Thursday, January 31, 2013

(Fxck You) All the Time| Jeremih x Lil Wayne

Pxssy for breakfast..
That’s how I start my day…

From hisLate Nights with Jeremihmixtape, which made the list for my top mixtapes of 2012, floats a new rendition of trackFxck You All the Time”.  Not much has changed except for an additional verse from Jeremih and newly added verse from Lil Wayne.  The track is said to premiere (again) on his upcoming Thumpy Johnson mixtape.  Late Nights’ still gets rotation on the daily so I’m not complaining.  I like this version too… 

s.o. to BILLBOARD.

Pod Post Thursdays: Paris | Masspike Miles


Let’s start off this chapter with a kiss…
I need you like I never needed you before…

This song.. this beat.. this video.  Everything about it is SEXY. 
MMG’s underground crooner caught me with this one.

Same Bxtch| ASAP Rocky x Trey Songz

Standing next to me..
Will make you a celebrity…

What a pleasant surprise.  A new ASAP track feat Trey Songz hits the airwaves via DJ Spinatik’s upcoming Street Runnaz 72 Mixtape.  This could have definitely made the album.  Check it Out below…

Time Warp... 1999 : In The Club | Beanie Sigel

Circa 1999.

Beans was killin em… back then.  Will we ever see THIS "Sige' " again??

Mixtape: Full Metal Jacket| Whoo Da Kid

A new one from Whoo da Kid.  It’s something about him and OJ da Juiceman’s music that brings much serenity into my day and soothes me.  Odd I know… BUT for that.. they will always get love on my blog.  Listen to the full mixtape below:

My Last Molly Song Ever, I Promise| Problem x Gunplay x Trinidad James

I got the Mac..
I’m bout ta’..get my delete on..

I really hope this is the last molly song ever.. (although I know it won’t be).  Very creative on Problem’s end.  It seems he’s taken annoyance of the term too.  People can really run something in the ground.  This beat rocks tho..

Video: Southside| Trinidad James x Forte Bowie

I’m saving all my love…
That’s rest in peace to Ms. Whitney…

James releases his 2nd visual from mixtape, Don’t Be S.A.F.E., which is highly rotated on my end.  Photos from this vid surfaced a while ago with folks reporting it was from the visual for ‘One More Molly’.  Looks like that info wasn’t correct…lls.
 Press play and bounce..

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Word of the Week..... KECK.

Nothing wrong with expanding your vocabulary and knowledge of words.  Who knows when you may encounter or need to use them.  Here’s the word of this week:

KECK: Verb.
1.        To retch; be nauseated.
2.       To feel or show disgust or strong dislike

Ever since Deena ate Chinese Food and became awfully sick, she now kecks at the mere smell of it.

Choosin' (Prod. by. Lex Luger)| Currensy x Wiz Khalifa x Rick Ross

Pull up in that errrrnnn...
 and them bishes start choosin…
Pull off in that skuuurrrt...
 and them haters gon lose it…

Spitta teases fans by releasing a track off his upcoming “New Jet City”, which is set to hit the waves this Super Bowl Sunday.   I can’t wait…

Bxtch Don't Kill My Vibe (freestyle)| Rick Ross

I watched everything change..
in the blink of an eye..

While Roza'sy birthday started  off totally  wrong yesterday from him being shot at L , it didn’t stop him from releasing a freebie to the masses over Kendrick Lamar’s track.. “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe

Sn:.. that comment “You definitely killed my vibe” ..  Now that was funny lls.  I still love Ross tho

Video: Nobody Knows| Juelz Santana x Future + remix from Jim Jones...

 You ‘ont know what I’m goin through…

Juelz releases a visual alongside Future for the “Nobody Knows” track off his popular God Will’n mixtape. If you haven’t listened already.. you can check it out via datpiff


Juelz isn’t the only Dipset member working.  Jimmy gives us some footage as well for his rendition of Future and Kelly Rowland’s hit song.. “Neva End” .  To this date.. Jimmy is still shittin on em with the random ad libs... 

SN:  In case you haven’t heard… the music lords heard us.. and there is going to be a Dipset reunion concert this year for the 10th year anniversary of Diplomatic Immunity..  Yep.. you read that right.  Get excited.  It’s Monday, March 25th at B.B. Kings in NYC.  Tickets are on sale now at  I swear if it was here.. I SO would be in there.  Bummed I’m going to miss that.   

Monday, January 28, 2013

Motivation Mondays...

This living is so magnificent..
Stop dreaming it…

I can show you..
Show you better than I can tell you….

It’s so much going on in the world today.. why procrastinate?  Make your dreams happen NOW.  Put up or shut up.   Time waits for no (wo)man.  Life alone is magnificent....  ENJOY it while you can.
 You never know when the run is up....

Sn:  Because I'm a fan.. I chose a Rick Ross song today for his 37th.  Happy Birthday!  On a more stern note.. while celebrating his birthday last night.. it ended in an alleged drive-by directed towards him while leaving the party.  His car was found crashed this morning.  No word has been released from Ross or his camp but we do know that he is ok.  Too many bad things have happened to this guy over the past few months (seizures.. death threats from gangs etc.)  I need him to step back and reevaluate shit. 

Molly| Tyga x Wiz Khalifa x Mally Mall

Can’t fall in love..
I got options..

Tyga releases new tunes from his upcoming Hotel California set for March 26th.  I think this one will def be a club banger.  Listen below:

Only You Can Tell It| Pusha T x Wale

I’m yo Pusha” releases a track from his highly anticipated upcoming mixtape, Wrath of Caine, dropping on datpiff tonight!.  He has great lyrical ability.. I hope he shines on this one.  As far as this song goes.. I’m digging it.  Taking a subtle approach instead of a usual club banger right before it drops may work in his favor…

Video: Dreams & Nightmares Intro| Meek Mill

Meek Mill  releases a visual for arguably the most talked about song on his album (and my favorite).  He gave the streets what they wanted and made this a single.  Good Job Meek. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pod Post Thursdays: Bugatti | Ace Hood x Future x Rick Ross

I woke up in a new Bugatti...

Future syces this song to the umpteenth power.  I can see this being a hit..very soon

All Gold, All Girls| Cassie x Trina x Lola Monroe

I don’t fxck with those bxtches
We ain’t takin no pictures..

Yessssss.  Not only am I excited that Cass FINALLY released an official track off her long awaited mixtape Rock A Bye Baby… but they took one of the hottest songs out (by a man)… put all women on the track.. and ripped that shit. 
Take a listen for yourself below:

Time Warp...2006 : Put 'Em in Their Place | Mobb Deep

Circa 2006.

We just knew signing with G-Unit was gonna be a huge come up for them.. especially with tracks like this.  Who would have ever imagined that it would be the opposite..

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Memories Back Then (CDQ)| T.I. x B.O.B x Kendrick Lamar x Kris Stephens

She let me finger fxck her on the school bus…
I won’t say her name.. cause she married now…


The, as I like to call it, raggedy version was released last month.  Now that the quality has hit the waves, I must say.. this is a dope song.  Also, s/o to my old classmate Kris Stephens.  You’re doing your thang girl! J

You're Gone | Ab-Soul x JMSN

Pin me against the wall..
and give your all…

“Soul- lo Hoe” and Singer/songwriter JMSN release the first single off their upcoming joint album, Unit 6.  Regardless of the message…I’m feeling this one. 

Video: Consequence tells ALL in Breakfast Club Interview..

How pxssy gon’ bother me!?.. I will wash Big Sean up!

Yikes.  If you were expecting this interview to be about Love & Hip Hop... you were in for a surprise.  Consequence and Jen the Pen went on the Breakfast Club to keep it “real” about his beefs with everyone! Lol.
 That being Raqi Thunder, Joe Budden, Kanye, Q- Tip, Pusha T, Big Sean, and anyone else you can think of lol.  He is going off in this interview. I don’t want to say he went to the extreme by releasing so much information because CLEARLY this is coming from a deep place as you can tell by his anger behind it.. BUT I wish they had talked about everything before it resulted to this.. *sigh.  Listen/Watch Below:

Friday, January 18, 2013

Video: Dope| Tyga x Rick Ross

All my shxt DOPE.…

This is definitely one of my favorite songs out right now.  I’m pleased to put a visual with the track.and even more pleased that it didn’t have a typical “in the club” concept.  Check it out..   

Video: Love & War| Tamar Braxton

We go so hard…
We lose control….

Tamar looks stunning in her new visual for hot new single, Love and War.   Such a powerful song.  I am so proud of her…she is finally living her dream. 

Sandy Hook Massacre... A Hoax???

“…a very complex investigation and there is a lot of contradictory information out there”- Pete Williams, NBC news

*DISCLAIMER: In order to get the full effect of why this had even come about as a "Hoax".. (along with reading the text)watch BOTH videos in FULL.

Last month, we were all at complete shock and devastation as we heard the news of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.  None of us could grasp why a person would want to walk into a school and kill innocent children.  Innocent children who haven’t had a chance to even enjoy life.. killed.. at the hands of some psycho who decided to shoot up a school.  It gives such a chilling feeling just talking about it.  However… some ppl saw some things wrong with the reports… some things just didn’t sit right.  I’m not one to believe all the information I see on YouTube, for this is the same place that has a ton of “illuminati” videos -_-, but I thought it would be interesting to share this with others. 

There is a video circulating dissecting some of the information ppl have complied in videos to describe the “hoax” and deeming them as completely false.  I actually watched this video before the other one and thought it would be more effective that way for you all too.  Check out the counteractive footage below:

I never would have imagined in a million years that something would turn up as this… Speculation that the massacre.. of children being killed..  a fake.  Really?  WHO would do something like that.  Just horrible.  View the video below where someone really dissected the information with intricate details and raised a lottttt of questions.  Here’s one that I thought was very very interesting…

Sn: I don’t like how he wrote.. seen with “Obama”.  It’s PRESIDENT Obama…. Ya bish.

All i can say is WOW.  I have no differ words if the operation was real or if it was “fake”.  I mean people ALWAYS  come up with a conspiracy theory when things happen.   Either way… it is extremely disturbing to know this is the type of world we live in.  A world where there is fear in doing simple things because of the unknowing of A psycho’s intentions to kill innocent people… a world where we have to question if massacre’s were “set up” to happen… and even worse… a world where things like this DOES happen.  We need to stay prayed up people.  What are your thoughts?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pod Post Thursdays: Poppin Off in Atlanta | Watch the Duck


I’ll tell ya.. one thing that piss me off...
Wudn’t no weed!  It was missin like a muhfxcka..
Dammit I’m mad!

This came out some time mid last year .  I didn’t hear it until last month randomly.  The voice reminds me of “The Big Payback” (chopped and screwed version) | James Brown.  You know I dig it.  This joint cranks….and it’s quite comical at times I might add lol.

Video: SOSA (freestyle)| Rick Ross x Stalley

Now when my eye go the twitchin…
Palm get the itchin…

Ross goes OFF over the Chief Keef track, SOSA.  Now THIS is how the track should sound… 

Come and Get It| T-Pain x Ace Hood x Busta Rhymes

You gon pay them bills on time...
 I feel on yours..
You feel on mine…

I am far from a T-Pain fan... but he caught me with this track.  A nice sample always wins me over.  Check it out:  

Video: Tic Toc| French Montana x Trina

I ain’t mad youuuu…

This is prob one of the best verses I heard from Trina in a long time.  I love the confidence she is exuding in this video.  Looks like another female rapper is making their way  back to the scene (Thank God).  You can catch this track on French’s, Mac and Cheese 3.  Until then… enjoy the vid:

Time Warp... 2002 : Pass the Courvoisier | Busta Rhymes x Diddy x Pharrell

Circa 2002.

Def. one of the hottest songs that year..  

Shawty Lo.. "All My Baby Mamas".. a Positive Show??

Over the past few weeks, there has been promotion of rapper Shawty Lo’s new reality show “All my Baby Mamas” where Lo has 10 baby mamas (11 now for his current girlfriend is pregnant) and so far 11 children.  It received mixed reviews as folks loveee reality TV; some couldn’t wait for it to air, others were pissed.  There was a big hoo-rah about the show demeaning black ppl.  If you don’t want to see it.. then don’t watch it.  Plain and simple. 

  I don’t understand how when there are dozens of reality shows full of nonsense, that feature black cast members, in which people tune into DAILY.  But was his show really about fxckery?  I admit.. that’s what I thought at first (just by hearing about it) but I never looked at what Lo could have been trying to relay positively until I saw his interview.  He makes a good point.  He has 11 kids and takes care of ALL of them.  He’s an active figure in their lives.  I know some ppl who are an only child and can say their “father” has never been “around”.   So what’s wrong with him being in his kids’ lives?  That could encourage any young man who has multiple kids, being a deadbeat, to step up to the plate.  Hip Hop/Reality TV just has that type of influence…
   It seems the show will never air due to a petition, which allegedly received over $40,000 signatures, against the show.  Now… another thing I don’t understand is how shows like “The Best Funeral Ever”, which focuses on the most outrageous funerals and the mourning of their families, can air (another show that features mostly a black cast) but ppl have a problem with him trying to air this?  Idk.  Ppl are so fickle nowadays with their “standards” of what fxckery is “ok”.  I don’t agree reality TV makes “us” look bad because it’s some people’s lives.  By that I mean.. how many ppl do you know that have lives related more to the women on “Love and Hip Hop” than that of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”?.  Mentioning two completely different shows alone shows that ALL black people are not the same and ONE show does not depict ALL of us.  Does “Duck Dynasty” depict ALL white ppl?  No.  Do you think that White ppl have a problem with it airing because it makes them all look like “rednecks”? No.  We shouldn’t look at our shows like that either.  I guess we care that much what “others” will think; the same others who will have their opinions about us anyway no matter what show we put out.  What I, also, want to point out is folks complain about these shows, but when there is a positive black show on air (i.e. Reed between the Lines,  Mary Mary, Tyler Perry’s ..Are We There Yet?)… they don’t get any recognition by most of “us”.. but we get mad if “they” don’t.  Just thought I’d point a few things out.  Check yourselves ppl. 

Anywho .. aside from my rant… peep the interview below on Shawty Lo’s thoughts about them cancelling the show. 

Happy Birthday Michelle Obama...

I am so pleased that she will be serving as first lady for the next 4  years.  She represents all aspects of a classy woman.  So proud… Love her. With that being said.. Happy Birthday to our beautiful First lady, Michelle Obama J 

Video: Behind the Scenes footage of Beyonce's GQ Shoot

I told you gimme a minute..
And I’ll be right back…
(Diva| Beyonce)

As if the photos weren’t enough to drool over.. GQ Mag gives us another treat by releasing some footage from the shoot by photographer, Terry Richardson.