Monday, April 30, 2012

Lemme See| Usher x Rick Ross

Premiered this morning on Power 105's 'The Breakfast Club' show... a new track from Usher Raymond.  

s.o. to HERfection

Video: Where Have You Been| Rihanna

After much anticipation after she released the sneak peek of what's to come of her new video, Where Have You Been, I must say that it has lived up to the hype.  Something different and creative!  Feelin' it. 

Motivation Mondays...

And I wonder…
If you know…
What it means..
To laugh as tears go by…

Life is what you make it.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Put It Down| Brandy x Chris Brown

If you put it down...
Like the way I want it...

Perfect timing.  Just after Brandy’s attention holding Behind the Music episode premiered last night, she releases a new track with Chris Brown the next day (today).  I like this one.  Not only does Bran spit a few bars.. but Chris goes in.  Take a listen:


Video: THIRST... starring Chanel Iman..

Peep the new fashion video for handbag label, Reece Hudson, entitled Thirst {by Jenna Elizabeth} .   Starring Chanel Iman

s.o. to theLIFEfiles

Pod Post Thursdays: Shame | Dave Raps + Tell Her Again | Sterling Simms x Meek Mill


A treat.. two songs today.  Enjoy :-)

Watch how I take back all my feelings and see what you left with…

This joint goes.  From Dave’s current mixtape, AKA Dave Ruffin…which dropped Apr 9th.  It’s def. worth checking out!  Download HERE  #Leggo

Im’ma kill that p**** like a murdererrrrr

*slow winds in chair.   
My shiiiiiit.  #CertifiedCrankage.  

My Side of Town| Cam'ron

A new one from Cameron Giles is always welcomed. 
This one is complemented by a 2 Chainz sample...

Video: Wild Boy Remix| MGK x 2 Chainz, Meek Mill x Mystikal x French Montana x Yo Gotti

Machine Gun Kelly gets the features for the streets on the remix.  I ain't mad at him.  I like this one better than the original.  Peep the new remix video, also, featuring behind the scenes footage of MGK at SXSW. 

Oh yea.. I'm lovin Meek's leopard sleeve hoody... Fresh out here boii

s.o. to the homie Fife

Video: Beyonce responds to "World Most Beautiful Woman" title

As reported from yesterday's post, Beyonce was deemed by People Magazine as the "World's Most Beautiful Woman".  Here's some behind the scenes footage of the photo shoot and what she thinks about the new title...

s.o. to theJasmineBrand

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Left Eye from TLC... 10 years later..

Today marks the 10th anniversary of TLC member, Left eye's, death.  It doesn't seem like it has been that long at all.  Routing for Left Eye's "cleanse", it was sad to see the story end so tragic.  However, this time around, this post will be to celebrate the Life of Lisa Lopes.

In rememberance, MTV created a video channeling (in a brief way) her life..

Get More: Music News

Just as she began her solo career, here is the last music video that would ever be completed by her.. One that never made it to American airwaves ..

10 years later we still remember…

Gone.. but never forgotten

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes
May 27, 1971- April 25, 2002

Sopa| Ab-Soul x Schoolboy Q

I fux with this songs for various reasons.  In a nutshell.. it’s rad.  Here’s a new one from Ab-Soul and Schoolboy Q… they always make good music together…

Beyonce...World's Most Beautiful Woman..

I don't know why you love me...
And that's why I love you...

People Mag deems Beyonce as the World's Most Beautiful Woman this year. 

I feel more beautiful than I’ve ever felt because I’ve given birth, I have never felt so connected, never felt like I had such a sense of purpose on this Earth.. –Bey/via People

You gotta love King Bey.  I’m sure Jay will somehow incorporate this in a song as bragging rights.. he has the most beautiful woman in the world.

Video: Wiz Khalifa on the Breakfast Club

Wiz visits the breakfast club again this morning.  Discusses wedding plans with Amber, The shout out from Kanye , and more…

Womens Empowerment Wednesdays...

He still stuck on the intro?
He’s a no-go

I love love love this song.

For some odd reason in today’s society… it is uplifted when women are “ditzy” and intelligent women are “frowned” upon or treated a certain way.  I see it every day in the media and  on the plantation (I’ll spare the details).  However… it’s songs like this that I love.. that actually enforce to women that it’s okay to be smart.  We have to stop dumbing ourselves down in situations to make others feel comfortable or stroke their ego.  Being smart does NOT make you unattractive.. you’re beautiful!  Embrace it (without being snobby of course lol)!  Knowledge is power J


Slight Work Remix| Wale x French Montana x Diddy x Mase

@ElliotWilson couldn’t have said it better.  Although, rapper Ma$e has resurfaced due to reported trouble with the IRS, it seems Mr. Folarin was able to snag him for a track.  Funkmaster Flex dropped the Slight Work remix last night.. and the buzz has been growing since.  I liked the original one.. but this one is a little more hype.  Do  you think Mase can make a comeback (based on this verse alone)?

Video: Cassie performs King of Hearts on 106 & Park

Cas is making moves and seems to be coming out into her own.  I’m so proud of her.  Peep her performance and interview on 106 yesterday..

Video: President Obama & The Roots JAM on Jimmy Fallon

Did you miss the president on Jimmy Fallon?  If so.. you missed a treat.  Not only does our President make moves for the ppl.. he, also, has a great sense of humor. I love this man.  Peep the vid below.  Hilarious

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Taylor Gang cover the SOURCE

Check out the upcoming issue of the SOURCE mag...featuring Taylor Gang.

Real Talk Tuesday..

photo via NuCentz

Time to get real!  Too many things going on in the world today! ..even in YOUR life personally! Voice your thought here.  What’s your “real talk” issue of the day? 

@Rep0_Man- “Real talk” they better lock Zimmerman’s tail up before there is another civil rights movement.

@Kid_Fn_Frankie- Real Talk! I've become too complacent .. mainly job wise, but also spiritually 

@descendentMC- "Real Talk" stop complaining about how wack Hip Hop music is when you don't support the artist YOU like!

@go_FucUrself- Real Talk to want it is to do it.  Hold no expectations from others.  You’ll spare yourself the disappointment.  Real Talk

@chochinazoet- Real Talk” Worker productivity would increase significantly if they weren’t micromanaged!  Let em do the job u hired them 2 do

My “Real talk” for the day is:  Real Talk… Finances can really change relationships.  Whether it’s intimate, friends, family etc. … Whether you want it to or not..

Feels pretty good to let out a quick vent. 
All submissions are welcome each Tuesday.  Hit me on the Twit. 
Until next time… stay real wit urself.  Peace.

Video: Single Ladies Promo for Season 2

Last year.. Season 1 of Single Ladies became my favorite show (with Love and Hip Hop following).  Mostly because it was something different.. not the "reality" tv craze that's been going on lately.  It went back to the classic, scripted, television series.  A GOOD one.. may I add.  The stories were believable and interesting.  Not only that.. the cast meshed well together.  I loved it. 

Unfortunately, a curve was thrown when Stacey Dash decided not to return as one of the main characters.  With the way the season ended… that was definitely a low blow on her part.
I’m a little anxious to see how they manage to turn the show around with Stacey’s replacement,  Denise Vasi.  Did they keep the same story line?  Did they change it completely?  I’m not sure.  The promo doesn’t offer too many details either.  Ahh…I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. 

Video: Blessed| Jill Scott

Mama on my right side..
Daddy on my left...
...I'm so blessed...

This song makes me smile at my worst times.
Jill releases the visuals to her newest single.. Blessed.


Cassie surprises fans with an Ice Cream social in NYC

Gotta love her! 

Yesterday.. Cassie took it to her twitter to give her Cassie Army fans the location of her "surprise". 

I wanted to go! lol.  Unfortunately.. I live about 4 hours and some change away.  Luckily.. the good ppl over at theLIFEfiles were able to catch some good shots of the event..

Paper Tags| Jadakiss x Wale x Styles P x French Montana

When you gettin money..
You get caught up in the moment...

Jada releases some FIRE for the first single off his upcoming mixtape, Consignment, which drops THIS Friday. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Work Hard, Play Hard| Wiz Khalifa

Wiz takes it to twitter to release his first single, Work Hard Play Hard, off his upcoming sophomore album, O.N.I.F.C.
Due out late August…  

Motivation Mondays...

Nothing's ever promised tomorrow... today
But we'll find a way…

Even when things seems to be all shit.. remember tomorrow isn’t promised… find something to smile about.  Uplift your own spirits.  Have a great week!

A$ap Rocky brings Master P on stage at Coachella 2012

I’m so bout it bout it..
I might roll up in the tank…

That’s like one of my favorite parts in ‘Goldie’.  Imagine the excitement I received when I saw the video of Rocky bringin Master P out on stage. Fxckin crazy!! Damn I wish I could have been there!  One day.. Coachella and I will meet.  Peep the video below: 

Over the Weekend: Kim K's earrings.. Pharrell's New Book etc.

Pharrell releases the cover of his upcoming book about his travels…

Kim K. spotted supporting her new “Man” .. Kanye West but wearing his initial earrings.. (I think that’s kinda cute)

Think Like A Man, movie based from Steve Harvey’s book Think Like a Man .. Act Like a Lady, hit theaters this weekend .. coming in at #1 with 33 mil!  It’s a Great movie.  Worth seeing!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Party Girl| Asher Roth x Meek Mill

New joint.  This song makes me want to party on a rooftop.. at sunset... drinking and throwing foam.. with palm trees. LLS.  The Eddie Murphy sample is craaaaazzzzy. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Womens Empowerment Wednesday's

Hold your head as high as you can...
High enough to see who you are...

Now maybe no one else has told you so...
But you’re golden baby...

They’ll be folks hell-bent on putting you down...
Don’t get bummed...
Not necessarily everyone will know your worth...
Think of all the strength you have in you...

Although the song is actually geared towards the empowerment of men.. I felt the lyrics could do us the same; They are powerful. 
 Stand tall lovies… You have it in you to do so…

Cold| Mac Miller x Currensy

Mac took it to twitter the other day to release a new track with Currensy.  Talk about “mellow tone”...I love it

Goldie| A$ap Rocky

It’s just me myself and I
And the muthafuckas that I came with…

I’ve been waitin on some new ish from Rocky.. and finally it arrives.  Rock’ took it to Angie Martinez’ show to drop off some new fire. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Video: Got That Work| Fabolous

Another visual from TINC 3.

When I first heard this song.. I was thrown off that my name is in it.  It's never in any songs lol.  I expected the complete opposite of the video.. but I like the direction he went with this one.  Hot.

Fall through and get on it...

Under the Influence of Music Tour .. starring Wiz Khalifa..

I've been to a Wiz concert every year for the past couple.. so I'm a little excited about this.  ESPECIALLY to see that Kendrick and Q are on the line up.  Here are the current tour dates so far:

July 26:  Cincinnati, OH| Riverbend Music Center
July 27:  Chicago, IL| First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
July 28:  Indianapolis, IN| Klipsch Music Center
July 29:  Toronto, ON| Molson Canadian Amphitheatre
Aug 1:   Boston, MA| Comcast Center
Aug 2:   New York, NY| Nikon at Jones Beach Theater
Aug 3:   Philadelphia, PA| Susquehanna Bank Center
Aug 4:   Pittsburgh, PA| First Niagara Pavilion
Aug 5:  Detroit, MI| DTE Energy Music Theatre

I’m sure they will add more dates/locations as time progresses.  Anywho… Tickets go on sale.. Friday, 4/20 @ 4:20pm.