Monday, June 26, 2023

Time Warp...1997: Am I Dreamin' | Ol Skool x Xscape x Keith Sweat

Circa 1997.
A cover done right.  I remember hearing this back in the day and thinking... Tiny can blow.  They should've let her sing lead more often.  Anyone remember Left Eye being one of the actresses in this video?  
Back when music videos meant something and had standards.  
 And I... hope...
this is not some kind of mirage
with you....

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Louis Vuitton Launches Men SS24 Campaign starring Rihanna

Last week, Pharrell Williams held his first Louis Vuitton show since taking the Creative Director position earlier this year.  On the heels of that, the Men's Spring/Summer 2024 campaign is now officially launched... starring Rihanna!  The campaign video highlights the seasons' looks while Rih smoothly maneuvers through the bustling energy of Canal St. in NYC.  Take a look below:

{Personal Post} VIDEO: Curren$y Live | Washington, DC


if she bad she prob kick it...

I've seen Spitta a few times over the last 15+ years, but this was the first time I got to experience him with a live band.
F I R E.
DC Artist, Noochie, was an opening act.  I've never heard his records before, but each one he performed was jammin.  He even did an a cappella freestyle about the city that was whew... chilling.  Cooley, another city artist, performed a track.  Also, jammed.  If you aren't familiar, they are definitely worth checking out.
I could really go on for a while dissecting how much this performance made me happy.  It's truly nothing like live music.  With this in particular, it just amped what was already some fly shit.  Spitta brought out Black Cobain, Premo Rice (i was hype), and Fiend!  I've seen Fiend live during the No Limit Reunion Tour in 2020.  It's gotta be a N.O. (New Orleans) thing because the energy is ALWAYS there with them.

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Time Warp...1999: What You Tryin' To Do | Jagged Edge

Circa 1999.
a B-side track today.  The rain has had me on a slow jam run (for now).  J.E. Heartbreak was such a good album.  
Timeless r&b.  Here's one of my favorites...
 I wanna show you things, give you things
it's all on you


{Trailer} LL Cool J and Ice-T Team Up for New A&E Series, "Hip Hop Treasures"

A celebration of Hip-Hop art brought directly to your home.  LL Cool J and Ice-T, alongside notable Hip Hop legends throughout, lead a new series that journeys through the search for infamous Hip Hop memorabilia within the last 50 years.  With each piece found, the personal story from the music artist and/or collector behind it is shared.

 Notorious B.I.G's crown, Soulja Boy's shades, Flavor Flav's clocks, Master P's No Limit Jersey, DMX's Aaliyah car and so so much more.  Check out the trailer after the jump!

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

{Watch}:: A Star-Studded Event. LOUIS VUITTON Men’s Spring-Summer 2024 Fashion Show by Pharrell Williams

Last night, the Louis Vuitton Men's Spring-Summer 2024 Fashion Show took place in Paris, France.  What an event it was. Since the announcement in February of Pharrell Williams taking the Men's Creative Director role, it's been up from there.  Personal invitations were sent to A-list Celebrities and Fashion lovers across the globe, who showed up and showed out.  Don't mistake that for being the highlight of the event.   The allure of the entire show held a level of fascinating command on its own.  

    A variety of very well styled pieces and models walked the runway at the Maison with unwavering attention.  Pharrell presented a soundtrack of new songs that debuted on this very special evening, including a Clipse reunion (where Pusha T takes noticeable shots at rapper Jim Jones).  Pharrell's version of Unspeakable Joy with the Choir and production was absolutely phenomenal.  Bravo.  Catch more photos and the video of the entire fashion show after the jump!   

Monday, June 19, 2023

Time Warp...2015: Freedom | Pharrell Williams

Yazmyn Gross with father Anthony and mother Jazmyn Gross. 2021. 
Rion Sanders/Great Falls Tribune

Mind, use your power...
Spirit, use your wings...
Happy Juneteenth!


Solange Knowles 'Saint Heron' Launches a Glassware Collection

kevin mazur, getty images

 I think coming from a dance background, there is a song and dance; you’re constantly having to move and you’re having to follow the glass. You’re having to intuitively make movement and sort of surrender to this material so that you can get to the finish line. Otherwise, it sort of freezes a moment in time. So I felt like it was a really good practice and surrender for me. And from there I began to think of ways to create objects out of the material, and I started to just gather ideas and sketches and build the design for the collection.
- Solange to ELLE

Saint Heron introduces us to "Small Matter Art Objects: Handblown Glassware 001".  This is a collaborative collection with black glassblower, Jason McDonald.  The sculptural glasses designed by Solange through Saint Heron (design studio & gallery, Small Matter) aims to encompass light, color, movement, and form.

Jeezy Announces Pre-Sale for his Memoir Book, "Adversity for Sale"

...for all my day ones and everybody that's been down with me since the beginning.

Many rappers have dabbled in the literature field with their own memoirs such as Rick Ross, LL Cool J, Raekwon, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, DMX, to name a few.  Young Jeezy is now next up to bat.
He declares this 272-page book as a 'motivational memoir' and the 'greatest story never told'.  

Thursday, June 15, 2023

{Personal Post} PHOTOS/VIDEOS: Roots Picnic 2023- Day 2

And we're back.  Day 2 started off with unsaid chaos, but we ball!  Anywho, today was just as fun!  The temps were cooler than the day before, but we were prepared this time.  Let's get into the details of Day 2...

From Screen to Table: NETFLIX Pop-up Restaurant Opens this Month

From episode to entrée, with Netflix Bites we are creating an in-person experience where fans can immerse themselves in their favorite food shows. We are excited to collaborate with these incredible chefs who will bring this vision to life and showcase an array of their delicious menus.
Josh Simon, VP of consumer products.

While there has been lots of discourse surrounding NETFLIX 'crack down' on password sharing, the streaming company seems to have their focus on something else.  Food!  The pop-up restaurant will feature dishes from the world renowned chefs, whose culinary shows you've seen on NETFLIX.  This includes “Chef’s Table,” “Is It Cake?” and “Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend.” 

NETFLIX BITES will be housed at the Short Stories hotel in Los Angeles, CA.  Chef lineup?  
Dominique Crenn-"Chef’s Table" , "Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend"
Nadiya Hussain- "Nadiya Bakes"
Ann Kim- "Chef’s Table: Pizza"
Rodney Scott- “Chef’s Table: BBQ"
Curtis Stone- "Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend"
Ming Tsai- "Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend"
Jacques Torres- "Nailed It!"
Andrew Zimmern- "Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend"

Prominent mixologists LP O’Brien, Kate Gerwin, Julie Reiner, and Frankie Solarik were, also, snagged to curate custom cocktails for the pop-up's drink menu.  

NETFLIX BITES opens June 30, 2023.

115 S Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
5pm-10pm Daily
10am- 2pm Sat & Sun Brunch

Click here to make reservations!

s.o. to Variety

Time Warp...1995: I Don't Wanna Be Alone (Remix) | Shai x Jay-Z

Circa 1995.
Baby can't ya see it's Destiny I'm feelin?
Pulling this back out the crate.  I'm sure you've heard at least Hov verse in the club, right?  
They really should've made a video for this version...

Bon appétit! Wanderlust Paris snags Action Bronson for Street Food Menu & Live Concert

It's just what I like to eat.  You take things that are already there, and you get creative.

Rapper... Author... and International Foodie, Action Bronson, is teaming up with nightclub Wanderlust in Paris, France to put on a one of a kind showcase.  This alluring experience will feature not only a live performance by Bronson, but also a one of a kind menu curated by him.  The limited tickets reiterate the presence of urban culture in its description for this exclusive event.  

So what's on the menu?  Here's what he came up with...

Monday, June 12, 2023

{Trailer} ABC News Upcoming Special- "Superstar: Aaliyah"

As with any iconic artist' young life taken abruptly, there will be story after story told for years and years to come.  A couple weeks before her death in August 2001, we were able to get a pure and intimate look of Aaliyah's life on MTV's show 'Diary'.  No one could imagine a tragic ending was near.  Over the last 20 years, we've gotten a Lifetime network movie and music documentaries exploring the 22 years of life of the singer/actress/model.. Aaliyah.  

ABC News 'Superstar' special, will also, focus on Aaliyah's life and impact.  Personal accounts and interviews are shared from music industry, journalists, artists, family, and then boyfriend... Damon Dash.  If you are wondering, to address the elephant in the room... YES.. the special discusses the situation with Robert.  Catch the trailer after the jump!

{Personal Post} PHOTOS:: Bacardi Party x Honduras

In between all of my HARD work, I make efforts to set aside time for play.  Incorporating travel is always a move.  Last month, I visited Honduras.  It was HOT, but treated me well.  I wish I'd taken more pictures this time around, but I was distracted.  There are a lot of 'us' in Honduras, which I kinda knew, but got to see first hand.  Everyone I encountered also spoke English well.  I was chit chattin away lol.

If you remember back in November last year on the Tortola post , I mentioned that there was one more stop on that trip.  That was the Bahamas!  A Bacardi Party to be exact.  I never got around to that post, so... I'm combining it with this one. 
Look at my mind...
floating away...

Bun B Opens New Brick and Mortar Location for 'Trill Burgers'

Draped up and dripped out.
Trill Burgers was established summer of 2021.  They started small at local culinary events and began holding their own pop-ups.  The buzz quickly spread and in 2022, Trill Burgers earned the title from "Good Morning America" as Best Burger in America.  Pop-ups continued, including those at the giant Something in the Water and Rolling Loud music festivals etc., and now Trill Burgers has opened their first brick and mortar location.

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Time Warp...1997: No Question | Allure x LL Cool J

Circa 1997.
Should I surrender when you pursue me?
I' know everyone is familiar with their hit ballad, All Cried Out, but do you remember this bop?

{Personal Post} PHOTOS/VIDEOS: Roots Picnic 2023- Day 1

Oh my.  What a TIME.  I truly don't know where to start.  The Roots held their 15th Picnic music festival in Philadelphia, PA this month.  When the lineup was announced and I read "State Property Reunion", I was absolutely sold.  The group chat can vouch.  I had to be there.  Initially when I got my tickets the moment they went on sale in February, this was a dolo mission.  My homegirl hit me days before and said she wants to come.  Say less.  

I've captured some great photos and videos through my own lens.  My people are just beautiful and amazing man.  If you happen to see anyone you know, tag them in the comments or send them the link!  

Take a walk with me through Day 1...

{Trailer} Lifetime's... "Keyshia Cole: This is My Story" Biopic

Many have watched Keyshia Cole's life through several of her BET reality shows, spanning from 2006- 2015, engaging in a raw and uncut emotional rollercoaster.  Her story is now turned into a Lifetime film.  The "Keyshia Cole: This is My Story" biopic takes an additional dive into her difficult childhood to life in stardom.   

Keyshia plays her older self.  Debbi Morgan and Alfred E. Rutherford, to name a few, are also featured in the film.  Does anyone know the name of this beautiful girl playing young Keyshia?  
Catch the full trailer after the jump!

Frank Ocean's Homer Brand Publishes New Photography Book, "Mutations"

If the ground is black and yellow?

If you aren't familiar... Frank Ocean founded his American luxury jewelry and accessories brand, Homer, in 2018.  It commercially launched in 2021.  Though Frank mainly keeps a low profile, the business is still up and running.  Recently, Homer published "Mutations".