Monday, October 12, 2015

F*ck It | Tyler, the Creator

So when them nxggas start talkin reckless
I get offended, I get it
They try to keep a image...

Now it's Anti Golf boys cause I don't fxck with my friends.
Tyler proves over and over that the musical talents are endless.  The float over 'Fuck It', his own production, adds to that.  While he has never been one to shy from sharing how he feels, this one is a little different.  A loosie he released today that he 'recorded two weeks ago' is HARD.. and addresses the critics, his 'old friends', amongst other things.  I only wish it was longer.  Press play :: 

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Show Studio presents an intimate visual of Kali Uchis "Loner"... the Acoustic Version

And maybe you got a full plate
know I'm cooking something better
But if you don't want me now
No, boy I don't want you later
Don't try to come and eat with me...

I can never get enough of this song.  Nick Knight had a photo shoot for the fall issue of V magazine and made Uchis the forefront.  While doing so, he was able to capture her beauty and talent to the oh so real 'Loner'.. not only in an artistic Andy Warhol way, but .. as an acoustic version.  Watch below:: 

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Video :: {NSFW} Everybody in the Club Gettin Shot | Father

This video so wild dog. lol.
Pink. Raunchy. Random.  Not only can you find the MTV approved video below, BUT I've added the Director's Cut... which has a horrifying ending.  You can find this track on his 'Who's Gonna Get Fu**** First?' project.  Bizarre and Dope at the same time.  Watch the video below as well as the Director's #uncensored cut after the jump::

Mixtape :: Casino | Just Blaze x DJ Soul

Collaboratively put together a mix of '90s hip hop tunes.  Blends described as a use to amp Just up before he hits a casino. #SoonYoullUnderstand. Check it out after the jump::

Sorry | Rick Ross x Chris Brown

I feel like shit
Know I ain't shit

With his current mixtape 'Black Dollar' in heavy rotation, Rick Ross drops more music.  This one hails from his newly announced upcoming album, 'Black Market'.  The song title and lyric preview above is pretty self explanatory.  Chris Brown describes this as one of his most honest tracks ever and thanked the bawse for the opportunity.  It gets real.. real quick.  Listen below::

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Video :: Clubhouse | Mac Miller

Sign me up!

Go Pro + Pitchfork present a new Mac Miller visual.  He's rolling them out from his latest album, GO:OD AM.  Synchronized swimmers for the wavy flow.  I can dig that.  Watch below::

Video :: 2 Bad | Dom Kennedy x Tish Hyman

***UPDATE from 5/30/15 post - Video Added.

And when we out in public
got you blushin' and all that... 

The wait is over.  Dom finally releases new music.  This female generated track '2 Bad' features Tish Hyman (from Fab's 'How You Made Me') and will appear on his upcoming album, By Dom Kennedy.  The album drops in just a few days- June 2nd.  
Listen to '2 Bad' below::

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Still. ♥.

I'll be back to fill in the rest of the words...

s.o. to Yetmeh for texting me EARLY this morning to make sure I was good.  She never forgets.. and for that I am thankful. 

{Personal Post} PHOTOS:: Jack'n 4 Beats - Jack Daniels x Ty Dolla $ign Launch Party | Washington D.C.

#JacknForBeats Launch Party hosted by Ty Dolla $ign.  The event was free.. and the Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey was complimentary.  You CAN'T beat that.  There was a mobile studio outside the event for folks to bring their hottest bars to showcase and for a chance to win $5000.  Inside was the main event....


{Personal Post} Photos :: Sneaker Culture x FAILE Arcade exhibit | Brooklyn, NY (Part 3)

In my Afropunk 2015 post, I followed up with a Part 2 of the weekend.  Here's the 3rd/final installment.  This portion continues in the Brooklyn Museum- showcasing the Sneaker Culture and FAILE: Savage/Sacred Young Minds and arcade exhibit.  I really enjoyed myself.  Take a glimpse... 

Mixtape :: Hate Me Now | Dave East (Presented by DJ Drama)

NY bred rapper, Dave East, presents his DJ Drama hosted mixtape- Hate Me Now.  While most are just with Dave himself, some collabs appear such as Nas, Styles P, Pusha T, Jadakiss, Mack Wilds, Rico Love and more.  20 records of FIRE.  Don't sleep.  Listen below::  

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Can I (Official Version) | Drake x Beyonce

Can I...

I'm sure all remember earlier this year when a snippet of this song surfaced on the internet.  Many were anticipating Drake would release the song hours later etc. but to no avail.  Yesterday, on OVO Sound Radio/Apple Music Beats 1, OVO Co-founder El-Khatib played the official version of the track.  I gravitated to the snippet... and hearing the entire cut is no different.  It's addictive.  Short.. but listen to 'Can I' below::  

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Video :: Geechi Liberace | Rick Ross (featuring Lira Galore) + "Buried in the Streets"

These days nothing make sense...

Rozay drops a video from one of the hottest mixtapes released this year.  "Geechi Liberace" features a regal home scene along with his fiance' Lira Mercer aka Lira Galore.  Download 'Black Dollar' now.  Watch below:: 

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Listen :: Kid Cudi releases "Judgemental Cunt" x "Wedding Tux"

His double album is coming soon- Speedin Bullet To Heaven.  With the mixing issues bringing a delay of release, among other risen issues, Cudster decided to release two new records.  Alternative rock style.  Rage out to these.  

Chilling :: Watch Tyler, the Creator's new video "Buffalo/Find Your Wings"

The video still above alone is compelling enough to produce a chill.  Tyler drops a new dual visual from his 'Cherry Bomb' album.  The video begins with 'Buffalo' in a new mixed sound were Tyler is in white face.. being hung by an angry mob of black people.  Later, he wipes his face off to reveal a black face which causes a different reaction.  No matter your interpretation of it all, it's sure to hold your attention the entire duration.. with a racing mind of trying to figure it out.
When the video switches into 'Find your Wings' .. it switches into a completely different feel (like that of the song) and channels a episode of 'Soul Train', if you will.  His creative genes keep expanding.  Watch below :: 
Sidebar- if you're watching on your phone... watch the Buffalo part again with invert colors.  It's just as insane.

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Thank You | Rockie Fresh x Rick Ross

I ain't really happy
as I'm posed to be...

I, personally, have been waiting for some new music from Rockie.  This sentient soulful cut couldn't have arrived at a better time.  Check out his latest loosie featuring the bawse, Ricky Ross. 
"If I'm given any chance, Imma shoot a 3..."

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Hotline Bling (but U caint use my phone) | Erykah Badu

Late night when you.
need. my. love.
you used to call me...

She may get you in your feelings for a second, but that's because it's real.  Erykah revamps Drake's radio/club hit 'Hotline Bling' with a special twist of her own.  Kills it.  Keep a look out for her forthcoming mixtape "But U Caint Use My Phone".  Press play:: 

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The World is My Ashtray | Freddie Gibbs x Ski Beatz

Don't let this weed and Hennessey
Hinder what I can grow to be...

Gangsta Gibbs x this Ski Beatz track = HARD.

Lineup/Info :: TIDAL X concert | October 20th | Brooklyn, NY

After reaching 1 million subscribers on TIDAL, Jay-Z announced this celebration concert.