Monday, December 21, 2020

Try This: Andre 3000 shares his hand written recipe of "Quick Lil' Apple Pie"

via YouTube

Awww honey, you baked...

Atlanta has been making waves during this pandemic literally. The city has been the talk of many conversations for being 'wide open' and hosting so many club parties with not a mask in sight.  With all the negative under tones, I want to shine light on something positive there.  

This Holiday season, Meals on Wheels Atlanta kept our elders in mind and is advocating that you volunteer, adopt, donate, or offer love to a senior in need.  You can learn more here.  In addition, they have also kicked off a #passitdown campaign of hand written recipes.  Andre 3000, "Benjamin Andre to be Exact", is participating and offered up his family's 'Quick Lil' Apple Pie'   

both images via Instagram

Love this.  Please visit their site, HERE, if you want to get involved annnnd if you bake with Andre's recipe, let me know how it tastes!

On another note, just because it was stuck in my mind the entire time I was creating this post...

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