Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another reason why I love Wiz

(On The interview excerpts …..)

Just to add on to the many reasons why I love Wiz... *sigh..Dreamy Eyes...

He’s REAL… and not in a “when keeping it real goes wrong” kinda of way (s/o to Chappelle).

Not only is he real with his lifestyle display.. He just stays positive 24/7, which I admire, in interviews and appearances don’t even bring up when he got arrested or told security off… that’s not what I’m talking about right now lol

Specifically with this interview.. It says hey I’m with her. So what :)

.. Wiz concurs with the compliments Sway gives her and is not afraid to proclaim hey we’re together...Not necessarily in a “relationship” but he has no problem telling ppl hey this is amber. This is she. This is us...

I love it :D
Fellas.. take notes LOL (hahaha)

"You don't gotta find nothing about me. I'm not going to hide it. I'm going to embrace it. I just go after what I feel and I have no problem with being public or just letting people know what's going on with me.. For real.. For real"

Now that's true swag for lack of a better word;)

Traveling All Around the World... Well States...

Self Reflection… This year has been amazing so far for one particular reason. I will admit.. I’m mostly a homebody (Not by choice). I just had a fear of flying.. and not only that… I’m Miss Frugal Fanny. I never would have gotten on a plane if I wasn’t given the opportunity of a lifetime (lol) by my pal Erika in 2009 to go to Las Vegas. I hopped on the plane (scared as all ever)… and I was there. The excitement was c r a z y. However… I said I was never getting on another one lol.

Vegas... Circa Feb 2009 Fast forward to 2011…

I have an incredible job that I love (which I will not disclose bc i'd like to keep it lls)… butttttt I was hit with the kill… I had to get on a plane! O_O lol Traveling and traveling for work. I’ve been somewhere different each month (2 for work. 2 for leisure lol) ...and although it has only been 3 months lol.. for me.. that's an accomplishment ridiculously. Places I’d never thought I would get to see (not only because of my plane anxiety… but like I said.. Frugal Fanny. Lol. Plus I had no reason to go.. in my eyes). I’ve gotten to experience so many different things.. meet so many different people.. It’s just been amazing. I am so blessed and greatful.. I can't thank the Lord above enough. It’s a dream that I’m not ready to wake up from :-)
San Fran- Jan 2011 (For Work)

Houston- Jan 2011 (for work)

Atlantic City- Feb 2011 (Leisure lol)

Miami- Mar 2011 (More Leisure lol)

Trust there’s more to come. I am FINALLY letting my hair down… and enjoying life… :-) #HUMBLE


Sistahs Helping for a Cause...


This was DEFINITELY supposed to be posted in February as one of the many Black History Month posts. However, I put it on hold because I was waiting for the group picture that was taken of myself, the speakers/panelists, and all of the participants. As you can see… the person I was waiting for to send it... never did -_-. LOL. I don’t think they received it themselves from the person who was supposed to send it to them. The never ending chain of waiting on “such and such” ..

Nevertheless, it’s the last day of Women’s History Month :-D… and what better time to post than now.

“Dialogue on Haiti- Come Clean. Reconstructing Haiti. Recession or deadlock?” was held in the Sankofa Video, Books & CafĂ© spot on Georgia Ave (NW DC for Outsiders). My girls and I knew they were collecting bars of soap to send to the people in HAITI affected by the ‘quake. We rounded up bars and bars of soap and decided to drop them off to help the cause. When we got there, we had NO idea what we were in store for I mean that in a positive way ..

The aroma of tree Caribbean food and incense hit our nose sense as we walked in. They’d already began the event (we were late Smh lol). Any who… the panelists were communicating with a friend/brother currently in Haiti via internet satellite. He was explaining the conditions currently there. “The people of Haiti don’t need your money. We don’t see that. We need Water… Clothing… Shelter…” That alone stirred up tons of opinions within the discussion. “All these charities you guys give money to… we don’t see that”.

There was one particular fellow who decided he wanted to take it upon himself to say don’t help Haiti... help ourselves... Black people don’t do this... don’t do that... we need to come together and start an organization (that he is in the midst of creating)… However, when asked for the contact of “that” organization or his contact for people who were interested… he became quiet and very defensive/rude. Hmmm… figures.

Aside from that… the event was great. Our eyes were opened to a tremendous amount of information… particularly from the people who were actually over there giving us a play by play of their everyday lives post quake.

More and more I realize... not just Haiti… but this world…

*Woman excerpt from “Minority Report”-Hov… “Help… We really Need Help…”

The Event Set-Up

The angry Man lol


Soap and Us

Monday, March 28, 2011

Motivation Mondays...

Enough w/ the kid sh*t already... Get on your job. #nuffsaid

Self explanatory. Fly Ppl do Fly Things.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

G-Funk Era...

It saddens me to wake up to this news this morning...

Nathaniel "Nate Dogg" Hale died yesterday at the age of 41 due to complications with severe health problems.

I hate to hear about people dying... no matter who it is.

RIP Nate Dogg
August 19, 1969- March 22, 2011

A few of my favs...

For more info on Nate Dogg.. go to

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Women's Empowerment Wednesdays... :: Sky is the Limit | Notorious B.I.G

Don’t be afraid of the world. Go out there!
Experience life! Embrace it!
Hold your head up beautiful… and keep pressin on.
Empower yourself like only you can...

Sky is the limit and you know that you keep on...
Just keep on pressin' on...
Sky is the limit and you know that you can have...
What you want, be what you want...

It's on, even when I was wrong I got my point across...
They depicted me the boss, of course...

If the game shakes me or breaks me...
I hope it makes me a better (wo)man...

Take a better stand...

Stay far from timid only make moves when ya heart's in it....
And live the phrase, 'Sky's The Limit'....

Side- Commentary: In lieu of Big’s anniversary, I chose this song. For the record, women’s empowerment doesn’t ALWAYS have to come from a woman. Sometime we have to start listening to our men ladies instead of shutting them out all the time. of course they should do the same.. but that’s a whole ‘nother post.. and trust.. you will see it soon

Bow Wow... Shad Moss turns 24

Born the same year... #standup. Lol.

I use to be in LOVE with this guy. At EVERY show.. copped EVERY album… supported him tremendously. Ask the homie ‘Esh… me and her use to be ridiculous i admit that now lls over this guy..

Then .........

his ego made me mad one day as he started to get older (I forgot what interview it was) and I stopped supporting LOL. I ain't gon' lie.. at that age.. I was hurt. I still went to see all the movies and stuff. But crazy like I was.. nope. I'm like how could he act like this? #Bummed. However, I’ve never stopped showin the dude love. I mean… when you actually grow up in the spotlight.. sometimes it can turn out for the good… but MOST times… it turns out for the bad (drugs.. terrible ego.. etc..) It’s not his fault for real. I can say now.. he seems to slowly but surely coming back around.. taking bites of humble pie.

But yea…. I left the house this morning for my drive to work.. I grabbed the BowWow/Omarion Face Off cd for some reason. COMPLETELY RANDOM. Once the sub started kickin.. I was rockin during the commute.. thinking of the memories. (although I was old by this time lls). Once I got to work.. I realized it was March 9th… Bow’s birthday. Lol. That might explain the certain urge on the low. .. I THINK SO.

Happy 24th man! Hope you have a great one!

“Just to get a glimpse girls breakin they neck man…”

“and that’s why I don’t care who you are, when it come to the beat you gotta raise the bar…”

“If you ride for we… then I’mma ride for you..”

“I know you tired of these lames.. runnin same ol game.. bout what they gon’ do for you.. but girl I ain’t the same…”

East Coast Cry...

Wow… it’s been 14 years. It’s unbelievable that time has passed that quickly. I remember we’d just got out of church and I heard the news on the radio when Moms stopped at the grocery store. :-/ It was a cloudy day. I remember like it was yesterday *shakes bad thoughts… Sad that two lives had to be taken to end that “East Coast vs West Coast” fued.

Such a sad story and life taken to soon. I love the movie Notorious and that they put the man’s heart in a good light. I know his mom is hurting crazy today *sigh. He’ll never be forgotten…

RIP Christopher George-Latore Wallace. May 21, 1972- March 9, 1997.

“And my whole crew’s lounging.. celebratin everyday.. no more public housing”

“It’s the ones that smoke blunts wit ya, see ya picture, now they wanna grab guns.. and come and get ya..

“Now who’s the really dookie?... meaning who’s really the shit??..”

Monday, March 7, 2011

Motivation Mondays

When you're tryin to do something, there are always those people tryna knock you down. Whether it's go for that new promotion... Get spiritually correct... Better yourself... Go for that long term goal... or just FLAT OUT get money. There are always those who ain't doin nothin or ain't got nothin that's tryin to make sure you do the same. Don't fall into that trap of letting them hold you back and drag you down. Pay them no mind. YOU DO YOU. You gon' be alright. They may act strange.. but that shows they weren't true friends in the first place that goes for family too sometimes . Ain't nothin wrong with wantin to better yourself... Nothin.
Get up.. Get Out.. and Do Something!

you need to get up get out and get something…
Don’t let the days of your life pass by…

You need to get up get out and get something…
How will you make it if you never even try….

You need to get up, get out, cut that bullshit out
Ain’t you sick and tired of having to do without?

Nah, that ain’t what I’m about….
(Your name here)is just continue travelin this route
Without any doubt or fear
I know the Lord ain’t brought me this far
So he could drop me off here
Did I make myself clear?


Side commentary: Those who REALLY know me.. know why i chose that title for this post...

Hope my lovies had a great weekend! Mine went from bad to good to bad to good. Overall... I am happy with the way it turned out.


What a pleasant surprise this morning to see that this video was officially released. Being that I absolutely adore Cassie as mentioned in previous posts and a great fan of Wiz’s music and persona lls , I was automatically excited for the video. Although, I wish Wiz and Cassie showed more chemistry to each other and vibed in the video, It’s the video still a winner in my book! Here’s “Roll Up”, Wiz Khalifa’s second single to his highly anticipated album… Rolling Papers; In stores March 29.

Friday, March 4, 2011


"The plan was... to drink until the pain's over....
But what's worst?..... The pain or the hangover??...."- Kanye West

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Women's Empowerment Wednesdays

This is a two part message. The first part is to my sistahs that’s just tired of being tired… with everything. Giving their all.. and running ragged. Just feeling completely down. Liberate your mind beauty.. and dust the load off. Free yourself of the burdens. I won’t get too holy… but in simpler terms… It’s up to you to decide… Is it which can be any of your situations worth holding on to? (Grudge.. anger.. stress)? Shake it off and take each day in stride. Oh believe me.. it’s H A R D… but we are all strong. And it’s able to be done. Stop worrying about everyone else and all the bad that has happened and take care of YOU for a change. Liberate your mind from all the foolishness… and start focusing on what matters. Free yourself… Read... digest... these lyrics. Just plain ol' goin through it... Keep your head up love...

Can't worry bout, what a nigga think now see
That's liberation and baby I want it..

How many times i, sit back and contemplate
………………………my story..
My relationship, with my folks is give and take
And I done took so much, not givin my glory

Now have a choice to be who you wants to be
It's left up to me and my momma n'em told me......

I'm so tired, it's been so long - struggling, hopelessly
Seven and forty days....
Ohhhh, I sacrifice every breath I breathe
To make you believe, I'd give my life away...

Oh lord, I'm so tired, I'm so tired
My feet feel like I walked most of the road on my own
All on my own...
We alive or we ain't livin, that's why I'm givin until it's gone
Cause I don't wanna be alone.....

If there's anything I can say, to help you find your way
Touch your soul, make it whole, the same for you and I..

people keep your head to the sky

Shake that load off...
shake that load off...

You get a lot of love cause of what you got
Say they happy for you but they really not

You wanna say wait! but you're scared to ask
As your world starts spinning and it's moving fast

I must admit, they planted a lot of things
In the brains and the veins of my strain

Makes it hard to maintain focus

Dissectin my pride, fool I don't wanna get it started
We be the lionhearted, without a fantasy
It's like that red sprite, you can't imagine it
Unless you lookin at the canvas of life
And not through the peephole of mortality
Single minded mentality
Gettin over on loopholes
Gettin paid two-fold on technicalities
Clickin your heels, scared to bust how you feel
Pack the steel
Pickin cotton from the killing fields with no toe
I don't we in kansas no mo' though.....

Part two is for my sistahs who are just plain out there doing any and everything. Not giving a damn about furthering themselves in life with a career or education but simply worried about this dude money and that dude money… trickin.. and doin whatever … trying to “impress” ppl .. that DON’T give a shit. I’ve encountered three ppl that I’ve known for a while today and it hurt me that they had so much potential, but yet they chose to be trifling and think that shit is ok. Excuse my frustration… but its sistahs like you that make us all look bad. Now if you need help… and will admit it.. that’s fine.. But to plain ol’ walk around and be content with all the drama .. foolishness.. trifling shit… that I have a problem with. I could go into details… but trifling is self explanatory. Get it together my sistah. You’re a part of the reason why females are labeled and looked at as they are today…You’re too beautiful and worth much more than you could ever imagine…

Midwest or dirty south Clean dressed or dirty mouth
As you downplay your glory....

Cacklin, helpin the shacklin of your brethern happen...


Both has really hit home today….

BTW... you know when I say sistahs.. color or creed isn't a factor. ALL women.
You’re all beautiful ladies…. Liberate yourselves.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I've seen a lot of shade thrown at this video and song. Why.. I'm not sure. The video concept... and the lyrics alone... Phenomenal. "I need a Doctor.. to bring me back to life".. hencing the game needing Dr. Dre to bring it back to substance.. shit who came up with that.. sheesh. They went all out for this video... Creatively and Mentally. I was just amazed. It was only right.. with all the negative feedback I've seen about it... that I shine some positive light on it. Applause.
Side commentary: Ppl probably thought this was about Hov .. the only person i usually refer to as Genius.. or 'Ye... but yep.. this was a little different. I couldn't find any other word to describe it. Roll the tape...

i am NOT a Morning Person.... :-)

Ok so.. too many instances happened this morning and I just wanted to write about it. I am NOT a morning person. A people that interact with me on a daily basis know that (i.e. co-workers …neighbor one in particular family.. friends.. etc.). I do not like to talk on the phone AT ALL .. regardless of what time of day it is… and that intensifies in the morning…. In the morning… I don’t want to talk period. Yes.. I’m still cordial..not rude at all. I’ll say good morning’s and thank you’s… but that’s about all you’re going to get. It bothers me that people know that I’m like that… and STILL attempt to carry a conversation in the morning and I look at them like this -_- and give a simple “oh” or half a smile. Then they’re like “wake up!” or think something is wrong. Bitch I’m up… I dnt want to be bothered. You’re absolutely right I’m not jumping off of the wall like you.. it’s 8 in the fu*king morning… sit your ass down somewhere.

I get plenty of rest at night (in between the nightmares).. well over 8hrs.. I’m in the bed. That’s not the issue. The morning’s are where I’m in my deepest thought about EVERYTHING… (anything you can think possible)…and re booting (just like a computer). I’m just not here.
I don’t mind texting.. tweeting.. or e-mailing in the morning because I’m not physically talking. I can write the LOL’s and LMAO’s and my face still be like this -_-…. Still be in my morning element with no disturbance.

Anything dealing with work (only) is fine. Hey it’s my job. So I will talk for that. And, also, if someone close to me is going through something and wants to call me . that’s fine too. But that’s where the line draws.

Don’t come over cheery talking about how was your weekend etc. etc. I’m going to say “ok” and not going to ask how was yours… I don’t care lol. Not to say it like that.. but it’s 8am Monday morning (i.e.). Now say that at 11am and my response may be different.. but early in the morn.. nah. Unless you send an e-mail/text/tweet… then my response will be totally different (again because I’m not physically talking)

I just noticed that about me. I’m in a different zone in the morning… I’m in deep thought… damn can I be me for a second without the foolishness. My mind and body have to come to a mutual agreement …mentally and physically before I can be fully booted. … which is normally around.. 11am LOL. I’m not rude… but extremely quiet (which may come off rude to some because they expect me to talk already aware that I’m like this. Not my fault they continue to be morons and keep talking. Wouldn’t it make sense to find someone else who talks in the morning and attempt to carry a convo with them? Why keep coming to me?)

Of course I can’t go into depth… Ppl with corporate jobs know why

Needless to say… If I rock with you REAL hard… you already know.. none of this applies to you… you know what it is… and that is very few....

As for the others…. You know the drill. 11AM lol

This was just a vent… don’t take it personal…Just apart of me.

AM Amp Music... #Zoned