Friday, December 31, 2021

Our Thoughts:: Top Albums of 2021

It's years' like this that makes the tradition more enjoyable.  A LOT of good music came out in 2021.  Probably one of the more difficult ones to rank.  The fam and I compiled our lists again of our top albums that dropped this year.  Side note: I just want to give a shout that they are the real MVPs for sending in the artwork with their list this time 'round:D  Check out our favorite projects after the jump!

{Personal Post} Photos:: 2021 4th Quarter

Holidays mean inebriation!  4th Quarter had its notable moments.  From seeing Dave Chappelle live to partying on a private 3 story yacht with an open bar for Christmas.  See it all below!

In Memoriam...2021

My second year doing this and it was just as tough a feeling as it was last year.  Gone but not forgotten

In memoriam...

Hank Aaron

Shock G

Suzanne Douglas

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Mood: Stack The Deck x El Michels Affair feat. Bobby Oroza

I can't recall how I stumbled across this breathtaking gem and initially, I thought it was an oldie.  The chords were familiar and I FINALLY figured out where I know them from.  To my surprise, this is not an oldie at all and actually released this year.  The arrangement is out of this world.  Levitation every single solitary time.  
Sidebar:  Call me crazy but at least you're calling.

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Time Warp...1975: Let Your Hair Down | Yvonne Fair

Circa 1975 

Talk yo shit Yvonne.
P.S. cough up a lung where i'm from...

5 Liquors Recommended to Bring in the New Year

*Disclaimer... I drink everything straight, so I don't have any fancy recipes to recommend.  Maybe next time.

I mean because thanks to Covid and its cousins running a muck, we all finna be in the house anyway?  For those going out... chile may the force be with you.  For those of us staying in, here are 5 liquors I recommend to get you through NYE.  


{Personal Post} Photos:: More October fun x Fall Randoms


I don't post on my social media often, so I have to unload these pics somehow lol.  My 34th birthday and some other jazz is entailed in this one.  Like I said, the gems are in the videos, but the photos'll do.  Part 3 tomorrow.

{Personal Post} Photos:: Street Symphony x Millennium Tour x October fun


October kicked off and I decided I was celebrating my birthday the entire month; our birthdays.  It didn't work out that way lol, butttt hopefully THAT post will see the light of day from the drafts.  This post doesn't include my actual birthday photos, but rather "Street Symphony", the Millenium Tour, and photos from either of our pre/post bday outings.  Libra babies.  The gems are really in the videos, but here are the moments I captured...

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Just Dialogue: Movies/TV Shows I Watched during Quarantine (pt. III)

We have reached a part III of this saga... all whilst going into year 3 of the pandemic *sigh.  It's becoming difficult to keep these as just dialogue with no spoilers.  I have things to say!  Maybe that can change for the next one.  Anywho, I'm certain there are a few that I'm forgetting.  They'll be thrown on the next post.  Let's get into it:

BMF (Black Mafia Family)/STARZ

"at least you can wish me luck... ".  I had been WAITING for this show since being announced a couple years ago.  It exceeded expectations.  Everyone played the hell out of their role and the pacing of the story was perfect... which is very important in any series or film.  Kudos to 50.


Monday, December 20, 2021

Time Warp...1974: Cross My Heart | Billy Stewart

Circa 1974. 

A new time warp post was long overdue.  I stumbled across this randomly one night cooking and it inspired me to bring these back.  Just blaze knew.
and I love herrrrrrrrrrrr

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{Personal Post} Photos:: B A D D I E presents "A Pop Up for the Culture"

To the first of the many personal posts I have still sitting in the drafts.  Back towards the end of September, I attended "A Pop Up for the Culture" in support of the baddie herself, Hannah.  The event hosted several vendors of small black businesses in the area, themed cocktails, a few hot DJs, and FOOD :D.  An impromptu birthday celebration took place towards the end which kicked off the turn up.  Cool people, cooler vibes.  Take a glimpse below:

Solange's Saint Heron launches a digital library of Rare books by Black Authors

Solange. ForUsByUs.
her Saint Heron website has since relaunched into a library of rare books by black authors.  Through the website's portal, anyone in the U.S. can borrow a selection of 50 books curated by Rosa Duffy, who is the founder of Atlanta's For Keeps Books bookstore.  Genres available range from art to history to novels to poem collections and so forth.   

“If you’re not invited into these [archives] or you don’t feel invited into these spaces—which Black folks are often not—you can feel like this stuff doesn’t belong to you, like you’re not allowed to put your hands on it, and it’s behind closed doors,”- Duffy.

We hope that by encountering these works, our community is inspired to further explore and study the breadth of artistic expression and the impact of Blackness in creative innovation throughout history...” 

Just a sample of what to look for.  Loaners are able to check out one title each, with the loan lasting up to 45 days.  For detailed instructions on how the library works, see after the jump!

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers:: Sun Goddess Wines by. Mary J Blige x Raekwon "From Staircase to Stage" Memoir

Christmas is 5 days away!  If you have a wine or hiphop lover to gift, this post is for you.  Ms. Blige is sharing her world of wines as she teams up with renowned Fantinel Winery (Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy) for her collection, Sun Goddess Wines.  The collection features limited-edition Italian Pinot Grigio (Rosé) and Italian Sauvignon Blanc.  

“I’ve always loved the sun, and as a child I always tried to capture the sun’s warmth and energy. It was magical to me, and it’s with that spirit, that my mom began calling me “Sun Goddess.” 

You can purchase either wine or both at a Total Wine & More near you.  Also, check your local liquor stores that carry a nice wine selection.  

I grew up on the crime side
The new york time side

We've learned a bit from the Wu-Tang saga hulu series, but now we are presented with Raekwon's own origin story.  The legendary Chef is always cooking up fire and this time... it's a memoir.  I read an excerpt of this via RollingStone of how Leonardo DiCaprio backed his idea for a Wu biopic, similar to that of N.W.A's Straight Outta Compton film.  However, RZA shot it down.