Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Time Warp...1995: Can't Be Wasting My Time | Mona Lisa x Lost Boyz

Circa 1995.
There were A LOT of elusive r&b gems throughout the 90s.  Each time I stumble across an old jam, a memory is unlocked.  A smooth version of the KRS sample.  Sidebar: Cheeks verse *proceeds to bankhead bounce.
Communication is the key to our happiness
If we just talk about it
Maybe we can make some sense.  

Happy Birthday Tony.  Rest Easy.

So Ambitious: Pharrell is Auctioning Off his Personal items on JOOPITER

Can I have it like that?  You got it like that.
Skateboard P is capitalizing off his trendsetting fashions and swag with his latest venture, JOOPITER.
JOOPITER is a space for "today's collector" founded by Pharrell where many of his personal items will be digitally auctioned off. 

The idea behind JOOPITER is to embrace the energy that is released when objects change hands, and to respect the value that’s been created around these objects...

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Time Warp...1993: Whatzupwitu | Eddie Murphy x Michael Jackson

Circa 1993.
Ya'll remember this one!?  Aside from the song, I love Eddie and Mike's chemistry.  Each time you saw them together, you could tell they were friends in REAL life.  I'm sure this was a fun time on set.  

{Personal Post} PHOTOS:: London, United Kingdom (Part. II)

Who killin em in the U. K?- K. West
Ahh London.  My unrequited love.  
I presented part I last month.  As promised, here's part II...

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

5 R&B Records that Could Have Been Gospel Songs

You ever have a record hit you with spirit out of the clear blue sky and realize it's not a Gospel song?  Like mid song... mid sing.  WHAM!  right in the chest.  Message!  The lyrics express a level of love that is immeasurable.  There are several that fit in this category and undoubtedly some I've never heard before.  I've compiled a list of 5 that hit every single time:

5.  He Is- Brandy
It's the only explanation to the question at hand.  Like years of pain, gone away, in a single day.  There's nothing that compares...
If there weren't key indicators like 'kiss on my lips' or the 'love you made with me' etcetera
floating in the lyrics, this right here is giving praises to the most high.  Also, to find Warryn Campbell wrote/produced this lets me know there could have been some gospel influence.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

"The Love Fridge" is Supporting Chicago Communities with Food through Solar Energy

I was first introduced to community fridges while researching aid for those affected by the Texas Winter storm last year.  I am truly amazed at the things humanity comes up with when it's time to pull together.  If you aren't familiar, community fridges are just that.  Refrigerators operating in public spaces that provide free food in the community. 

"Take What You Need, Leave What You Can" 

There are currently 24 Love Fridges across Chicago.  Earlier this month, their first ever solar powered community fridge was opened in the Englewood community.  

{Listen}:: Wiz Khalifa Vs Curren$y by. DJ FreshYourHighness

Starsky and Hutch minus the fuzz...

Taylors and Lifers are in for a special treat with this one.  DJ FreshYourHighness dropped an insane mix of Curren$y and Wiz records.  Their JOINT run??  What. A. Time.  
Take a listen after the jump!

Megan Thee Stallion launches Online Mental Health Center: Bad Bitches Have Bad Days Too.

 Yes, we do.  
The misconception that everything is always together at all times simply from how you present yourself needs to be debunked.  Many are battling things internally and fighting alone.  Meg, one who faces criticism daily courtesy of her celebrity status, can attest to that and has often shared when things become too much.  

Bad Bitches Have Bad Days Too is an online mental health haven of therapy platforms and mental health resources (i.e. suicide,