Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Rico Nasty announces/previews her very own Comic Book series, "Nightmare Vacay"

Is there anything this girl can't do?  NOT.  In her latest venture, multifaceted artist Rico Nasty announced she will be releasing her very own comic book!  Books actually... plural. 

Per z2comics, here's a synopsis of the storyline:
Rico Nasty is deep in space recording her latest album. Unfortunately, an accidental cannabis nap sends her spaceship, CAM, crashing onto Earth! Waking up at a soulless android facility, she’ll have to survive on noodles while searching for her missing ship—but at least she has the help of her new, dope girlfriends, Taco Bella & Trap Levigne. Together, they’ll battle countless androids while trying to find CAM and finish her new album.

You can buy a single copy of each one for 9.99 a piece OR a bundle with both for 14.99.  Visit z2comics to pre-order.  These babies start shipping out January 2021.

Rico's latest album, Nightmare Vacation, dropped last Friday!
After you stream, check out my favorite from her below:

All images via Rico's IG.

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