Monday, May 20, 2024

{Personal Post} PHOTOS: "Might As Well by Brian Bailey Jr" Opening Reception

Brian Bailey Jr's "Might As Well" Opening Reception was an inaugural solo exhibition showcasing his passion through his artistic designs and creations within the Washington, D.C. community.  The space filled with DJ spun tunes surrounded by thought provoking yet relatable statements/anecdotes through colorful art, feelings, and countless people showing love.  A celebration it was.
Curated by Nefertiti Nakiya, "Might As Well" stands tall on its own.  
Walk with me...

Might As Well...
Let that be your sign.


The artist himself.  Brian Bailey Jr.

Jazz in Bloom 1


June 4th ya'll.

Jazz in Bloom 2

A man said something to me while I was trying to take a picture... that made me laugh because though they were poking fun, they were wrong... and that made this more symbolic lol :)

Make way for the babies.

Me, Naysh, Tre, and Muftiat.


House party

Elevator snaps with Jurnee and Naysh.




The Beach of the South

Not So Pleasant

Bozo For Office


One time for the home team.

Value Thy Self

I zoomed in on the slide for the details.  

a heartbreaking sad truth.
Legends Live Forever
10.4 angels.  Shoutout to Tony.

kinda sorta...


Love Is Blind

There is really no one in the world like the Black Woman.

In case you were pondering.

Ya'll know what it is.

On the way home, Muftiat and I stopped for eats... 
which also happened to be having $5 mimosas.

When I tell you I thoroughly enjoyed this reception.  From the exhibit pieces showcased, the people I met, the music, the drinks, seeing my longtime homegirl Naysh who I haven't seen in yearrrs.  Man.  It was a really really good time.  

Check out more about Brian Bailey Jr. and his work at

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