that aired over 20 years ago will resurface to TV on April 3rd via the Esquire Network in a span of 12 hours @ 9AM Eastern time.    

Side Commentary- Aside from my fascination with all details of the show, I will also say that my heart goes out... I can imagine that it will be even tougher for Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown (R.I.P) friends and family to have their 'nightmare' thrown back into action... with this time it being the actual footage.    

Video :: Slide Thru | Father x Stalin Majesty x Archibald SLIM

What can I say... Ironically, I'm aesthetically drawn to his visuals... among other things.  Father's 'I'm a Piece of Shit' album recently released via Awful Records.  The first runner up for video offerings is 'Slide Thru'.  Chill and straight to the point, Father... the crew... a Maserati.. chicks.. games.. and bowling present a cool day.  Directed by below::

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Remembering Malik 'Phife Dawg' Taylor ...

I'll be the first to admit.  This one hurt.  I got the news around 5am Wednesday morning.  Loss of words then.  Aside from being a fan of his lyrics and sometimes taking his aliases into my own.. i.e. 'The Five Footer', I liked him as a person.  No.. I've never met him, but I developed the undefinable connection an artist can give you through their music, interviews, persona etc.  
He was one of the very few that did/do that for me.  

A couple years back, it intensified.  I saw the documentary 'Beats, Rhymes, & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest'.  Phife's illness was addressed and expressed through visual- how his everyday life was affected, friendships affected, thoughts etc.  A first hand look (for those who didn't know or recognize) of how illness can shift it all.  His longtime bout with his severe diabetes was indeed a battle.  Yet, here was a man determined to continue his life and passion while the odds were against him.  Inspiring.  A Specialist of this Hip-Hop craft.  Malik Taylor... the five footer... the five foot assassin... Phife Dawg... the funky diabetic... you will be missed.  R.I.P.

The Frequency | Kid Cudi

Surprise new music from Cudi.  The title of this track is exactly what the feel of this song is.  From the tone, the production, and so forth.  I think a lot of us were waiting for this side of Scott to return.  Flava.  Close your eyes... Levitate below:

Monday, March 21, 2016

Today's 'GOOGLE' banner design hails from DC high school student

"My Afrocentric Life" by. Akilah Johnson
One time for the youth in the city succeeding from their creativity and talent!  Akilah Johnson, a sophomore at Eastern Senior High School in NW DC, beat out the 100,000 student entry 'Doodle 4 Google' competition when she won their national contest.  

If you visit the Google website today, you can see her banner flourishing in all it's glory.   

"Although it felt like forever making this picture, it only took me about two weeks."

Akilah expressed she had such excitement receiving the award that it turned into tears.
 "It's really overwhelming".  

On top of her winning the award and receiving the spotlight on the Google home page, Akilah will receive a $50,000 scholarship.  In addition, Eastern will be awarded a $50,000 Google for Education grant "towards the establishment and improvement of a computer lab or technology program".

Proud of you young lady!  Keep Shining :-)

To read more... visit the WashingtonPost 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Go (Gas) | Domo Genesis x Wiz Khalifa x Tyler, the Creator x Juicy J

OF's Domo Genesis steps up to plate as the debut of his first studio album is rapidly approaching- 5 days away.  Distinctively one of the slept on lyrical members, the first track offering of 'Go (Gas)' holds up to standards.  Produced by Tyler, who is also featured on the track-- my ear caught a wiff of his 'Goblin (Intro)' influence in the production.  Whether intentional or not, it sparked a thought of that within no time.  The 12 track-album 'Genesis' is set to feature Tay Walker, Anderson.Paak, JMSN, Mac Miller, and King Chip etc.  Pre-order on iTunes now.  Listen to the blaze below::

M.I.A. x H&M wants to Recycle Your Old Clothes !

World Recycle Week is less than one month away!... April 18th- 24th to be exact.  During this week, H&M has a goal set to collect 1,000 tons of clothing garments.  In conjunction... M.I.A. has filmed an exclusive video for, scheduled for release on April 11th, highlighting awareness towards the environmental impact clothes produce going to landfills around the world.    

Want to participate!?  Easy.  Bring unwanted clothes (any brand and/or condition is fine) to your nearest H&M store and they will be recycled- created into new textile fiber.  In return for your good deed, you will receive vouchers to use at H&M.  :)

Let's help preserve mother Earth in anyway that we can.  For more information on H & M's garment collecting, click HERE

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Gucci Comin Home | Bia

While Bia continues to increase waves from opening up for Pusha T on his 'Darkest Before Dawn' tour, she still makes time to deliver loosies to her fans.  For this edition, 'Gucci Coming Home' was offered... the unofficial ode in honor of Guwop's anticipated return home from prison.  

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Mixtape :: Trail Mix | Sremmlife Crew

Tuesday before last, I made a post for 'Doggin'... a song that I have played insanely since I've heard it, and mentioned the D-Jay Sremm hosted tape would be releasing soon.  The final product 'Trail Mix' dropped on time presenting a brief showcase of the entire Sremmlife Crew in a 10 song fashion.  Here it is, listen below::

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Watch :: Sesame Street Characters perform Bone Thugs classic "Tha Crossroads"

The cast of Sesame Street is at it again. You may have caught their previous ones including ‘Hip Hop Hooray’/Naughty By Nature and 'Shimmy Shimmy Ya'/ODB etc. The latest creation is the cast performing Bone’s classic ‘Tha Crossroads’ with Grover as Bizzy Bone, Elmo as Layzie Bone, Cookie Monster as Krayzie Bone, and Telly as Wish Bone. Uncanny how close they were able to match this up... in a good way of course. Watch below::

Side-commentary : “Still just as effective as this. All roads lead to the feels.”- Kenton Valle. 
 Slim was speaking all facts.  I had to let this joint ride a couple times earlier after watching this.. just zoned thinking about my lost ones.  I, then, decided… "let me go back to Pandora" to switch my mood.  What do you know.  The first song that came on.. Crossroads. 
 All roads led to the feels indeed.

Just Blaze shares Unreleased Jay Electronica, Jay-Z, Jeezy, Drake etc. Music + the Fascinating stories behind Them

Yo Just. Feed Us.

Every single time Just digs in his crates, we get the unimaginable.  Not only with his sets, but the unreleased music with artists that just always seem to be fire.  He has his hands on sooooooooooo many Gems and keeps them in the vault... no matter how much we try to pry for more.  Can we say Song Cry part 2? How long have we been hoping he let's us get a listen once he mentioned he and Jay have recorded the entire track?  Yet we're still waiting and probably will be forever.
We often hope he let's us get a quick snippet of gems he 'mentions' but he just talks humbly and relaxed about it and keeps it moving.  That level of respect towards the artists and vice versa is admirable.

However, here and there, he creeps them out for our listening pleasures.  Not in its full capacity, but enough to get an oh my gawd reaction.  Particularly for this segment, he shares the following unreleased :: Jay Electronica's 'Exhibit G'.. in which he says 'I'm probably gonna get in so much trouble for playing this". An instrumental that was slated for Hov's BP3, Busta x MOP collab that's "never coming out", original instrumental of Drake x Rick Ross 'Lord Knows', instrumental slated for Jeezy, one for Slaughterhouse, and more more more.
The vibe out that seeps through the speakers is one of a kind.

Once you've gathered yourself, Just wraps his set up and off kicks story time.  Personal tales of specific instances/times with Ye, Hov, Recordings and more.  I'd be writing all day for this post.
 Just Listen/Watch #NoPun ::

I really can't wait to see who that intro was for...

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Chi Duly & MICK presents... Notorious B.I.G. x Metro Boomin mash-up mix "Ready to Boom"

We thought it would be cool to remix Biggie with a very contemporary vibe and kind of trap him out a little bit... we wanted to introduce him to a new audience so they can appreciate his genius, too.”- Mick.

Last Wednesday, March 9th, marked the 19th anniversary of Christopher ‘Notorious B.I.G.’ Wallace's passing. As a honor of homage, MICK (Mick Boogie) and Chi Duly put together a surprising mash-up of various Biggie verses over production from growing POPular trap producer.. Metro Boomin.

Reading that can make the project sound skeptical, but I promise they didn’t do any harm to his legacy. This is solid. 30 minutes of reminiscing off past and present. Listen below-

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Doggin | Rae Sremmurd x Riff 3x (Prod. by. TL on the Beat)

Here's the first release from Rae Sremmurd's DJ, Jay Sremm, upcoming mixtape hosted by the SremmLifeCrew called 'Trail Mix'.  The Puma sponsored tape is set to drop in full next Tuesday, 03/15/2016.  In the meantime, listen to this raunchy slapper... that I'm oddly addicted to already.

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Interesting or Ridiculous :: Superstitions from around the World

Last week, my nose was on fire.  It felt like I was attacked by an invisible mosquito hive out of nowhere.  In the midst of me scratching the hell out of it appearing more and more like Rudolph by the minute, I decided to google the 'meaning'.  Interestingly enough, the search returned a superstition result.  It said if your nose itches, you will soon be kissed by a fool and/or that someone is coming to see you.  More interestingly enough, that never happened that day :| LOL.

I started thinking of the superstitions I've personally heard from family or others and some I've read on the net.  I've decided to combine both into a list, including the culture or country it derived from if I was able to.  Even if you don't believe in superstitions, they are always interesting to read or hear.... no matter how ridiculous some sound.

If you blow all the candles on your birthday cake out with the first blow, whatever you wished for will come true. 

Whistling in the house will cause you to lose money. (Russia)

Cutting your hair on Good Friday prevents headaches in the upcoming year.

Q-Tip is welcomed by the Kennedy Center as the First Artistic Director of Hip-Hop Culture

Nas made the unexpected hip-hop stamp here when he performed his 'Illmatic' album in full with a symphony orchestra backing him up in 2014.  Those tickets sold out immediately.  Last year, they welcomed Kendrick Lamar .. and his tickets sold out just the same.  

As Hip-Hop is one of the most influential genres across the globe, it's only right that the Kennedy Center acknowledged the culture in a momentous way.  Today, the Kennedy Center announced that legendary A Tribe Called Quest member, writer, producer etc. Q-Tip is now named as their First Artistic Director of Hip-Hop Culture.  Kicking off this summer, Q-Tip is set to begin curating performances at the Kennedy Center.

Q-Tip will establish a dynamic, new program that will stretch across all disciplines, bringing the historic roots, contemporary expressions, and transformative power of Hip Hop to the [Kennedy] Center and local and national audiences.”

It can only go up from here!

s.o. to the Washington Post

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Mixtape :: Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1 | Cardi B

This cover is the GOAT.  

Instagram phenomenon and Love & Hip-Hop NY cast member Cardi B has showed the world she can talk shit and back it up.  In this instance, she has mentioned working on her music career and now her official project is here.  Ms. Belcalis Almanzar makes a statement of empowering women to be on boss status, handling their own business, all while keeping it sexy and sassy.  While we have the Beyonce's and Rihanna's giving us women anthems after anthems that we love, folk like myself need and appreciate when one comes through and spit that gangsta gutta like Foxy and Kim did.  We have that here with 'Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1'.  Real. Uncut. and Straight Forward.  Listen below::   

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Three in One :: New Video- Special Affair/Curse/Palace | The Internet x Tyler, the Creator

The super personal part of my feelings for 'Curse' and this visual almost made it to this post.  Almost.  Instead... just watch the video.

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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Memphis Bleek "Imaginary Players/Jay-Z" Freestyle

New freestyle from Memph' mans over a Hov classic (don't debate me) 'Imaginary Players'.  Appreciate it for what it is.  Listen below::

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MF DOOM x Sade mash-up... "SADEVILLAIN" EP

Seanh2K11 produced this mash-up EP and spread to the masses once uploaded to DatPiff.  It's so sweet, I wish it was more than 8 tracks.  Soul vibes to get you jazzy for the day.  Take a listen ::

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Tragic Comedy :: Cam'ron's "Giles Investigation"- Episode 1

Within the first 5 seconds I was laughing.  Cam is a fool man.  In his new 'Giles Investigation' episode, he connects with an comedian dope addict that he used to sell drugs to.  Now.  With that being said... this is raw footage (after the picture still of the scene you see below... which was the hilarious part to me).  Some have viewed this as Cam making fun of an addict, however, anyone who has ever been around a crack addict knows... this is real life, which often times is sad and funny.

s.o. to SclassTakeover

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Lineup/Dates :: SOUNDSET 2016 Music Festival featuring... ASAP Rocky x The Roots x Common x Future + more

"Legends of the Hidden Temple" Will be returning to TV...

Instant memories of my brother, my cousin Rashard, and I glued to Nickelodeon in the 90s (whenever we weren't outside) on our own imaginary adventures.  Being on Legends of the Hidden Temple was one of them.  I was really drawn to this one.  As an adult, I can't explain to you the exact reason why.

To my surprise, I came across an article recently via Yahoo announcing that the show was returning.  Upon reading, I found that it won't be an exact revival of the game show and rather instead Nickelodeon will be producing it into a TV movie inspired by the original concept.

Lineup/Dates :: COACHELLA NYC festival... "Panorama"

***UPDATE from original 02/01/2016 :: Line-up Added.

***Original 02/01/2016 post
COACHELLA coming to NYC this summer?  Introduced under new name "Panorama"

Good news for East Coasters who often dream of going to the ever so hyped Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in Indio, CA but can never fade the prices of getting over there AND the festival tickets.  According to AEG Live/Goldenvoice (entertainment companies behind Coachella) has announced that they are bringing the festival to New York... under a new name "Panorama".  

Listen :: Tyler, the Creator x ASAP Rocky Snaps over Kanye's "Freestyle 4"

Tyler Tyler Tyler.
With a verbal hype by Rocky and amp from Jasper.. Taco and 'nem, Tyler presents us a full 'video' and audio of his revamp of Kanye's 'Freestyle 4'.  His is properly titled 'WHAT THE FUCK RIGHT NOW'.  He's addressed these things before in previous songs, but each time.. he brings a new direction.. a new presentation.. new lyrics.. and goes TF HARD with the delivery.  This one tops thus far.  I won't even type the lyrics.  Just watch/listen::