Thursday, December 31, 2020

Our Thoughts :: Top Albums of 2020

Mannnn it feels so good to be back.  This has always been a favorite post of mine to do.  The tradition is back in motion.  Just the family and I this time.  We each took some thought individually and compiled our lists of what made the cut.  You know the drill.  Check out the Top Albums (projects) of 2020 after the jump!

Just Dialogue: TV Shows I Watched during 2020 Quarantine

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 Really... it's just dialogue.  No "review".  As the year is coming to a close, I am just sharing which shows I watched during 2020.  Mostly...during the time of quarantine.  Some, I was already a fan of.  Others, I watched for the first time.  These aren't in any specific order, but here's the roster:

I May Destroy You- Season 1

 What led me to this series was the news circulating that the creator, Michaela Coel, turned down a $1Million offer she received from Netflix, to acquire ownership of the show.  Coel, also, starred in I May Destroy You.  Netflix would not allow Coel to retain any percentage of her copyright, therefore, she turned the deal down.  Michaela Coel saw the bigger picture.. HER WORTH..and stuck with it.  That takes courage, which I highly admired.  Back to the actual show though.  I had no idea what I was getting into, so I was extremely caught off guard at the grim place it turned out to be.  Even more caught off guard that it was based on a true experience from Michaela. It may be a trigger for some so proceed with caution.  It's GOOD though.

Ozark- Season 3

Season 3 took longer than expected to arrive, but I'd been waiting and was excited when it did.  It was 'ok' to me; for reasons I can't disclose to avoid giving spoilers.  I haven't revisited this season like I did the others.  I had many questions that I felt were loop holes, but maybe they will be answered in Season 4.  Even yet and still, Ozark is the shit.

The Boys- Season 2

In Memoriam...2020

A few weeks ago, I had an idea to do a memoriam post this year.  I have not created one before, but this year was so challenging in so many ways, I wanted to recognize those we lost along the way.  Unfortunately, as I was typing this... I found out MF DOOM passed away.  Literally, last night,  'Rapp Snitch Knishes' came on unexpectedly and I had a convo of how I need to pull 'Mm..Food' back out.  Less than 24 hours later.. here we are.  Something very similar happened to me when King Von passed so both hit different.  Even more odd to later find, DOOM passed away on Halloween (family just released the news today).  

In Memoriam... 

Kobe Bryant, Gianna Bryant

Ja'Net "Willona" Dubois

Pop Smoke

Kenny Rogers

Bill Withers


Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Time Warp...1996: Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto | Snoop Dogg x Nate Dogg x Bad Azz x Daz Dillinger x Tray Dee

 Circa 1996. 

We have legit played this version every year.  Unannounced tradition for one of my favorite Christmas songs.  Happy Holidays everyone.  

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APPLY: Beyonce's 'BeyGOOD' Foundation teams up w/ the NAACP to help Families Facing Eviction


BeyGOOD announced they will be giving $5K grants to individuals and/or families who may be facing evictions, foreclosures etc. in 2021.  COVID-19 has affected everyone in many many ways, including financial.  With no sure sight on when this will end, these grants will most certainly be of assistance to countless of those in need.  

To find out more details and how to apply, please visit the NAACP website.  Direct link HERE.  Round 1 of the online process opens up January 7, 2021.  Round 2 will open the following month and so forth.

If you are a small black-business owner affected, BeyGOOD also has a Black-owned small business impact fund to assist.  To apply and find out more details for this fund, click HERE.

Spread the word to someone you know that may be in need. 

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Monday, December 21, 2020

Try This: Andre 3000 shares his hand written recipe of "Quick Lil' Apple Pie"

via YouTube

Awww honey, you baked...

Atlanta has been making waves during this pandemic literally. The city has been the talk of many conversations for being 'wide open' and hosting so many club parties with not a mask in sight.  With all the negative under tones, I want to shine light on something positive there.  

This Holiday season, Meals on Wheels Atlanta kept our elders in mind and is advocating that you volunteer, adopt, donate, or offer love to a senior in need.  You can learn more here.  In addition, they have also kicked off a #passitdown campaign of hand written recipes.  Andre 3000, "Benjamin Andre to be Exact", is participating and offered up his family's 'Quick Lil' Apple Pie'   

Barcelona has Successfully trialed "PRIMACOV" Music Festival during COVID

via loudandquiet/christian bertrand.  Primavera 2019.

 "That was, precisely, the objective of this study: to validate these kinds of tests as an extremely useful tool to be able to carry out any type of event, whether musical or not, without social distancing."
- PRIMACOV Press Release

On December 12th, Barcelona became the testing site for a COVID-free music festival.  Over 1,000 people were welcomed to attend, each having to take a rapid COVID-19 test prior to entry.  In about 15 minutes, the results would return and those whose results were negative were granted entry.  It worked.  PRIMACOV was a success!  

Intimate: Michael Kiwanuka Tiny Desk concert

I have spent many of nights last year dancing like Melvin in my living room to various Michael records.  His last album, Kiwanuka, was one of the best albums to release in 2019, imo.  Imagine my surprise and excitement to find he did a Tiny Desk show, from home, last month.  This set contains songs from both the Love & Hate and Kiwanuka albums.  "Hard to Say Goodbye" live is really Top tier. (4:27 mark).  Incredible.


Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Rico Nasty announces/previews her very own Comic Book series, "Nightmare Vacay"

Is there anything this girl can't do?  NOT.  In her latest venture, multifaceted artist Rico Nasty announced she will be releasing her very own comic book!  Books actually... plural. 

Per z2comics, here's a synopsis of the storyline:

Time Warp...1981: Nightclubbing | Grace Jones

Circa 1981. 
I am grateful to say I have seen her perform this her late 60s not missing a BEAT, you hear me?
Shuudlydiddlywhoaaaa. sing. 

Holiday: Lady Gaga to release Pink and Green 'Chromatica' OREO cookies


These limited-edition cookies are inspired by Lady Gaga's 6th studio album, Chromatica, which released in May earlier this year.  You can snag you a pack in your local convenience store beginning January 2021.  

To spice the hype behind them, OREO and Lady Gaga announced a 'Sing it With OREO' campaign where you can 'turn your voice into musical messages of kindness, with an OREOgram'. Affirmations, well wishes, encouragement... any kind thing you can think of.  Once you record a message, the message is transformed into a song that can be shared with loved ones.  You, also, enter for a chance to win a Lady Gaga experience, which can include merch... concert tickets.. meet and greets etc. 

No word yet if there is a distinct flavor with these.  The colors, however, will always be.


Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Time Warp...1971: Hard Times | Baby Huey

Circa 1971. 
a gangsta boogie.

It's Happening!:: Sister Souljah announces long awaited The Coldest Winter Ever sequel, "Life After Death"

{!!!SPOILERS Ahead for 'The Coldest Winter Ever".  If you have not read it, stop here.}

Over 20 years ago, Sister Souljah released 'The Coldest Winter Ever'.  1999... I had NO business reading this in middle school, but it was fresh and the talk of the class amongst us gals.  This novel, a personal FAVORITE of mine that I've read several times, became a HUGE success and gained a cult like following for the main character... Winter Santiaga.  Winter will finally get out of prison and this one is said to pick up from there. 

{Trailer} Watch the NEW Final installment : "The Godfather Coda, The Death of Michael Corleone"

via Variety

I thought I was hearing things.  I doubled back to look at the screen to confirm.  A NEW Godfather?  Wait, what?  Thank God for DVR.  I was able to rewind to watch the trailer AND get the facts.  So let's get right to what everyone wants to know.  Is this a NEW Godfather?  Not quite...

Director and Screenwriter- Francis Ford Coppola decided to give us a 'new cut' for Godfather III.  Essentially, this is a new edit and revamp of the film.  Different beginning, middle, and end.  A new experience for the final chapter of Michael Corleone.  

"The Godfather Coda, The Death of Michael Corleone" released TODAY on Digital and Blu-ray.


Godfather III had many flaws (like not paying 'Tom Hagan' his desired salary to be in the film) and plot holes, but I don't hate it.  I am one of the few that looked past that and still enjoyed the film for what it was.   Coppola restructured both Godfather I and II into the amazing chronological 7 hour film known as Godfather Epic, which I watched every day for one whole week one time smh.  If that is any indication... I am excited to see what genius he put forth towards this one.  

Watch the Full Trailer below:

Pharrell Williams launches non-profit initiative- "Black Ambition"

via okayplayer

Black Ambition is a non-profit initiative designed to help Black and Latino tech, design, healthcare, and consumer product/services entrepreneurs start up successfully.  The main focus is to level the playing field and foster determination.. resilience.  

Checkmate : Introducing PLAYBOY's December 2020 Playmate- Tanerélle

via Twitter

I did not create this post off the strength of her being beautiful and Black, but because of the triumph behind it.  Just one year ago, Tanerélle went viral as a result of being bullied for many things...including having 'saggy breasts'.  Here we are a year later and THOSE breasts have made it to the cover of PLAYBOY.  Checkmate bih.  

Tanerélle's accomplishments go beyond this as she is, also, an independent artist with nearly 12 millions listens on Spotify and her music has been placed on various tv shows.  Issa Rae's hit show, Insecure, being one of them.  

You. Go. Girl!  Check out more photos after the jump:

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Time Warp...1972: I'll Find a Way | Black Ivory

Circa 1972. 
One of the best arrangements I've ever heard. 
P.s. Buffs vs Wires

Buffs vs Wires sample by Westside Gunn x Benny the Butcher x Boldy James 

Cheo Hodari Coker and Jay-Z set to produce upcoming Netflix film thriller "Forty Acres"

images via grapejuice x complex

Ya'll ain't give me 40 acres and a mule 

So I got my glock .40, now I'm cool...

The creator of Luke Cage, Cheo Hodari Coker, and Hov have teamed up with Netflix for an upcoming thriller.  This film will be an adaptation of the novel, Forty Acres by. Dwayne Alexander Smith; published in 2014.  According to Deadline, this Coker written adaptation is depicted as The Firm (Tom Cruise) meets Get Out (Jordan Peele).  Exciting right?  

 Additional producers and executive producers include James Lassiter, Aaron Kaplan, Niles Kirchner, Bill Strauss, Mike Epps, Dana Honor, and Dwayne Alexander Smith himself. If you aren't familiar with the novel, the book is a story of a young black attorney who uncovers a shocking conspiracy during his journey of confronting race and power. The film is still in early development stages, therefore no cast lists have been released.  It's on my radar though.  I'll keep you all posted.  

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