Sunday, April 19, 2015

{Official Extended Trailer} :: "Dope" starring Shameik Moore, ASAP Rocky, Zoe Kravitz, Forest Whitaker & more...

***UPDATE from (1/22/15 x 2/23/15 ) post::  Extended trailer added.

Since the film festival, "Dope",  was purchased by Open Road for a cool $7Mil and will hit theaters JUNE 19TH.  :).  Watch the extended official trailer below::

1/22/15 | 2/23/15 Post::

"We've seen a lot of films about everything else in these neighborhoods—the crime, the athletes, the gangs—but you don't see films about the regular kids who have to survive in these streets" - Rick Famuyiwa to Entertainment Weekly.

Inglewood....Inglewood always up to no good...
Sometime from now until February 1st, Writer and Director Rick Famuyiwa's film 'Dope' will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival.  Here's a brief synopsis per the YouTube description::

Malcolm (Shameik Moore) is a high school geek with a high-top fade, carefully navigating life in The Bottoms, one of the toughest neighborhoods in Inglewood, California. He and his fellow outcasts share a voracious appreciation for all things '90s hip-hop, opting to sport Cross-Colours and Z. Cavariccis at the risk of being clowned at school. He dreams of attending Harvard, but first he has to make it home every day. When a drug dealer takes a shine to Malcolm and invites him to his birthday party, Malcolm’s crew is swirled into a hilarious blender of offbeat characters and bad choices where redemption can only be found in Bitcoin.

The film features (quiet a few notable names) Shameik Moore, Tony Revolori, Kiersey Clemons, Blake Anderson, Zoë Kravitz, A$AP Rocky, Tyga, Forest Whitaker, Keith Stanfield, Casey Veggies, Vince Staples, Chanel Iman & Rick Fox.  The trailer is a quick and I mean a quick 30 seconds with a lot going on.  I'm curious to see the final product and/or hear the reviews. 

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