Tuesday, May 17, 2016

{Special Time Warp} Addiction reaches over 250k views! :: The Party Don't Stop | Mia-X x Master P x Foxy Brown

"Make me smilllleeee....... with my heart."
I noticed that  ADDICTION has reached over 250,000 views.  That's 1/4 of a mil... which is kinda like a big deal.  I'm so humbled and thankful for all the visitors and faithful supporters.  Here's a toast to you all!  Milestones like this make it all worth it and keep me going.  This photo exudes my feeling at the moment.  Here's the 
first song that came to mind (and turned on when I noticed the view number).  
Taking it back to 1997... Jam out with me one time.  
XOXO- Dolcezza

Monday, May 16, 2016

Video :: Not Listening | Descendent MC

 ...All hype
No Talent
Ya'll losing.  

Most times, the only way you can get someone to hear you is to speak aggressively.  Raw.   Trying to convey a message to the masses is no different.  'Not Listening' projects the essence of that via the moving of a free thinker in a non militant, but efficient revolutionary style.   There are no holds barred as Descendent addresses head on that we/this generation aren't 'listening' or being attentive to what really matters in our community and the things we'd rather stay distracted by.  Alongside the lyrics is a simple visual dominant enough to hold its own.  Here's an unconcealed one for your conscious.
Check it out:: 
"...They scared and silent.  They know we got power.. (they) wonder if we violent.  
Ending slavery, but put us in confinement.  Low wage, jobs, and debt.. no retirement..."

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A Fresh Start :: Former Black Panther Elaine Brown's Oakland Farm creates jobs for Ex-Inmates

Enlisted Master Gardner, Kelly Carlisle and farm crew.
Last fall of 2015, Former Black Panther chair(wo)man, singer, writer, and continued Activist Elaine Brown transformed a withering vacant lot in West Oakland, California into an urban farm of purpose.  Not only does this particular farm business produce a variety of quality crops (tomatoes, peppers, kale, squash, corn, and others), but it serves as employment with decent pay for ex criminal offenders looking for a fresh start at life.  

"I'm not in the farm business.  I'm in the business of creating opportunities for Black men and women who are poor and lack the education, skills, and resources to return to a community that is rapidly gentrifying without economic avenues for them in mind" (Brown).

Later down the line, Brown plans to add a juice bar, fitness center, grocery store, and tech design space along with affordable housing on the three-quarter acre property under her non-profit org, Oakland & the World Enterprises.  The vision is sustained.  However, there is still a need for funding to be raised to convert that vision into a reality.  The Pic├ín Restaurant, an upscale Southern-influenced black owned (Michael LeBlanc) restaurant in the area, signed on as the farm's first culinary client contract.  In addition, the restaurant also hosted fundraisers and goodwill-building dinners once a month through the end of the last year.

Dates/Locations :: Puff Daddy announced the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour

If you're going to miss the reunion show at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn this Friday, in lieu of a celebration for Biggie's birthday, you're in luck.  Diddy has announced that the show is going on an official tour!  Check out the dates and locations after the jump to see if they're coming to a city near you!  LIT. 

{Personal Post} PHOTOS :: No Kings Collective presents Art event... "Hustle 2.0"

I hardly ever post personal posts this close to the date it took place, but between 'A Moon Shaped Pool' and the sun shining, I was feeling a little spontaneous.  Last week, I ventured to the Hustle 2.0 pop up artist collective event held at Lab 1270 via #NoKingsDC. This was said to be a reincarnation of the 2015 artist collective's show celebrating the city's artistic core.  Artists included Kelly Towles, Tim Conlon, Andy Fernandez, Kate Warren, Miguel "M.I.G" Martinez, Typecase Industries, Superwaxx, Brandon Hill, Peter Chang, and Ralston Yorrick.  Take a glimpse into their sophomore effort project, Hustle 2.0.

{Watch} :: ASAP Mob releases super trippy video for track "Yamborghini High"

The ASAP Mob serves up this colorful super trippy video with sides of turnt and swagu  in equal portions.  I like i like. I'm sure Yamborghini is up above proud at this one.  RIP YAMS.  Watch below::  

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

{Personal Post} PHOTOS :: Broccoli City Festival 2016

Broccoli City Festival 2016 #BCFest fell on it's usual curse... a day of clouds and rain.  This year there weren’t as many activities as last year. The environment was different as this line up drew in a different and much larger crowd. Nevertheless, I know how to make the best of things and have fun. And that I definitely did…

{Watch} :: The trailer for the Nas’ executive produced Sundance Film, "The Land"

Opening in theaters and VOD July 29, 2016!  Read the synopsis via IFC YouTube and watch the trailer below.  Sidebar- check out the soundtrack listing at the end.  Fiyahh:: 

Starring: Jorge Lendeborg Jr., Moises Arias, Rafi Gavron, Ezri Walker, Machine Gun Kelly, & Robert Hunter.

Teenage buddies Cisco, Boobie, Junior, and Patty Cake skateboard the streets of Cleveland, Ohio, dreaming of getting discovered by a sponsor and skating their way out of poverty. That is until the boys discover a bag full of pills in the back of a stolen car. Cisco’s entrepreneurial instincts take over, and in a flash their lives get better. But no one counted on having to come face to face with the cold, calculating, and notorious drug queenpin, “Momma,” who runs the toughest gang in town.

Director Steven Caple Jr. makes an auspicious debut with this atmospheric film filled with pitch-perfect performances by an ensemble cast, including newcomer Jorge Lendeborg Jr., Erykah Badu, Machine Gun Kelly, Michael Kenneth Williams, and Linda Emond, who is bone chilling as Momma. More than a crime drama, THE LAND is a beautifully rendered story about friendship, values, and what it means for disaffected youth to come of age on the streets of Cleveland.

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Video :: Figure It Out | French Montana x Kanye West x Nas

I can't lie to you...
Directed by Eif Rivera. French's Wave Gods tape out now.  Watch below::

Misty Copeland gets her own Mattel Barbie for the ‘Sheroes’ collection

History made Ballerina, Misty Copeland, has received her own Barbie doll for Mattel; donned in a similar costume to Copeland’s Firebird ballet role. The doll is featured in the Barbie ‘Sheroes’ platform created to honor female heroes who break boundaries. This line has other dolls modeled after famous women including Ava DuVernay, Emmy Rossum, Kristin Chehoweth, and Eva Chen. The dolls on the ‘Sheroes’ line will retail for $29.95. A collectors’ item for sure.

As a brand, we want to honor women, like Misty, who are inspiring the next generation of girls to live out their dreams. We know role play often leads to real 'play' in life and we're thrilled to celebrate Misty with her very own doll.”- Lisa McKnight, Barbie General Manager and Senior Vice President.

s.o. to NPR

After nearly 25 years, The ‘A League of their Own’ cast reunites!

From L to R.  Megan Cavanagh (Marla Hooch), Tracy Reiner (Betty “Betty Spaghetti” Horn), Geena Davis (Dottie Hinson), Patti Pelton (Marbleann Wilkenson), Anne Ramsay (Helen Haley), and Freddie Simpson (Ellen Sue Gotlander) via US Weekly.
On this past Sunday in Bentonville, Arkansas, six of the great film’s cast of "A League of their Own" reunited for a ball game at the Bentonville Film Festival- which was founded by lead cast member Geena Davis and co founded with Trevor Drinkwater. Wearing their imitation Rockford Peaches baseball team uniforms as they wore in the movie, the cast members shared laughs, posed for photos, and interacted with the crowd during a small baseball game in conjunction with the festival. The festival is a ‘research based and commercial focused platform that proactively supports diverse storytellers, champion woman, and diverse voices in media".

via US Weekly9 
Unfortunately, Tom Hanks (Coach Jimmy Dugan)  Madonna, ('All the way Mae'/Mae Mordabito), Rosie O'Donnel (Doris Murphy), and Dottie Henson’s kid sister in the film Kit Keller played by Ms. Lori Petty, were not able to make it to the festivities. That would’ve been nice if they could have; event wise and for the photo ops.

"A League of their Own" is one of the few movies that I own and still watch every time it comes on television.  It’s, also, one of the few that makes me shed a tear.. each time I watch it- no one understands lol since it’s not a sad movie. I had a future post lined up to explain that, inspired by VSB, that hopefully will make it out the drafts box...

s.o. to Uproxx

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Just Blaze set to open ‘Ani Ramen’ eatery house in Jersey City, NJ

via the NY Times

The popular Japanese ramen noodle spot, located in Montclair NJ, is now opening its second location in Jersey City via legendary producer Just Blaze. After the opening, look forward to a said ‘Just Blaze Fridays’ to be in effect. Ani Ramen House formatted in a modern Izakaya style features BYOB. Yes, a restaurant house where you can bring your own booze! Although, boxing leftovers is not permitted, the restaurant has some pretty good reviews on the food.

A couple years ago, I visited a ‘fancy’ spot and that’s where I first saw Ramen on the menu…and for $10+. The first thing I uttered was… wait.. they have oodles and noodles on the menu? O_o they charging $10 for a $.20 pack of oodles and noodles just because they threw actual shrimp in it? I was mind boggled. Fast forward to present day. There are spots solely centered around Ramen all over. It’s become not only a popular eat, but a lucrative one. My curiosity got the best of me one day. I decided to go to a local spot and see what the hype was about. I ordered the ramen with shrimp, which came up close to 10 bucks. Survey says. It’s NOT oodles and noodles lol. (I believe that’s just a DC term so in other words.. the ramen noodle packs in the stores.) it’s actual hand crafted noodles.. ramen noodles. They gave me a huge portion which I appreciated for the price. However, even while eating it all… I'd rather stick with my $.20 pack.  I may try it again or plan to try and make my own at home and see if it'll  become more appealing to me that way  For more info on Ani Ramen, click here.

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Panda (Remix) | Fabolous

Fab takes a stab at remixing Desiigner's popular track, Panda. This version ended too quick... or abruptly rather. Fab should’ve let it ride. Maybe we'll get the full version later. In the meantime, listen below::

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Video :: Thumbin | ASAP Ant x Playboi Carti

***UPDATE from original 03/27/2016 post- Video added minus Carti. 

What started off as a random click of listen turned into unexpected repeats.  This song dropped on last week's edition of ASAP Mob's #WavyWednesdays.  Kudos to Icytwat... for lacing 'Thumbin" with the perfect backdrop of flawless production.  Addie and Carti should continue collab.  It works.