Friday, June 29, 2012

It's Nothin| Wiz Khalifa x 2 Chainz

Wiz releases a new single this hot friday afternoon, off his upcoming album O.N.I.F.C. This one has to grow on me. 2 Chainz gives it a nice lil' kick tho. Check it out:

Video: Hell's Angels| Stalley x Rick Ross

From one of the most slept on mixtapes so far this year, Stalley releases another visual.  This time with company of his mentor Rozay.  If you haven't downloaded Savage Journey to The American Dream... you need to get on it.  Peep the vid below:

Video: Sam is Dead| Odd Future

I love this album.  The OF gang releases another visual from the OF Tape Vol.2, this time with Tyler and Domo for 'Sam Is Dead'.  You never know what to expect from these guys.  Watch below:

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hundred Dollar Bill Skyscraper| Big Sean x Mac Miller

From a city of G's...

Sean Don drops a treat this evening featuring the holmes Mac Miller prod. by Drumma Boy.  My new pay day anthem??  I suppose so.  Dope shxt.  Listen below:

Knock U Out| Juicy J (Prod. by Big KRIT)

That medical...
I haven't been feelin all of Juicy's new releases, but this one I rox with.  Krit did a good job on this beat.. it goes.

Trailer: Red Hook Summer ....a New Spike Lee joint.

My closest know I'm a serious Spike Lee film fanatic.  I've been waiting on the official trailer for this film since I've heard about it months back.  It's finally here...I can't wait.

Here's a synopsis (per XD Trailers):

Video: National Anthem| Lana Del Rey x ASAP Rocky + Ridin' It...

Money is the Anthem...
Gawd you're so handsome...

I LOVE..LOVE..LOVE this video. Fxckin phenomenal. Lana dropped her new vid for her single 'National Anthem' and I was highly impressed. The song is pretty hot too. Check it out:

Later in the blog world today, There was a leak of a song with actually both Asap and Lana. I thought the song was pretty dope (maybe I was in another world), but once word got back to was CLEAR.. he didn't agree. He took it to twitter to share a few words: 

 Ouch! Hope they work this out. That song has potential..

Blog Dent...

Ay yi yi.  If it ain't one thing's another.  Just when I thought 'Addiction' was up and running smooth, a dent was thrown into the entire project.  Blah.  I won't go into detail, but it's setting shxt back majorly.  Just thought I'd fill my loves in briefly about what's going on. I won't let it ruin the site tho.  The show must go on...


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mixtape: Zenith| Fly Union

It is what it is hoe…
You can’t turn an apple to a cantaloupe.

It’s “The Greater than Club” releases a new mixtape this week.  I’m a fan of Fly Union’s music (love Jerreau) so I was looking forward to hearing this.  The bars never disappoint.  These are some lyrical dudes.  I’ve literally had it on repeat all day.  Check it out:  

Women's Empowerment Wednesdays...

There are often times where people will have an opinion.. judgment.. or “synopsis etc.. of YOUR life.  Thinking they know what’s going on.. but have no clue.  Especially when you are doing something positive.  Let them think what they want.. and continue to press forward.  NEVER apologize for YOUR hard work and success, even if others have their own thoughts about it.  Keep striving and succeeding.  ‘Be YOU and Do What you gotta do…’
Enjoy the rest of your week loves!

ASAP Rocky Listening Party...

Recognize that shxt.. Asap..
A.. fxckin sap...

Last night was ASAP Rocky's listening party at Bar 7 and we had a blast!  My homegirl and I caught a few shots, but the homie Chris Barz (and Diamond too :-) ) took some amazing photos and was kind enough to send em over to me. I had the most random convo with ASAP and received a few trinkets to go home with.   Check out all the fun things below:

Video: Power Circle| MMG x Kendrick Lamar

I haven’t heard great reviews off MMG’s new album, Self Made Vol. 2, but I can say this song goes in the books.  Now a visual to accompany, makes it even better  Who do you think has the best verse??.    

National HIV Testing Day...

Do you KNOW your status? Get tested people!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Reasonable Doubt turns 16...


My how time flies!  16 years ago on this date in 1996, Jay dropped his first album: Reasonable Doubt, which was instantly deemed a classic album.  From that point on… Hov’s career continued to move nowhere but up.

  Peep a clip of a documentary for the classic album and one of my fav. tracks from it. 

MJ Lives On...

I chose this song because.. well.. it’s three years later and it’s still unbelievable.  I didn’t know Mike personally but he always held a special place in my heart for his character of kindness and love.. and OUTSTANDING music.  He was a master of his craft and was not only dedicated to his work, but dedicated to helping ppl in any way.  Before I get all emotional with this post, I will just end it with this last thing.  Michael, you will forever be loved.  Still missing you- Love Your Fan(s).  

Nas speaks on Life is good album cover...Kelis responds..

“The cover is the blues…”
The controversy after Nas released the artwork for the album cover ‘Life is Good’..all stirred due to one little thing.. Kelis’ wedding dress being on the album cover.  Nas met up with MTV last week to speak on the reasoning behind it.  

Get More: Music News

 It was only a matter of time before ex-wife Kelis saw it.  Here’s her response:

Ahh.. they were one of my favorite celeb couples.  I wish they could settle their differences and get back together..

Motivation Mondays...

 It’s a struggle, but we make it work…

It’s a world full of wolves out there waiting for you to slip up.  Sittin around dormant isn’t gonna make a difference in falling in that trap.  Do what you gotta do to handle yours.  The goal of success is waiting…

Have a great week loves..Xoxo

The Yellow Album [download/full stream]| Dom Kennedy

I've been playing this over and over since it dropped last week.  From the Musiq soulchild sample.. to the Aaliyah sample.. to Dom's hard but simple lyrics.. it was definitely worth the rotation.  Give it a listen.  You won't be disappointed...


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Women's Empowerment Wednesdays:: Be Happy | Mary J Blige

How can I
Love somebody else
If I can’t
Love myself enough to know…

All I really want..
Is to be happy.

This picture is so powerful to me.  Even with all the pain the sun can still shine again and a smile can form.  Appreciate your life…. Your existence… LOVE yourself.  It’s never too late.  Happiness is within YOU.  Have a great week loves!

{Personal Post} Photos :: Qream at Ozio's....

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending an event at Ozio’s to promote the liquer Qream and also to acknowledge and celebrate the new Qream DC Ambassador Jasmine Brand, from the popular entertainment site and one of my favorite’s: .  I had the pleasure of meeting her and she was SUPER friendly!  Contrary to most beliefs, those who know me, know that I am super shy no matter who it is, as far as meeting people.  I was happy to find that she was extremely welcoming and sociable!  The event included complimentary cocktails and appetizers amongst Qream cupcakes :D.  The DJ was slammin!!  Although, the humidity reared its ugly head being that the location was the rooftop, it was a great atmosphere.  I’m glad I went!  Sick and all!  Here are some photos from the event:

More pics coming soon.. :)