Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Beat Tape:: Late Nostalgic Nights: I Love The 90's Edition | Ace Dizzy Flow

I've been working on this album for a while now and I'm finally ready for it to be released. The concept around the album are based into the 90's. Every instrumental is sampled from the 90's. Thank you for listening."

And another one!  The homie Jerm' Ace of the NQM serves up a nice treat to close out the year with this edition of 'Late Nostalgic Nights'.  'I Love the 90s' is filled with selected 90s R&B tracks from singles to b sides.  I really want to share with you all a written preview of what tracks were sampled as I did on the last one, but I feel the element of surprise will have a better effect.  While you can put two and two together on what's sampled by most of the track names, the way they are flipped is the kicker. 
 Ace Diz' took his time with this project and it shows.  It was most certainly WORTH the wait.  This entire tape IS a VIBE; a story told with minimal words.  You may get sentimental.  It may bring you great memories or have your mind wander.  It may help you mellow out.  It may make you happy.  All in all, there is NO doubt that you will FEEL something when listening to this.  My favorite to date.  Press play. 

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