Thursday, December 29, 2016

Cheat Codes :: A Video Game(s) Faded Treasure

Did you see the Mortal Kombat photo and immediately think of the code 'abacabb'?  I did.  Cheat codes were prominent back in the day.  For me, I didn't use them to finish the game quickly but more so to assist and/or see the extra features that you don't see regularly.  I find myself revisiting old systems and games entering in codes like I just learned them yesterday.  Sometimes I even discovered new ones along the way.

I featured the above from Contra on this post because not only is it my favorite game ever, but I wish I had a cheat code back then to beat this joint. Up up, down down, left, right, left right, B, A didn't give me enough lives to make it through lol.  It was one game I conquered that I never saw to the end.  As time progressed, cheat codes became a thing of searching 'Google' or game magazines to find.  Eventually, they didn't become as prevalent as they once were or even bittersweetly not present at all.  

David Craddock visited this topic on Wayward and dug a little deeper.  An interesting read I found that I wanted to share.  Go down memory lane.  Check it out HERE..

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

{WATCH} :: Mass Appeal presents De La Soul documentary.... "De La Soul is Not Dead"

"TRUGOY the DOVE.  TRUGOY is Yogurt Spelled backwards."

Non-debateble, De La Soul earned their spot as legends in Hip-Hop.  Mass Appeal curated another semi-brief documentary- this time with the trio in mind.  From the beginning of shopping their demo tape, people constantly testing them from their appearance (Mase shared quickly he 'boxed'.  They fought for theirs), to the connection of the flowers in all their earlier photos that became a slight annoyance to the group as a florist was present on every photo shoot and that's not what they were really about.  We receive all the intricate deets.  We even get a pleasant surprise appearance(s) from, known Zhane member, Renee Neufville.  Don't worry about the sample clearance issues that result in some of their music being difficult to locate on streaming services, it's not applicable here.  You'll jam throughout.   Take a ride through De La Soul's interesting past and present journey of trying to continue to stay true to yourself and grounded in your own lane... when the game is requesting you change.

Random side-commentary:  Dudes in the early 90s era swagger is unmatched.  Dante Ross is still a cool ass cat.  

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Behind Prodigy from Mobb Deep's latest prison cookbook, "Commissary Kitchen"

“This book won’t make you a better cook, but it might make you a better person.  
...Because in a world where prisoners are treated like animals, we made our experiences there feel more human by how we prepared our food."- Prodigy.

Whether from personal relationships or films etc., we've all heard the horror stories of prison food.  Prodigy, who did a 3 1/2 year bid for a gun charge in 2007, decided to share his stories and recipes of the inside with hopes of offering familiarity and healthy alternatives for those still incarcerated.  

Prodigy suffers from Sickle Cell Anemia, you may remember hearing this referenced on Pac's diss 'Hit Em Up', a blood disorder popular in the Black community.  During his first day in prison on Rikers Island, it's said that he was sent to the infirmary with food poisoning.  From that point forth, focusing on what he ate became a priority to keep healthy and most of all... alive.  

Commissary items gives those incarcerated a little feel of normalcy while on the inside.  
This includes food.  

The pictured above is a Potstickers recipe featured in the book.  While Prodigy explains that the book can, also, benefit college students (ahh I remember the college life food struggle), he recently informed everyone via his IG that the book is now banned from every prison in the state of California.  

Beat Tape:: Late Nostalgic Nights: I Love The 90's Edition | Ace Dizzy Flow

I've been working on this album for a while now and I'm finally ready for it to be released. The concept around the album are based into the 90's. Every instrumental is sampled from the 90's. Thank you for listening."

And another one!  The homie Jerm' Ace of the NQM serves up a nice treat to close out the year with this edition of 'Late Nostalgic Nights'.  'I Love the 90s' is filled with selected 90s R&B tracks from singles to b sides.  I really want to share with you all a written preview of what tracks were sampled as I did on the last one, but I feel the element of surprise will have a better effect.  While you can put two and two together on what's sampled by most of the track names, the way they are flipped is the kicker. 
 Ace Diz' took his time with this project and it shows.  It was most certainly WORTH the wait.  This entire tape IS a VIBE; a story told with minimal words.  You may get sentimental.  It may bring you great memories or have your mind wander.  It may help you mellow out.  It may make you happy.  All in all, there is NO doubt that you will FEEL something when listening to this.  My favorite to date.  Press play. 

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Relax and Take Notes :: Life Lessons from the 1994 movie ‘Fresh’

(Disclaimer- SPOILER alert if you haven’t seen the movie)

I acknowledge and recognize that I can go into overload. With things that I like, I have no problem watching (or listening) to them over and over…. and over…. and over… again. This may explain why I know scripts/songs like the back of my hand. *quick shrug.

‘Fresh’ has fallen into that said bunch. For no particular reason other than I like the movie, I’ve watched it several times throughout these past few weeks. Upon me watching as an adult and so often, I developed an aversion for ‘Chuckie’.  Chuckie was ‘Fresh’ closest homie…. and super annoying.  Not only did he do the most, but he felt the need to constantly alert everyone loud and obnoxiously that he buss ‘stupid dope moves’.  I didn’t realize how deep the aversion was until I cringed one day just hearing the line from the TV… mind you I was all the way in the bathroom flat ironing my hair. I know I know… he was a kid. {So was Urkel and he was annoying}.  However, I’m sure you know some grown Chuckie’s in your own life. While, you will find that Chuckie’s name is mentioned often throughout this post, there is a reason for this specific title of life lessons.  Let’s examine further.

1. Fresh and Chuckie’s friendship

Road dawgs.  At the same time, their views and personas were completely opposite.  Again, as these characters being kids… things went as it does in childhood.  We’ve all been there in one way or another. You try to stay friends with your homie (no matter how much they get on your nerves), try to put your friend onto things if you’re on, and overall just check them on their BS and spread a lil knowledge so you both can grow together. Idea in mind- Two friends taking over.. forever.  In most times though, you learn as an adult… it doesn’t always work that way.  As hard as Fresh tried to tell Chuckie to ‘chill’ (in any way possible) or ‘help’ his friend, Chuckie would ignore his advisement (even with Esteban) and only do what he wanted to do- which led to Chuckie’s demise. All in all, sometimes if a friend isn’t growing with you… become distant or overall let them go. Not only will it strain you mentally, but it can bring unnecessary forms of destruction to your life that you could possibly avoid if you cut your ties with the said ‘Chuckie’. On the flip side, after reading this… are you realizing YOU are the Chuckie in your life? Don’t be a Chuckie.

2. Everyone doesn’t need to know you have 'money'.

Intros that set the BAR (Part II) : The Song edition

As said for the album edition post, intros can make or break how or if you listen to something.  It can also make the production hit even harder as you’ll notice on a few that made the cut below.   Along with the albums, this was, also, a topic in our random discussion a few different nights of which ones were the ‘best’; in no particular order ---

Lucifer | Jay –Z
No words.  Just piano keys and a serious beat drop. I can’t even find the words right now to convey what I’m trying to say. Just know... instant head nod.

Hit Em Up | 2 Pac
He just comes on so disrespectful.. so stern.. and commanding.  I love it. lol.  If you weren’t interested in listening to the song before, he’s got your attention immediately at that moment. Nowwww… you wanna listen... and the disrespect gets worse.

Abra unleashes new tune "Bounty" + announces her first starring film role

I feel like you been stalking me...

On top of releasing new music, Abra had other news to share.  I saw via her IG account yesterday that she will be making her first big screen debut in 2017 via film "Assassination Nation".

Video : RAW (backwards) | Ab-Soul

We don't wanna hear that wack sh!t no more
no more.....

Here's Soul-lo hoe's latest video from his recently released, Do What Thou Wilt, album.
Since I just saw the visual for Braille (late I know), I decided to post that one too.  Both for the culture.

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Intros that set the BAR (Part I) : The Album Edition

Intros are significant to an album.  Sometimes, it will make or break if you listen to it or just skim through it.  (Kudos to S.C.).  After a few random discussions of which ones fell into the 'best' category, I decided to share my views via blogpost; in no particular order btw...

Ashanti | Ashanti 
Genius idea and one of the best intros I’ve ever heard (concept wise). If you haven’t heard it, this intro contains Ashanti’s previous collabs during the build up of her career- incorporated in an order leading up to the ‘feature presentation’.. her debut album.  The horror tune (can you guess what film?) hits while yelling out their signature line “It’s murdaaaaaaa”.  The perfect close out?  The sound bite from Free on 106 and Park announcing the #1 video of the day (..if you remember at that time.. the video was #1 for a while) which is ‘Foolish’.  After the explosion.. ‘Foolish’ comes in immediately.  Nice. Very nice.

The Dynasty : Roc La Familia | Jay-Z
Anytime a Just Blaze production discussion occurs…. This joint is ALWAYS mentioned… as it should be.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the regular version on YouTube soooo… here’s a compromise of the live version on Tidal and the instrumental.  I was bummed about that because the lyrics are often overshadowed from the mesmerizing beat.  These will do though.  I’m sure the picture is achieved.
Food for thought- you do the dishes.

Yeeeah Baby | Big Pun 
In a mad scientist effort, in an instant you’re intrigued.  Not only is the intro entertaining (“Michael Jackson…. Because he has money!!”), but you’re now interested in who is being poured in the pot to create ‘The Punisher’.  To solidify this… I believe a perfect description was said ::
The heart of an Indian
The strength of a Black man
And the pride.. of a Spaniard! 
 True ish.  R.I.P. Pun.

EAT | Young M.A

I swear I'm being modest
If you thought from her hit break out single 'Ouuuuu'.. that Young M.A was just another artist who could make a catchy track, think again.  With 'Eat'.. the metaphor is accurate.  6 1/2 minutes of pure bars over a 'Money, Power, Respect' flip.  Kudos to her.  If anyone was doubting her talent to spit, this will definitely change their mind.

Double Dose :: Overdoz releases two new tracks ... "Oldie but Goodie" x "New Ish"

It's always a good vibe when new Overdoz releases.  We've been waiting!  I can only hope this indicates that a new project is dropping soon.  In the meantime.. jam out to these below::

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The Struggle :: How work and life interfered with my blogging...

The Prelude :
Last year, 4th quarter, was the worst.  I hit an all time low (it felt like).  It rained in my life…  and just like the saying goes... it POURED.  Those ‘Addiction’ followers know that most times when I step away from the blog, it’s because something is going on in my life.  Nothing minimal.  Each time, it was detrimental enough to un-inspire me from writing and/or being on the internet period (including social media).  I wrote all the time in my journals, but nothing I had to say would ever make it up here.  My passion for my blog never left... but the motivation, the drive, and inspiration dissipated.  I was distracted with trying to figure out 'how did I get here?' 'am I coming or going?' .  You know... the motions of dealing with life... one thing after another.

There were, also, times when the posts would flood on one day out the week and slow up for the rest.  For those times, it was simple.  I work HARD.. and needless to say… . by the time I get home.. I don’t want to catch up on things..I don't want to see what new music released...  I don’t want to meet any more deadlines (including those set in my mind for the blog)… I just want to relax and unwind.   Laptop closed.  Phone down.

But, back to the above.  From the metaphorically speaking.. 'Coldest Winter', I had it set in my mind summer sixteen was going to be different.  I was going to have FUN just like I had done years prior.  However, the usual boomerang came.  Life had something else in store....

Video :: Heartthrob | Father

Trapped out 'lullaby' accompanied by an aesthetically vibrant (the usual) visual... this time under the direction of Ramez Silyan.
Redrum redrum ...

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Groundhog Day | Wale

That's why it's rest in peace to Tommy, we still bumpin Cole...
Last week, J.Cole released 'False Prophets' that had social media in a stir for all the indirect 'alleged' shots at several artists... including that speculated of Wale.  Wale responded to Cole (and other issues)
 on a track of his own with deep wordplay just as impressive.  All the while, there is no beef.  Just two lyricists speaking their mind...