Monday, April 20, 2015

{Personal Post} Photos/Videos :: Travis Scott x Young Thug 'Rodeo Tour' ... DC Show.

(LatePost/March2015). I’ve been to several concerts at this venue and have NEVER stood in a line this long. 4 blocks O_O. The wind was brutal too. However, after about 45/50 mins, an officer came down the line and said all females can move to the front :-D. Thank God.
I was in the balcony per usual. Best area in the house for me since I’m so short- I get to see the entire stage AND crowd .. plus I’m far away from any mosh pits that may break out.
Out of the countless concerts I’ve been to, I must say this is the MOST turnt up show I’ve ever been to (to date). The energy with the crowd was wild. Too real.
I finally figured out how to get videos on this thang! There was NO way I could have made this post without having them. You guys needed to visually see what I was talking about. And guess what… I’ll be adding videos to previous posts so you can finally see them  Keep a look out for that- I’ll make one centralized post.
This show lasted 2 hours and some change. Worth every minute of it. I pretty much thought I was on stage and it was my show when ‘Nothing but Net’ and ‘Givenchy’ was performed lol. Explains why there is no videos for those. ‘Mamacita’ the same… BUT I made an exception to capture the crowd. They did Mamacita back to back and the crowd was even more turnt the 2nd time. They, also, did ‘Skyfall’ back to back- another I didn’t end up capturing- too engrossed rapping/singing the words and jamming.
Shy Glizzy was ‘said’ to be a surprise performer but he faced some issues prior to so he couldn’t do the show. Birdman came out later.
I didn’t record every single song, but I was able to capture a few items. TURN UP.


Metro Boomin set - 3 Hunna x Chief Keef 


'Don't Play' 

'Quintana Pt. 2'

'Upper Echelon' 

Thugger was performing a song I didn't know.  Perfect time to grab another beer
'Mamacita'- Thugger verse.
  (Yes, that's me hollering the whole verse lol smh)

'About the Money'

I thought this was tight... stage set for 'Danny Glover (2 Bitches)'
Bathroom break

Since my picture wasn't exactly 'as clear', check this link out to peep his ponch outfit and more pics :: Story Behind Young Thugs Reflective Poncho)

'Mamacita' the chorus..

Birdman came out


' Number 1 Stunna '

'Still Fly'

View more photos from the tour at the FADER
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