Wednesday, January 9, 2013

LHHNY's Tahiry & Joe Budden hit the Breakfast Club

Don’t be yappin about me all day….

On Monday night.. most of us were tuned into the season 3 premiere of Love and Hip Hop New York, which contained an all new cast.  I’m sure none of were expecting it to turn into the Joe Budden & his lovers show.  Threw me for a loop as the entire episode mainly wrapped around Joey and his love for his ex Tahiry.. Another girl named Raqi who he claims as a friend while she says different.. and his actual girlfriend who had NO relevance in the episode AT ALL * sideeye.  You can catch the FULL episode here. 

Anywho.. as if it wasn’t concluded enough that Joey and Tahiry are still MADLY in love with one another.. they both visited the Breakfast Club (during separate interviews) the next day to thicken the plot. Check it out after the jump:

Sn: Charlamagne’s “sexy face” expression towards her is hilarious. 

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